Halt & Catch Fire is the 13th episode of Season 10. It aired on February 10, 2015.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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A ghost starts killing people through various electronic devices. Sam and Dean discover who was killed and why this ghost is seeking revenge on a group of college students but what they can't figure out is how he's doing it. With three dead, the brothers must stop the ghost before he claims his next victim.


A girl and a boy are driving down a street in Spencer, Iowa. He says he's not sure he's okay to drive but it's nothing a little grease won't fix. Billy asks his voice-controlled phone to direct them to the nearest Taco Town. Janet questions the phone's directions, but he says that her phone is only 3G and that his doesn't make mistakes. Later on, Janet complains that it's cold, but Billy says that the air isn't on. The phone leads them to a bridge that's been blocked off. Billy argues with the voice. The voice then demands Janet to get out of the truck. The truck door closes and locks Billy inside. The truck then drives forward, onto the blocked off bridge, while Janet screams.

Dean walks in eating a half-cookie half-freakin' awesome and asks Sam what Cass said to him. Cass has discovered riverboat gambling and is closing in on Cain somewhere in Illinois. Dean questions why they are asking Cain how to remove the Mark, when, if he knew it himself, he would have done it already. Dean cuts off Sam's reply with a case.

Sam and Dean arrive at a college to question Janet. Dean comments that there are college girls everywhere while checking some of them out. During questioning, Janet says that she was drunk, but wasn't hallucinating. Janet mentions that the truck was freezing inside and that the radio was going crazy. She also says that the voice was acting weird. Sam asks about Billy's enemies; Janet mentions Billy's brother who fought with him all the time. However, Joey had died in Afghanistan before Billy's death. She also tells them that the truck was actually Joey's and Billy had gotten it when they died.

Sam and Dean break into a fenced area with a bunch of cars that had been in car crashes. They find Joey's truck and Dean concludes that Joey was a Marine by his license plate. Sam finds a large amount of ectoplasm on the driver's seat. He also points out that the EMF is going wild. They salt the truck and burn the truck.    

In their dorm rooms, two sorority girls complain about how fast the semester flew by. One of the girls says that time flies when you're drunk. One of the girls says she is going to the library, but the other declines her offer to go with her.    

Julie puts on a sorority hat and starts to take selfies. She posts them on Facebook and then receives a chat request from PrincessElsa8. The user refuses to say who they are and calls Julie a liar when she asks the user what's up. Julie asks what she lied about and the user responds with 810. Julie is shocked. The user says that she'll pay. She deletes the conversation, but the messages keep popping up despite her turning off the laptop and unplugging it. The air around her turns cold and her breath becomes visible. 810 still appears on her laptop and she closes it. The door slams shut. The laptop opens up again. A voice can be heard repeating 810. A laptop plug hovers in the air behind her. She turns around, screams, and the cord chokes her to death.    

Sam and Dean are walking towards the sorority house. Dean is continually getting distracted by the college girls. The police officer tells them that Delilah Mary and Julie's roommate found the body that morning. There are no suspects, but the door had been locked during the murder. Most of the other girls in the sorority—possible suspects—had left for spring break. The roommate had given the police the girl's passwords.    

There is a lot of EMF around the laptop. They question why the ghost is jumping around from machine to machine. Sam steals the laptop.    

Sam and Dean meet with Delilah Mary and she mentions that everyone knew Billy Bass, because he was the president of a fraternity. Dean laughs when the fraternity's name spells out STD. However, Julie didn't know Joey. Delilah says that Julie was really sweet and popular and didn't have any enemies. They don't believe her.    

Dean orders a heart-attack-worthy amount of junk food and eats sloppily while Sam tells him that he found nothing on any of Julie's social media accounts. Sam starts going through her deleted files. Sam finds her deleted Instachat with PrincessElsa8. 810 for an area code is SE Michigan. However, there are three addresses in Spencer that have 810 in them.           

They go to 810 Downs Drive. Sam find out over the phone that PrincessElsa8 is a third grader in Wisconsin who is obsessed with Frozen and was asleep when the murder happened. A girl walks out of the house. They follow her. She goes to a pole that has bouquets and starts putting them in a trash bag. Corey says that the flowers were taunting her as her husband died there 9 months ago in a car accident. Corey says that a girl in Greek letters with long red hair had been leaving them there.           

Dean calls Delilah and tells her to call him ASAP. Sam finds out that Andrew Silver, a Spencer High School teacher, had been killed after his car had burst into flames in the crash. His body had burned without recognition. However, he was cremated.           

Delilah is worrying to her boyfriend Kyle about the Feds, but Kyle is busy on Sextir looking at other women. She says that the Feds probably know and that they should come clean. Kyle disagrees. Delilah says that it's karma, but Kyle says it's just a coincidence. Kyle threatens her and she leaves. Kyle then messages a girl on Sextir. She says she's waiting outside the door, but when he responds to the knock, no one is out there. The door slams shut. Kyle's phone rings. He picks it up and an angry voice asks what time it is. It is 8:10. The volume of the rock music goes louder. Kyle starts bleeding from the eyes and nose. The window shatters and he dies.           

Sam and Dean meet up with Delilah. Dean says that Kyle's brain was jellied by his speakers. The clock on his stereo had also stopped at 8:10. They confront her about Andrew and the flowers. She says that the car accident wasn't actually an accident. The boys in the front seats were on Twitter, while the girls were taking selfies. The truck drifts into the other lane and then swerves back. The other car swerves as well but then hits a pole. Before they could call 911, a wire from the pole falls and lands on the car. A fire starts and Billy drives away without helping him.           

The boys start salting the room. They explain that it's a ghost to Delilah. Dean mentions that since Andrew was electrocuted he could be surfing the lines, which is how he's getting around. Sam leaves to go check out the accident site and Dean stays with Delilah. Dean and Delilah talk about Andrew and her nightmares. Sam finds out that the pole Andrew had crashed into is connected to a giant WiFi tower. He starts to see his breath. Dean and Delilah talk about their feelings. Sam calls Dean and tells him that Andrew is using WiFi to attack his victims. Sam says that Andrew's impulses just connected to another current when he died.           

The lights in Delilah's room start flickering. They can see their breath. On Delilah's laptop and phone, Andrew appears. Delilah screams. Dean breaks all of the devices, including his own. Meanwhile, Sam visits Andrew's wife. Dean and Delilah go down to the basement. Dean salts the door and the windows. Corey says that Andrew contacted her online after he died. However, he started acting weird after a while and became focused on revenge. Back in the basement, Dean finds a cell phone and Andrew appears. Dean goes to hit him with the iron stick but Andrew flings him away. Andrew starts to choke Delilah as she apologizes. Dean calls Sam on the cell phone and Corey starts to talk to Andrew. She begs him to stop. He lets go and goes to Heaven. Sam and Dean go to Corey's house with Delilah. Sam and Dean have a BMS. Dean says he's going to stop searching for answers for the Mark and is just going to work cases.           


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit


  • Debs Howard as Julie Miller
  • Jeremy Thorsen as Andrew Silver
  • Willa Milner as Delilah Marian
  • Barbara Kottmeier as Corey Silver
  • Madison Smith as Billy Bass
  • Jack Evans as Kyle
  • Jacqueline Samuda as Detective Petranyzk
  • Maddie Phillips as Janet Novoselic
  • Aaron Paul Stewart as Frat Brother

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  • "Halt & Catch Fire" is a reference to the computer machine code instruction that will cause a computer to stop functioning.
    • There is also a TV series of the same name.
  • This episode itself is also very similar to the 1997 film "I Know What You Did Last Summer" in many aspects.
  • The "truck thing" referenced by Dean is the song "I Drive Your Truck" by Lee Brice.
  • The account who chats with Julie is named "PrincessElsa8", a reference to the movie "Frozen"
  • The brothers refer to themselves as Agents "Grohl" and "Cobain" when asking a student, whose last name is "Novoselic", about one of the murders. All are references to the band Nirvana.
  • Barbara Kottmeier, who played Corey Silver, previously played Candace Armstrong in the Season 4 episode Wishful Thinking.
  • Once again, the CW's official summary for this episode does not cite the main characters' actors.


  • Ghost: [to Billy] Destination dead ahead.

  • Dean: What did Cass say?
  • Sam: Good news, bad news. Bad news, he discovered riverboat gambling. Good news, he thinks he might be closing in on Cain.

  • Dean: Alright, so big brother didn't get along with little brother. Was pissed that he was driving his baby. I get it.
  • Sam: What are you saying, uh, if you died and I drove your car, you'd kill me?
  • Dean: If you stunk her up with taquitos, probably.

  • Sam: Now, I'm going through her deleted files.
  • Dean: You can do that?
  • Sam: Yeah...
  • Dean: Hm.
  • Sam: I mean nothing really gets deleted from the Internet. ....You knew that, right?
  • Dean: Yeah...*shoves noodles in mouth*

  • Sam: So... so, what's a thing?
  • Dean: You know, the truck thing. You honor the deceased by driving their truck. Sam, they wrote a whole country song about it. Why don't you Google it?


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Supernatural 10x13 Promo "Halt & Catch Fire" (HD)

Supernatural 10x13 Promo "Halt & Catch Fire" (HD)


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