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Harper Sayles is a necromancer who acted as a librarian to kill unsuspecting suitors as a way to maintain her zombie.


Harper hailed from a family of Necromancers, being, according to herself, the last living member of it. She had a boyfriend named Vance who wanted to move away but she refused as she loved the books around her in the library. When Vance maintained his stance, she killed him and brought him back as a zombie and her personal servant. Harper had Vance kill would-be suitors, both to keep himself intact or to get rid of those who were too pesky for her tastes. She often pretended to be devastated when a relationship didn't work out as others called her bad luck.

The death of a recent suitor drew the attention of Jack and Dean Winchester. After Dean asked her questions, Jack was able to get him to leave while Harper took an interest in him.

Harper invited Jack to get a book from her apartment while secretly having Vance kill a nosy co-worker. At the apartment, she tried to entice Jack but he was called by Dean and the latter arrived while chased by Vance who was a zombie. Harper pretended to be shocked to learn about zombies and ran off with Jack as Dean held off the threat.

As Harper and Jack hid out in the library, they saw Vance walk by and Harper went to lock the door but Vance saw her. Harper then dropped her façade and revealed her true nature as a necromancer. She allowed Vance in, telling Jack her history as Vance chased him. As this happened, she told Jack she may have liked him but since he was a hunter, that she would put him aside for her only "love". As Dean arrived, he and Jack both told Harper and Vance that their supposed love was a sham, attempting to get through to them, but were ignored. After Vance was restrained, Harper took the opportunity to run while leaving Vance to be put to rest.

Somewhere else, Harper wrote to Jack thanking him for making her move away from her hometown and warning him she wants to kill and zombify him both as revenge and to make him hers as she now "loves" him.

With God destroying most of humanity in Despair, it is unknown whether Harper survived.

As of Inherit the Earth, Harper was presumably resurrected by Jack after he absorbed all of God’s powers.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Necromancy- Hailing from a family of necromancers, she brought her boyfriend back to life and appears to have some control on him. In order for him to maintain his form, she has him feed on would be suitors or hunters sent after them.