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Wasn't a fable. It was based on a true story. They just gave it a happy ending.
Hansel to Sam and Dean
in About a Boy

Hansel was a human who willingly served the evil witch Katja. He was also Hansel from the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale.


Centuries ago, Hansel and his sister Gretel were captured by the evil witch Katja. At some point, Hansel came to work willingly for Katja and ate his sister's heart after Katja killed her for trying to escape. Hansel faithfully served Katja for centuries, capturing children for her to eat and in return being granted immortality. Eventually, it got too dangerous to kidnap children due to Amber Alerts and other ways of tracking missing children, so Katja began having Hansel use a special hex bag to cast the transfiguration spell and turn adults that wouldn't be missed into children so that she could eat them instead.

In 2015, Katja is sent by the Grand Coven to deal with Rowena and Hansel accompanies her. In Pendelton, Oregon, Hansel continues his work, staking out a bar to find people that won't be missed and kidnapping JP, Tina and Dean Winchester for Katja. He served them cake and took JP to be eaten, but when he tried to take Dean, Tina distracted him so that Dean could escape. He later took Tina to Katja and surprised Dean when he returned, but was stopped by Sam. Hansel told the Winchesters his story, but lied about being forced to help Katja kidnap people. Hansel told them how to reverse the spell on Dean and offered the hex bag to do it in exchange for helping them kill Katja with the witch-killing spell.

However, when the time came, Katja revealed the truth and Hansel turned on Sam and Dean, disarming Sam and holding him at gunpoint while Katja smashed their spell. As Katja is distracted by the Winchesters knowledge of Rowena, Sam attacks Hansel with a knife, disarming him then takes on Katja while Dean fights Hansel. Dean loses as he is a teenager, but when Hansel goes to use the spell on Sam, he discovers that Dean has his hex bag. Dean uses it to reverse the spell and quickly kills Hansel with a butcher knife Katja dropped.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Spell Casting: Using a special hex bag prepared for him by Katja, Hansel was able to cast the transfiguration spell that reverts his victims into children, as well as instantly transporting them into captivity.
  • Immortality: At the time of his death, Hansel was several centuries old, old enough that he and his sister's tale was a legend.


  • Mortality - Despite being immortal, Hansel is as vulnerable to death or injury as any other human. Being pistol-whipped hurt Hansel while being stabbed with a butcher knife killed Hansel.



  • Hansel is portrayed by Mark Acheson, who also did the voice of Tirek in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The original Tirek from the first generation used a Rainbow of Darkness in a bag around his neck that is similar to Hansel's hex bag (though it turned its victims into demonic dragons instead of teenagers).
  • Mark Acheson also played the Tooth Fairy in the episode I Believe The Children Are Our Future.