Hand-to-hand fight is the application of rough physical force with use of special receptions of fight, shock equipment.

Characters with this AbilityEdit

Master Hand To Hand CombatantEdit

  • Alternate Michael - The strongest of the angels, with eons worth of fighting experience. He is tremendously accomplished in martial arts. During his fight with Lucifer, Michael was able to soundly defeat him, easily deflecting his blows and quickly restraining him. He also easily dodged Gabriel's blade strikes without bothering to use his own sword before he swiftly disarmed Gabriel of his blade, twisting his arm and stunning him in the face before using his blade to kill him. When he fought Sam, Dean and Castiel, all armed with weapons, Michael made short work of them, easily punching and knocking out Castiel before he could even attempt to slash him, swiftly knocked out Sam before he could shoot with 2 punches and effortlessly countered Dean's attempt to stab him and disarmed him of his Angel Blade before pummeling and subduing him with a choke-hold, with only the arrival of Jack preventing Michael from killing them. At one point, he was able to trounce the Alternate Kaia using her spear unarmed with ease, only being wounded upon being caught off-guard. He was also able to eventually best Dean when he was armed with Kaia's spear, although it took him more effort than he did with Alternate Kaia. While inside of Dean's mind where Michael had no powers and was on even ground with his opponents, his fighting prowess was shown when he easily overpowered Sam, Dean and Castiel at once, although it should be noted that Dean's anger made him predictable. However, when they caught him by surprise, the three were able to briefly overpower Michael and throw him into the bar cooler and lock it, effectively trapping him within Dean's mind.
  • Lucifer - Being the second strongest and oldest of the Angels, with intensive combat training and eons worth of combat experience, Lucifer is an extremely accomplished hand-to-hand combatant. He effortlessly slaughtered dozens of Pagans and easily reacted to Gabriel trying to stab him and disarmed and took control of his blade to seemingly kill him. Repeatedly, Lucifer was able to overpower Dean and Sam effortlessly, beating both of them to a bloody pulp and at one point instantly disarming Dean of his gun and beating him to submission within seconds. At one point, he was able to easily overwhelm Sam, Dean and Castiel simultaneously while in his Cage, also disarming Castiel. In all of his altercations with Castiel, Lucifer proves to be the superior fighter, as shown by how he effortlessly overpowered Castiel while he was weakened due to his vessel deteriorating, easily dodging around his blows before beating and throwing him aside, and even with his grace being low, he was able to force Castiel to retreat and wound him enough to make him pass out later on. He even briefly held his ground against the far stronger Alternate Michael before the latter overpowered him, parrying his attacks and punching him twice. In their final battle, despite Dean's power boost from Michael who Dean was acting as a vessel to, with his super-charged state dramatically increasing his physical powers too, Lucifer was able to easily disarm him of his blade and go toe-to-toe with and eventually overpower Dean in their mid-air fist fight, hitting Dean as much as Dean hit him and kicking him aside before easily intercepting his charge and finally pummeling him.
  • Raphael - With eons of combat experience, Raphael was a highly accomplished hand-to-hand combatant. He proved effortlessly capable of overpowering his younger brother Castiel, punching and kicking him down a flight of stairs before beating him into submission without even giving the Seraph an opportunity to do much as attempt to retaliate.
  • Gabriel - With eons of combat experience, Gabriel was highly skilled in hand-to-hand combatant. He repeatedly displayed being able to defeat and restrain Dean with ease, albeit due to his superior strength. Even while weakened from Asmodeus draining of his grace, Gabriel proved himself able to slaughter Loki's demigod children as well as hold his own against Loki himself, although to defeat him needed the Winchesters giving him his blade. While his skill level is inferior to that of his older brothers, he was able to briefly hold his own against Alternate Michael, managing to block a few of his attacks and punch him once.
  • Cain - The Father of Murder and the trainer of the Knights of Hell, Cain was a highly skilled martial artist. He was able to overpower and slaughter a battalion of demons with little effort. He was able to casually fight Dean when most of his powers were suppressed and retain the upper hand despite Dean wielding the First Blade, although it should be noted that Dean was not using the powers of the Mark due to not giving into it, in the end only losing after being caught off-guard.
  • Castiel - Castiel is an excellent hand to hand combatant, deemed to be among the best of Heaven's soldiers. He was capable of briefly fighting against Alastair, initially pummeling him before being pinned to a hookbar, and later standing up to Uriel, landing more blows than Uriel did and only losing due to his superior strength. This skill has only improved over the course of the series, partly due to his time spent with the Winchesters who are formidable combatants themselves and his brief time spent as a Hunter-in-training. His skills are shown in his fights against other inhuman beings, as he is able to disarm many beings with Angelic weaponry and then use that weapon to kill them. He has proven capable of fighting his lesser angelic brethren with ease, shown when he easily defeated two of Raphael's followers whilst searching for Balthazar, quickly defeating and killing Bartholomew despite holding back and protesting, and at first easily dominating Duma and two other angels simultaneously before being caught off-guard. This skill remained with him even as he became human, as he managed to kill an angel in a broken bus without his powers, although the angel was caught off guard at the discovery that Castiel was now human. Castiel even managed to hold off two Leviathans with only his fists long enough for Dean to save him. Due to his superior strength, Castiel could easily defeat and beat Dean to a pulp, doing so twice, once before even becoming a Seraph and an alternate version of him easily beat both him and Sam, although it must be noted that Dean was surprised and trying to reason with him and still managed to land blows. Even while Dean was powered by the Mark, he was still briefly able to hold his own and it should be noted he was holding back as he had no intention to harm him. On another occasion, even while his hands were restrained by the Supernatural Handcuffs, Castiel overpowered and killed both Jonah and Efram single-handedly. However, while apparently inferior to Dean, Castiel was able to outfight Sam and several other humans controlled by the psychic Chip, even able to beat up one of those man with a single hand while handling the other using his other hand as well as easily parrying Sam's attacks and knocking him down, proving he was more skilled than Sam. In that fight, Sam only managed to defeat him when Castiel was off-guard, with it being made more notable by the fact that Castiel had no intentions to kill in the fight.
  • Virgil - Even without his powers, Virgil proved to be highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat, able to hold his own against both Sam and Dean in a fist fight, managing to briefly force the brothers back before getting restrained in their first fight and also able to break out of Dean's hold and knock him away with a punch of his own despite having been beaten quite badly and managing to sucker-punch Sam in their second altercation before being ultimately overpowered in his wounded state and beaten to unconsciousness.
  • Angels - Due to their millennia of experience, many of the angels were accomplished fighter expert hand-to-hand combatant capable of tossing aside monsters, humans and other threats with great ease, although they appear to be less skilled than hunters, namely Sam, Dean and Mary Winchester. Their inferior skill could be due to them not walking the earth for about two thousand years, causing them to become out of practice compared to archangels and grigori. Interestingly, Anna Milton was able to take on all four Winchesters despite being weakened by time traveling to 1978, though this could be explained their lack of experience fighting angels at the time. Uriel was able to kill seven angels and overpower Castiel, though Castiel was not yet a Seraph and was able to fight against him.
  • Grigori - Being the first watcher angel squad, they are very accomplished in fighting. One of them, Tamiel was able to successfully outclass Sam and Dean Winchester, despite Dean possessing the Mark of Cain, as well as Castiel all at once without much effort, only being killed by Claire upon being caught off-guard.
  • Princes of Hell - Being the first demons after Lilith and the generals of hell's armies, the Princes of Hell had millennia of combat experience and were highly accomplished fighters. Though he usually relied on telekinesis to throw around his enemies, Azazel was an extremely capable fighter, effortlessly dodging Mary Winchester's knife attacks before disarming her with one hand and restraining her. Ramiel was an exceptional fighter, easily defeating the Seraph Castiel and quickly separating Dean, Sam and Mary when he fought them all at once, soundly knocking back Sam and Mary and fairly quickly overpowering Dean and would have killed him had Sam not interfered. It was only due to Mary briefly distracting him with a stab to the back with an Angel Blade that Sam was able to gain control over the Lance of Michael and kill him. Asmodeus was an accomplished fighter capable of easily delivering a serious beating to the former British Men of Letters specialist Arthur Ketch. Dagon was an exceptional fighter, easily trouncing the Seraphim Castiel in a fist fight.
  • Alastair - Alastair was a capable fighter. He was able to able to fight evenly with the angel Castiel before overpowering and pinning him to the ground. Alastair easily defeated Dean after he was caught off-guard and had him in a choke hold with one hand until Castiel intervened. Like before, Alastair pummeled him before being pinning the angel to a hookbar.
  • Dean Winchester - He was trained by his father as a child in the arts of being a Hunter. He is highly accomplished in hand-to-hand combat; he has subdued several human assailants with ease in multiple episodes and bested physically more powerful creatures, often unarmed or equipped with only a blade. Dean is a superior combatant to his younger brother Sam and while he gets overpowered by Sam at times, it was only due to Sam having an advantage due to his emotions clouding him and whenever he is fighting Sam at full fighting capability, he always beats him despite Sam being stronger. Dean once slaughtered a nest of vampires on his own, his grandfather Samuel Campbell was greatly impressed and remarked on his skill. Due to his year-long stay in Purgatory and the realm's animal-like survival of the fittest environment, Dean greatly honed his hunting skills and instincts. Even when up against three demons, Dean was able to take them down single-handedly using only his hand-to-hand experience and the demon killing knife, something which impressed the powerful demon, and his ancestor, Cain greatly. In addition, with the Mark of Cain granting him the strength needed to fight Angels, Dean was able to take on the Grigori Tamiel and land several blows before being overpowered and easily defeat Castiel despite his own fighting ability, although it should be noted Castiel held back as he was not trying to harm Dean. He could briefly fight against Cain and land some blows before he was ultimately overpowered. His skills also allowed him to overpower highly trained and accomplished military fighters such as Cole Trenton and Bernard and at one point, despite his knee being injured and being disoriented, Dean was able to hold his own against Arthur Ketch, an excellent fighter who was considered a specialist among the British Men of Letters. Dean was also able to defeat Gordon Walker with less effort than Sam did and initially pummeled him when he had a gun before being overpowered and captured and could ultimately overpower Rufus Turner and his mother when she was young both when not fighting to kill. More displays of his incredible fighting abilities was when he was able to stay in combat for a time with the Prince of Hell Ramiel while Sam and Mary was easily overpowered, managing to land two blows, and also overpower the significantly stronger Magog with his superior fighting skill, eventually managing to gain Magog's blade and use it to kill him. While Dean was ultimately an inferior fighter to Lucifer, as proven by how Lucifer disarmed and ultimately pummeled Dean, it should be noted he had been able to go toe-to-toe with him despite Lucifer's far greater fighting experience and power for a reasonable length of time while empowered so that his strength was much closer to Lucifer's than in the past. While fighting Michael armed with the spear, Dean was actually capable of standing his ground. He was also able to, even if with extreme difficulty, fight against and land solid blows on an alternate reality version of Castiel while Sam was entirely outclassed by him, although to no avail due to the latter's invulnerability.
  • Sam Winchester - Trained in the arts of hunting by his father, Sam is a very capable combatant. As a boy, Sam's skills enabled him to defeat a bully twice his size easily, landing solid blows that quickly knocked down the bully and avoiding each one of his. He also managed to fight off Amy Pond's two bullies simultaneously. As Sam gave up hunting to attend college, his skills were rusty in comparison to his older brother Dean. As Sam got back into hunting, he quickly got back into shape. Although he is still not as skilled as Dean, with his superior physical strength backing him up, he can fight back Dean for a reasonable amount of time and at times Dean's emotions clouded his fighting, he is able to overpower his brother, even defeating him once, although when Dean no longer is weaker than Sam due to the Mark, he proves to be the decisively superior fighter as he quickly trounced Sam, although it should be noted Sam did land a few blows and even if with difficulty managed to parry some of Dean's blows. He could easily beat many humans, as shown when he disarmed and fought off a S.W.A.T officer before getting arrested, defeated Gordon Walker (who had just previously defeated and captured Dean) after the latter briefly had the upper hand in the fight, effortlessly beat Deputy Sheriff Atkins to a pulp, fought off fellow hunters Tim Janklow and Reggie Hull simultaneously, and took on two Secret Service agents simultaneously without taking a single blow before ultimately being held at gunpoint. He has been seen to be capable of standing his ground against and defeating supernatural beings much stronger than him, as shown when fought and briefly knocked out the much stronger Jake Talley despite his shoulder being injured by the latter, held his own against Samhain, intercepting the demons charge with a vicious uppercut and briefly overwhelming him with a flurry of blows before the latter overpowered him, held his own against Lucifer in the Limbo alongside Dean and Castiel, punching him twice and grabbing him from behind, stopped Ramiel's attempt to stab Dean with the Lance of Michael and managed to hold him off in a struggle over the Lance of Michael as well as elbow him in the face once, holding him off long enough for Mary to stab him from the back and allow him to gain control over the Lance and kill him with it, fought and killed an Apocalypse World angel whilst rescuing Charlie Bradbury and Arthur Ketch, and took on a group of Asmodeus's demons on two different occasions, once alongside Dean and another time alongside Castiel, killing a demon both times. Out of all the humans controlled by Chip, Sam was the only one able to put up any meaningful resistance against Castiel, albeit granted Castiel was holding back, and was even able to beat him when he was off-guard.
  • John Winchester - John, having served in the Marine Corps and trained in the military arts, is an excellent fighter, with his skills and knowledge in martial arts allowing him to successfully train Sam and Dean into two of the best martial artists in history. He even proved to be able to quickly overpower his sons, albeit armed with a gun to use as a blunt weapon, although Dean managed to punch him once, after being pulled into the future.
  • Mary Winchester - She was trained in the arts of hunting by her family, who come from a long line of hunters. Impressing her father with her skill, Mary was able to handle a Werewolf on her own without getting a scratch. When Dean was sent back in time to 1973, a younger Mary proved capable of standing up to him even after his initial shock wore off, throwing him into a wall and landing multiple blows on him, though it should be noted Dean had no intention to harm Mary, only reacting in self-defense and still managed to overpower and restrain her. She also held her own against Anna Milton alongside Sam, Dean and John Winchester in 1978, skillfully wielding an angel blade against her and managing to cut her hand, as well as impale her with a crowbar. During her time with the British Men of Letters, Mary gained more skill in fighting, even helping taking down many vampires and was even able to outfight Arthur Ketch, injuring his arm during their fight and eventually beating him down with the Enochian Brass Knuckles, forcing him to taser her unconscious, as well as take down angels in Apocalypse World by herself and, with the Enochian Brass Knuckles, even give Lucifer a sound beating, though Lucifer initially did not resist, instead taunting her, giving her a chance to continue until they both fell through the rift to the Apocalypse World.
  • Gordon Walker - Spending years hunting vampires, Gordon was a very proficient combatant, highly accomplished in both hand-to-hand combat and the use of melee weapons. His skills were great enough to be capable of individually matching both Sam and Dean in a fight; beating Dean once while armed with a gun and capturing him, as well as disarming and briefly overpowering Sam before ultimately getting knocked out by the latter. After getting turned into a vampire, with his enhanced strength, speed and durability, Gordon proved himself capable of easily overpowering Sam and Dean.
  • Alternate Kaia Nieves - While it is so far unknown where she received her combat training, Kaia has proven herself to be proficient enough in martial arts to be able to defeat Sam and Dean simultaneously while armed with her spear. On a separate occasion she took on Sam and Dean again, this time with Jody Mills alongside them, although this time Dean held his ground against her, only getting knocked down after getting caught off guard upon seeing her face for the first time. She also held her own against Alternate Michael, making her the only human to hold her own in a fight against the archangel besides Dean, even managing to trip him and stab him in the arm with her spear, though she had to take him by surprise to do so. Dean's later display of ability to hold off Michael better than she did implied her victory over him was more of a surprise.
  • Ms. Watt - A highly trained British Men of letters operative, Ms. Watt was able to simultaneously take on and overpower Dean and Castiel (weakening the latter with Enochian Brass Knuckles), giving them both a sound beating and leaving them lying on the pavement, bloodied, and taunted them over their poor effort. She would've shot them dead if Mary hadn't intervened by stabbing her in the back with an angel blade by Mary Winchester. While the brass knuckles gave her an edge it should be noted that Ms. Watt was able to escape Dean's hold on her twice and simultaneously disarm him. She is the only human character besides Gordon Walker, Sam and Alternate Kaia to have defeated Dean in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Kipling - A soldier of Genghis Khan during his mortal life, Kipling was an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, able to easily counter most of Sam's moves and eventually pummel him with his superior physical prowess.

Expert Hand-to-Hand CombatantEdit

  • Hunters - Most hunters are very proficient fighters, able to take on supernatural beings much stronger than they are. Their combative backgrounds vary, with some having a military or police background, such as John Winchester and Jody Mills, or being born into hunter families, such as Mary Winchester and Jo Harvelle, and others seeking out their own training from unknown sources, such as Gordon Walker. Sam and Dean Winchester have demonstrated the highest combative skill level of any hunters in the series, able to take on and kill angels, even ones from the Apocalypse World who haven't been weakened by The Fall.
  • Arthur Ketch - Having spent several years in training with the British Men of Letters and was known as a specialist, Arthur Ketch is an excellent fighter. Arthur was able to casually slaughter the agents of Site 94 and emerge without a scratch whereas Sam and Dean struggled with them, although it should be noted that Sam and Dean were not trying to kill them and thus was holding back while Ketch had no such reservations and fought with full capability. It is suggested he took to training Mary Winchester and helping her further sharpen her skill in hunting. Arthur was able to briefly overpower Dean and go toe-to-toe with him, though it should be noted Dean was injured and disoriented and still held his own against Ketch. After his resurrection, he killed several of Asmodeus's demons while saving the Winchesters but this caused Dean to realize his identity as he had a particularly unique way of fighting.
  • Luther Shrike - Luther is a very capable fighter, as he was able to defeat the master hand-to-hand combatant Sam Winchester, although this was partially due to the latter's shock upon former's immunity to the Demon-Killing Knife, throwing the hunter off guard and allowing Shrike to knock him out.
  • Cole Trenton - Having rigorously trained himself to be able to kill Dean Winchester and also having received military training, Cole is an excellent fighter, having mastered as many martial arts as he could, including Kung Fu. His skills are shown to be able to go toe-to-toe with Dean even armed by the Mark for an extended period of time, landing solid blows and blocking much of Dean's blows before being ultimately overpowered, albeit granted Dean was holding back from giving into the Mark, as he had no intentions to harm him severely or kill him.
  • Bernard - Trained in the military arts, he is shown to be a very skilled martial artist, capable of matching Dean Winchester, even landing a few solid blows on and briefly restraining the proficient hunter before he was knocked out, giving Dean enough of a fight to leave him bruised and battered.
  • Lily Sunder - Spending a century bent on obtaining revenge, she is an expert in many arts, being able to quickly defeat angelic soldier Benjamin.
  • Ruby - With centuries of combat experience, she was able to slaughter three of the Seven Deadly Sins with the Demon-Killing Knife, although she required assistance from Sam, and took a few staggering blows from one of them. She was also able to take on Sam and Dean simultaneously, though it should be noted the brothers were less experienced fighting demons at the time, and they easily overpowered and killed her later on.
  • Meg - With centuries, if not millennia of combat experience, Meg proved herself able to take on and kill several hellhounds simultaneously, a feat unseen by any other character in the series. However she was easily knocked aside by Sam with a headbutt, despite her superior strength and her being on top of him, allowing him to break her control over the Daeva by toppling her altar. When they met again after Lucifer's release, she appeared to be far more formidable, dodging Sam's blows and pummeling him.

Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant Edit

  • Bobby Singer - A seasoned hunter with decades of combat experience, Bobby has proven himself able to hold his own against supernatural creatures, although with markedly more difficulty than Sam and Dean, most likely due to his older age. His skills were presumably much sharper during his younger years. Despite his age he has demonstrated his ability to kill a Siren that got the drop on Sam and Dean, fight off Leviathans, albeit armed with a pistol and a crowbar and only enough to escape, and after a brief struggle, force an Okami into a wood chipper.
  • Ellen Harvelle - A seasoned hunter, Ellen proved herself able to briefly hold her own against a younger, more able bodied army veteran.
  • Jake Talley - Having received at least basic infantry training from the army, and having served in Afghanistan, Jake was a capable fighter, able to briefly get the upper hand over Sam in their fight, though relying mostly on his superhuman strength and only killing Sam when his guard was down.
  • Rufus Turner - With decades of hunting experience, Rufus proved himself able to hold his own against Dean, breaking free of his hold and striking him multiple times, though the younger hunter had no intention to harm Rufus, only restrain him, and was likely able to do so due to Rufus' age.
  • Nick - Nick was a decent fighter, able to knock out a police officer unconscious, albeit by taking him by surprise with a bedpan first. He was also able to overpower another police officer, Donna Hanscum, although he resorted to using a stun gun to knock her unconscious. He even briefly held his own against Sam Winchester, landing two punches on him, effectively disarming him in the process, before the hunter swiftly overpowered and strangled him, and he was only able to beat Sam by taking him by surprise and bashing his face with a nearby rock.
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