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Hank was a vampire who was a part of Luther's nest.


Hank, along with Beau, Kate, and another vampire went to a bar where was Daniel Elkins. When Elkins returned hurriedly home after meeting Kate, he locked himself in a room and began loading the Colt, Hank and Beau broke through a window, jumped to Elkins, held him and later killed him.

Hank is by the car with Kate, Beau and another vampire when Jenny and her boyfriend drove along the street. After they kidnapped Jenny and her boyfriend, Hank is in the barn with the other vampires. When Dean, Sam and John go to the barn to get the Colt, Hank sleeps. When Sam woke Jenny and she started to scream, Hank woke up and, together with the other vampires they drove the Winchesters out of the barn.

Later, Hank and Kate encountered Dean who pretended that he repairs his car. Without seeing the trap Hank and Kate are hit by arrows with dead man's blood by what they can not defend themselves. Kate is captured and Hank is killed by John Winchester.