These memos refer to it as "the Hand of God". I mean, it was sort of a catch-all term for several objects that he touched on Earth during biblical times, but they're believed to contain traces of his power.
— Sam Winchester
in The Vessel

The Hand of God or Hands of God is a catch all term for items that have been directly touched by God and contain some of his power. There were actually many of them, scattered across the world. Lucifer believed that the Hands had been lost in the Great Flood, but some survived well into the 20th century.


Hands of God possess a small portion of God's power, and physical contact with celestial and demonic beings, will allow that creature to absorb the power and use it. If a human makes contact with a Hand, the human will explode by absorbing the energy of the Hand unintentionally. So far, all Hands of God can only be used once before being depleted.

The power of a Hand of God is enough to reduce demons to dust and even harm Archangels. An entire submarine was also obliterated by said power.

It appears that if the power is not taken from the Hand of God, the power can remain indefinitely within the object.

Known HandsEdit

  • The Ark of the Covenant - The Ark was a Hand of God, and was created at an unknown time. At some point, the ark was destroyed, although one of its pieces survived. That piece was later procured by Gumprecht and his Thules party to assure Nazi victory during World War II. After it was used by Delphine Seydoux, the piece of the Ark became useless. It was given to Dean and is currently stored in the bunker.
  • The Rod of Aaron - The Rod was made by God on the sixth day of Creation. It was given to Aaron, Moses' brother, during the plagues of Egypt. Somehow this came into the possession of Crowley, and was used up when he tried to attack Lucifer with it. After that, the rod became useless. It remains abandoned in Crowley's Lock-up.
  • The Horn of Joshua - It is a shofar that belonged to the prophet Joshua. It was procured by Noel and traded to Crowley in exchange for canceling Noel's crossroads deal. It was used by Lucifer against the Darkness. Surprisingly, the weapon, even when used by an archangel, was unable to harm her. After it was used, Lucifer dropped the Horn.



  • All known Hands of God share similar lore and origin as they can be traced back to Moses Era.
  • While, in the Bible, the Ark of the Covenant and the Rod of Aaron were made after the flood, these items were created prior to the flood within the Supernatural universe.
  • The Ark of the Covenant and the Horn of Joshua, once depleted of their power, lost their coloration, turning white.
  • In We Happy Few Sam suggests searching for more Hands of God to use against the Darkness. However, God himself is with the Winchesters when Sam suggests it and points out how redundant the idea is with God there.
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