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This article is about a subject that is from official sources but is not considered canon.

H was a hunter mentioned in John Winchester's Journal. It's not clear exactly what his real name was, but from what John describes he was a very ruthless hunter willing to abandon a dying friend on a hunt. In the beginning, he served as a mentor to John. Even saving him on a hunt, which is how the two met.

He was the one who told John about seances, hellhounds, and demons, to which John was skeptical at the time. He was present when John hunted Doc Benton, claiming the doctor was a Revenant. John didn't trust H, however he put up with him because he wanted to learn what H could teach him. John later learned that H was a demon though John doesn't state what kind. H seemed to play a major role in John's life as he got John focused on hunting. John says he killed H, and that if H wants for him to hunt then he will keep hunting until he kills Azazel.


  • As John did not possess The Colt or even know of its existence at the time, it's very likely H is still alive despite John saying he killed him.
  • It is ironic that as a demon he mentored John as a hunter.
  • Weapons with demon blood can kill demons, as shown by John using weapons with blood on them to kill demons and hellhounds in Supernatural: Origins. Despite this, he pushed H into a river.
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