Harley Jorgeson was the psychotic husband of Stacey Jorgeson and uncle to Emily Jorgeson.


He and his wife ran a gas station in the small town of Burkitsville in Indiana, where every year they would sacrifice a couple to their pagan god, the Vanir.

The intended sacrifice would stop at the gas station, and Harley would pretend to spot a problem with the car and "fix" it, thereby he would sabotage the car that would cause it to eventually break down. He and his wife would also give directions to the couple on where they should head to next, thereby ensuring they would end up at the apple orchard where the Vanir inhabited, thus ensuring their sacrifice.

After the town's last sacrifice failed, Harley and the rest of the townsfolk captured Dean Winchester. Fearing what the Vanir would do to them and their town if they did not provide the necessary sacrifice, they intended to offer Dean along with Emily Jorgeson. Although Emily was his niece, Harley deluded himself into believing it was for the greater good of their town that they die.

After Dean and Emily escaped while in the orchard, Harley and his wife attempted to stop them along with the rest of some of the towns people. However, because he and his wife were a couple and were closer in the orchard than Dean and Emily were at the time, they ended up being killed by the pagan god instead.



  • The actor who plays Harley Jorgeson, Tom Butler, later portrays Jim Myers in Season 9's Sharp Teeth.
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