Guidry's Cajun Café is a cafe located in Carencro, Louisiana.


Vampire Benny Lafitte comes to work at this place, having been an employee here many years ago before his death and arrival in Purgatory. He uses the fake name "Roy" and becomes co-workers with a man named Anthony and a woman, Elizabeth, who is his great-granddaughter.

Benny is doing well at work until Martin Creaser, a hunter and friend of Sam Winchester, comes to investigate Benny. He accuses Benny of murder after he finds a body in the woods in the same place he followed Benny to.

When Dean himself comes to ask Benny, Benny reveals that a newbie vampire, Desmond, is trying to recruit him and is leaving bodies around to get Benny in trouble. Dean joins Benny in dealing with Desmond. Dean also lures Sam away by sending him a fake S.O.S message from Amelia Richardson.

Despite Desmond's death, Benny is unable to return to working at the cafe. Martin takes Elizabeth hostage and uses her blood to force Benny to transform in front of her. Martin then attacks, but is killed in self-defense.

The revelation of Benny's true name and true identity, and his eventual inability to live on Earth anymore, forces Benny to leave the cafe. It is not seen again.



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