Being on Earth, working with you. I felt things, human things – passions, hungers. To shower, feel water on my skin, to get closer to you. But all of that was nothing compared to what I felt when I saw him. Her husband, his anger and his grief. Caroline was inside me screaming out for him, for her life back. These feelings they aren't for me, for us. They belong to her. I know it's time to step aside... goodbye Castiel.

Hannah was an angel that fell from Heaven by Metatron and eventually allies herself with Castiel and appears to be his second in command. After foiling Metatron's attempt to take over Heaven and rule the Earth, Hannah accompanied Castiel trying to round up the remaining rogue angels but her time on earth had made her begin to feel things she never felt before and she eventually embraced her feelings and thus grew an attraction to Castiel. After encountering her vessel Caroline's husband, Joe, and feeling her vessel's pain of being taken from Joe, Hannah left her vessel and returned to Heaven so Caroline could return to her old life. Her actions also inspired Castiel to take an active part in the life of his own vessel's daughter's life. Hannah went on to become the leader of Heaven in Castiel's absence, until she was killed by the angel Efram.



As an angel, Hannah has possibly existed for thousands of years. It is also possible that she was among those angels still loyal to God when Lucifer defied God and rebelled against Heaven. Recently, Hannah was also among the many angels that fell to Earth as a result of Metatron's spell and she manifested on Earth by possessing a woman named Caroline Johnson, with her consent, but was taken away from her husband Joe.

Season 9Edit


Hannah meets Castiel.

In "Meta Fiction", when Castiel arrives at the location where a strange sound drawing angels in comes from, Hannah first attempts to sneak up on Castiel and kill him, however she fails and begins to beg Castiel for mercy. He tells her he won't hurt her, and asks her what happened. She tells him she heard a noise which reminded her of Heaven and began to follow it, meeting other angels along the way. Once they arrived at the source, she tells Castiel that they felt safe until the door slammed shut and an angel, Gadreel, made them an offer to join Metatron and fight for a chance to return to Heaven. Some joined, but Hannah and her friends refused to believe Gadreel and he killed them, with Hannah being the only survivor. Castiel then heals Hannah of her injuries, and, upon hearing of how he stood up to Bartholomew, she asks Castiel if he is going to lead the angels against Metatron. He refuses to be a leader but reassures her that he is going to find Metatron and make him pay, and that the best thing for her and the other angels to do is to stay as far away from him as possible. Metatron later reveals he had Gadreel left Hannah alive so Castiel would learn of what happened. Later, when Castiel uses the Horn of Gabriel, Hannah is one of the first angels seen at his motel door.

SPN 1511

In "Stairway to Heaven", when Castiel builds an army, Hannah acts as his second-in-command and is shocked by Tessa's accusations that Castiel set up the suicide bomber angels. Hannah forces Dean to disarm himself of an angel blade and is furious when Dean apparently kills Tessa with the First Blade. After Metatron's broadcast, revealing Castiel's dwindling grace and offering amnesty if they abandon Castiel, Hannah is reproachful to learn that Castiel did not disclose the truth with his followers about his grace's condition and their faith in him is shaken. She orders him to kill Dean, in retribution for Tessa's death, in order to prove his dedication to their cause. When Castiel refuses, Hannah abandons him for Metatron with all of his followers.

In "Do You Believe In Miracles?", when Castiel and Gadreel try to sneak into Heaven to find and shatter the Angel Tablet, the source of Metatron's extensive power, Hannah sees through the deception and locks them in Heaven's dungeon. Castiel and Gadreel try to convince her to help them, but she asks why she should since Gadreel only cares about himself and Castiel lied. Despite Castiel's assertions that killing Metatron will stop the violence, Hannah is unconvinced until Gadreel kills himself to free Castiel, asserting that protecting humanity is more important than anything else. Hannah is finally convinced and at first tries to aid Castiel in finding the tablet by interrogating another angel until he sends her away. After Castiel breaks the angel tablet and broadcasts Metatron's true intentions over 'angel radio', Hannah rushes into Metatron's office with an assemblage of other angels overpowering Metatron, saving and freeing Castiel. Hannah is pleased when Castiel chooses to lock up Metatron rather than killing him and calls Castiel a true leader for it. Castiel informs her he only wishes to be a regular angel. Hannah reminds him that he will soon die unless he replenishes his dying grace.

Season 10Edit

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In "Black", months after Metatron's defeat, Hannah was in charge of returning the remaining angels to Heaven. However, two angels named Daniel and Adina, refused to return. Therefore, Hannah sent an angel to talk to them, but they killed him. Hannah then sought out Castiel's help, but was disturbed to learn of his still diminishing grace. When they arrived at the site of the rogue angels, Hannah showed signs of concern for Castiel's well being, but he insisted that his own well being wasn't important. Hannah witnessed Castiel confront Daniel, who stated that he just wanted to be left alone, but Hannah insisted that they still had a mission. When Adina returned, she immediately became hostile towards Castiel and Hannah. This led to the two female angels fighting. Daniel tried to help Adina by attempting to kill Hannah, only for Cass to save Hannah by killing him. 

In "Reichenbach", Hannah heals Castiel's wounds and goes with him to help Sam with his brother Dean, who has been demonized. However, Hannah believes that the Winchesters are bad company, but Castiel defends them stating they are good men. Hannah and Castiel are in a car crash and a female mechanic takes them in while she repairs the car. During this time, Cass passes out while Hannah puts his coat around him. The next day Hannah watches as Castiel amuses the mechanic's child while the mechanic herself mistakes Hannah to be with Castiel. Later on, while driving, Hannah detours to Heaven's gate and visits Metatron. She asks him for Castiel's grace back, but he demands to be released in exchange for said grace. Eventullly the talk results in Hannah physically abusing Metatron. Castiel arrives in time to stop Hannah from releasing Metatron and makes it clear that his problem aren't hers. This statement visibly annoyed Hannah, but she agrees. 

Castiel And Hannah

Castiel and Hannah after being attacked by Adina.

In "Soul Survivor", Hannah and Castiel become lost while looking for the bunker. Cass's condition is notably worsening, and Hannah even suggests using another rogue angel's grace to keep him alive. However Cass declines on the suggestion. Hannah continued to beg Castiel to care about himself and Hannah briefly grabbed his arm, hinting towards her romantic affection to him, much to her awkwardness, then quietly watched Castiel telling Sam over the phone that killing Dean may be the only option. Later, at a gas station, Castiel made it clear that there couldn't be anything more between them, understand Hannah's developing feelings for him, something that upsets her. Inside the gas station Adina attacked them both, even torturing Hannah for causing Daniel's death, until Crowley arrived, killed Adina and fed her grace to Castiel as Hannah watched in horror.


Hannah tries to deceive her vessel's husband by kissing Castiel.

In "Girls, Girls, Girls," Hannah and Castiel continue to hunt rogue angels, having had a lot of luck since most of the angels they have encountered willingly return to Heaven. Hannah has begun to embrace her feelings for Castiel and human feelings such as taking a shower even when she doesn't have to. As they prepare to leave the motel, the husband of Hannah's vessel, Joe Johnson arrives having tracked what he believed to be his wife Caroline through her credit cards. When Castiel arrives, Hannah claims that "she" was having an affair with Castiel and left Joe for him and kisses Castiel as proof. After leaving, Hannah is disturbed by what she did as she could've erased Joe's memory but instead chose to give him closure.


Hannah releases her vessel.

Castiel explains his experiences with his own vessel as proof that she did the right thing. On a bridge in a park later, Hannah tells Castiel that she has enjoyed her time on Earth and being able to experience feelings, and admits her attraction to him, but that she realizes that Caroline deserves it more. After kissing Castiel on the cheek goodbye, Hannah leaves Caroline and returns to Heaven. Castiel returns Caroline home for her and checks up on his own vessel Jimmy, inspired by Hannah's actions.

Hannah returns in a temporary vessel.

In "Inside Man", when Castiel comes to get Metatron from Heaven to find out how to get rid of the Mark of Cain, Hannah takes over another angel's male vessel to communicate directly with him and refuse to allow him into Heaven to get Metatron as the only way Metatron would help is if he was freed and he was too dangerous for that. When it looked like Castiel and Sam were going to continue to argue, Hannah called in three more angels to stop them and they decided to try a different tactic: breaking Metatron out with Bobby Singer's help. After Bobby breaks out of his Heaven and releases the various other Bobby Singers, Hannah tries to get them to return to their various Heavens but Bobby incites the other Bobby's against Hannah and the angels, allowing him to slip past. After Bobby helps Castiel break Metatron out, Hannah travels to his Heaven to take him for punishment.

During "Book of the Damned", Metatron tells Castiel that Hannah has led Heaven into being the best its been since God left.

Season 11Edit


Hannah's death.

During Form and Void, as Jonah and Efram torture Castiel, Hannah arrives in her male vessel and orders them to stop. Hannah informs Castiel that something terrible has happened, but is unable to heal the injuries from his torture at the hands of the angels or break Rowena's spell. Hannah is shocked when Castiel reveals that the Darkness has been released and asks him about the Winchesters location. A shocked Castiel realizes that Hannah is working with the angels who were torturing him and it was a trick to get information from him. Hannah explains that after Castiel helped Metatron escape, many angels hate him, but doesn't answer when Castiel asks if she does. Efram and Jonah return and decide to try to hack Castiel's mind for information, telling him and Hannah that it has been decided by a vote. As the angels try to hack Castiel, Hannah watches uncomfortably and tries to stop them only to have Efram threaten her. Overtaken by Rowena's spell, Castiel breaks free while Efram and Jonah are distracted by Hannah and attacks. Castiel kills Jonah in self-defense causing Hannah to try to get his attention and break him out of it. As Castiel tries to warn Hannah, Efram stabs her through the mouth from behind with an angel blade, killing her. Enraged, Castiel uses Hannah's vessel to block Efram in the fight and eventually kills him, avenging Hannah's death but he is horrified by the deaths of the three angels, especially Hannah.

In The Bad Seed an angel tells a demon that after Hannah died "Heaven's pretty much been a suck sandwich."

Personality Edit

Hannah at first is very loyal to Castiel as she sees him as the angels' savior, mainly for standing up to Bartholomew, even when he doesn't think so. When Castiel does establish a faction to face Metatron, Hannah appears to have been made second-in-command, implying that Castiel does trust her somewhat. She can also get angry towards angels insulting Castiel as she tries to hurt Tessa for disgracing his memory. Hannah can be irritated by humans like other angels but is tolerant to a point, but also finds them interesting as she makes note of one who is kind when she offers to tow her and Castiel's car, but like Castiel in his debut she is clueless of human humor and was horrified of a human's sarcastic remark to being a truck driver than a murderer.

She seems scared of Dean Winchester, as he gets violent around other angels, but seems to have no ill-feelings towards Sam. Additionally, as far as the Winchesters go, Hannah thinks that they are both bad influences on Castiel. She believes anything can be learned from humans and believes all the emotions they feel are for humans not angels. She also firmly believes in a code as when Dean wants to use violence towards Tessa, Hannah tries to stop him to allow Castiel to do so instead. Her belief in the angel's code however can block her judgement as she was willing to kill two angels who didn't want to return to Heaven until Castiel stopped her. It has also been shown that she may have deeper feelings for Castiel, possibly romantic as she was quick to deny any involvement between him and her to a human woman who assumed so, and was willing to hurt Metatron when he made a sarcastic comment on him and her, and she was also considering releasing Metatron to get Castiel's grace back. She even suggested killing a rogue angel and using its grace to help.

After fully embracing emotions, Hannah also realized the trauma humans go through when possessed, not being able to be with their loved ones. Unable to keep her own vessel away from her husband Hannah releases and goes back to Heaven. This makes Hannah the first angel to put her vessel's well-being first. Despite vowing to never take a vessel again as a result, Hannah took a male vessel to communicate with Castiel and Sam and forbid them entry into Heaven. She then continued to possess this vessel as shown in Form and Void. After being exposed as trying to trick information out of Castiel, Hannah reveals that his actions have caused many angels to hate him, but doesn't get a chance to respond when asked if she now hates him too before they are interrupted. However, it's indicated that Hannah was simply following orders in her actions and clearly does not agree with the methods being used to extract information from Castiel, showing that she does not hate him.

According to Metatron, Hannah was elected as the leader of the Heavenly Host, and did so well in her task that Metatron noted Heaven had not been in a better state since God left. This shows that Hannah also possesses great leadership skills, possibly surpassing that of Michael. After her death, an angel indicated that everything had fallen apart since she was gone.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hannah possesses the standard powers of a common angel. She seems to be rather weak as she was overpowered in almost all occasions when she faced other angels.

  • Angelic Possession - Hannah needs to possess a human vessel to physically interact on Earth. As an angel, she also needs the vessel's consent.
  • Immortality - As an angel, Hannah is immortal, can live forever and never die. She is also immune to aging, diseases, toxins, poisons, and sickness.
  • Invulnerability - Hannah can not be killed by any conventional weapons. She can only be killed by something angelic.
  • Super Strength - Being an angel, Hannah is stronger than humans, ghosts, monsters, and most demons.
  • Healing - Hannah was able to heal Castiel's wound from Adina. Due to the power of Rowena's spell, she was unable to heal Castiel's wounds from torture or break the spell however.
  • Regeneration - Hannah was able to heal from the shoulder wound Adina gave her in their first encounter in relatively short order and later the beating Adina gave her in revenge for Daniel's death.
  • Memory Manipulation - Hannah stated she could erase someone's memory.
  • Holy Photokinesis - When Hannah came to "rescue" Castiel, she blasted down the door with white light.




  • Since Black, it has been shown that Hannah seems to have an attraction towards Castiel which she doesn't seem completely aware of, even grabbing his hand which is something people who have an attraction to each other do in times of distress. Adina and Crowley have both also noted the attraction, and Castiel himself seems to be aware of her attraction towards him, though it's unknown if he shares any feelings back but it may be hinted in Girls, Girls, Girls.
  • Erica Carroll appeared in the Season one episode Faith as the nurse who asks for Sam's insurance at the hospital where Dean is admitted. She also appeared in Season one episode Something Wicked as the young mother Dean notices at the playground. She also portrayed Caroline Johnson in the Season 10 episode Girls, Girls, Girls.
  • Like Raphael, Hannah took a second vessel of the opposite sex. In her case she switched from a female vessel to a male one unlike Raphael, who went from male to female. Hannah also switched by choice, having given up her first vessel so she could resume a normal life. It was later revealed that Castiel too once had a female vessel but had given it up for an unknown reason.
  • Despite making a vow to never take a vessel again, Hannah possessed another angel's vessel to communicate with Castiel and Sam on Earth. Despite only needing this vessel briefly, she remained in it as shown in Form and Void.
  • Despite her very brief tenure as the leader of the Host of Heaven, Hannah is regarded by her fellow angels to be a fair and more than capable leader, practicing democracy and only using force when necessary. She is even regarded favorably by Metatron, saying she is on par with Michael in terms of leadership capabilities. Despite this, Efram had a great level of disrespect for her and decided to murder Hannah for getting in his way.
  • Both of Hannah's actors share a mutual dislike in Hannah's sudden and unexpected death.

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