Gumprecht's destroyer was a German destroyer commanded by the high-ranking Nazi officer and Thule member Gumprecht.


In 1943, after Delphine Seydoux temporarily kills him and escapes with the Hand of God, high-ranking Nazi and Thule member chases her and the USS Bluefin in the destroyer.

The destroyer is able to catch up to the American submarine in open water. Briefly turning invisible, the destroyer is able to avoid a planned torpedo attack by the submarine and get right over it before they can react. The destroyer depth charges the Bluefin, severely damaging the submarine.

With the Bluefin having taken serious damage, Gumprecht stopped the attack and contacted Delphine over the radio, explaining his survival due to being a member of the Thule. Gumprecht referred to his ship and crew as having extraordinary abilities that the Bluefin could not match and gave the Americans three minutes to surrender.

When the Americans failed to surrender, the destroyer resumed depth charging the Bluefin. As Delphine absorbed the power of the Hand of God and released a blast that obliterated the Bluefin, Dean is rescued by Lucifer. The blast struck the destroyer's fuel tanks and caused a massive explosion that ripped the destroyer apart and killed its crew.

After returning to 2016, Dean asked his brother about the fate of the destroyer. Sam stated that unlike the Bluefin, the destroyer's wreckage was found, having burned and sank.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to being the ship of Thule member Gumprecht, the destroyer was stated to possess extraordinary abilities.

  • Invisibility - The ship displayed the ability to become invisible to detection.


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