Guy is a Crossroad Demon who cut his deals short.


Posing as a reunion planner, Guy begins making deals in town. Deals like making someone CEO and another a professional ballplayer. Guy found a loophole though and gets another demon to kill the people he made contracts with. Guy also supplies Becky with love potion to make Sam fall in love with her, although Guy didn't know it was Sam that she wanted.

Becky and Sam bump into Guy as she is leaving the place, he is surprised to meet the hunter Sam Winchester and gives Becky more potion. As the potion wears off, Becky repeatedly calls him and Guy calls her back and tells her to meet him. The two meet, but this time Guy tells Becky the potion will not be free and reveals himself to be a Crossroad Demon. He offers Becky another deal: 25 years of Sam's undying love for her soul. Becky was hesitant to accept, suspecting him to be behind the series of "accidents" in town and would likely kill her off before the contract expired, though he assured he had no intention of harming her since Sam would likely come for him.

Becky eventually pretends to accept Guy's proposal. Guy prepares to seal the deal with a kiss, but she uses a lighter to ignite a devil's trap that she drew in the carpet. Dean, Sam, and Garth arrive and confront the demon, forcing Guy to admit that he uses his "intern" Jackson to kill off his "clients" and collect their souls early. Suddenly Jackson shows up and knocks the three hunters back, and then breaks the pentagram. However, Becky grabs the demon-killing knife and kills Jackson. After Sam tosses the blade to Dean, he holds the knife to Guy's throat, forcing him to surrender but he refuses to break his deals.

However, Guy is scared when Crowley arrives and reveals that Jackson blew the whistle on Guy. Crowley explains that if word got out about that Guy was cheating his clients, no one would want to make deals with the demons and leave Hell with nothing. Guy is then traded to Crowley in exchange for cancelling the deals he's made, and teleports away with him. Guy's fate is not revealed, but given that Crowley stated he intended to make an example of him, Guy was probably killed or imprisoned for all eternity.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Guy displayed very few abilities, even for a Crossroads demon. However, he must have had some authority as he was the first crossroads demon to have a lackey. From his talk with Becky, he stated that he was not too powerful, as he voiced Sam or Dean could kill him. He displayed the following powers:

  • Reality Warping (by deals) - Through the context of a deal, he could grant wishes, effectively re-fabricating reality.
  • Spell Casting - Somehow, he was able to concoct a potion, capable of making the one drinking very loyal and affectionate towards the giver.
  • Superhuman Strength - He was able to overpower Dean during their fight.

Weaknesses Edit


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