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Jo. She said if we helped her, she'd bust us out of Hell.
— Gregor explaining the three demons actions.
in Destiny's Child

Gregor is a demon who attempted to assassinate the Winchesters for Anael in exchange for the angel helping him to escape from Hell.


Originally serving Rowena in her new position as Queen of Hell, Gregor is offered the opportunity to escape from Hell by Anael in exchange for assassinating the Winchesters. Eager to get out of Hell, Gregor and two female demons agree to the deal.

When the Winchesters arrive in Hell in search of Rowena and the Occultum, they are greeted by Gregor who tells them that Rowena is holding a reception for newly-condemned souls, something that he is clearly annoyed by. Gregor leads the Winchesters through Hell, ostensibly to find Rowena, but they quickly realize that the demon is leading them into a trap. Drawing an angel blade, Gregor attacks Sam while the other two demons fight Dean. Though Gregor initially has the upper hand as he is stronger than Sam, pinning the hunter against a wall and trying to stab him, Sam manages to break Gregor's hold and disarm the demon, turning the situation around on Gregor and holding an angel blade of his own to Gregor's throat from behind.

Having single-handedly killed the other two demons, Dean turns his attention to Gregor as Sam demands to know why the demon tried to kill them. Gregor admits that "she" told them to and at Dean's question, clarifies that it was Anael who promised to bust him out of Hell if he killed Sam and Dean. Sam demands to know why the angel wants them dead, but the demon defiantly orders Sam to ask her himself. Dean gives Sam a nod and the hunter drives his angel blade into Gregor's abdomen, killing him.

Powers and Abilities[]

Gregor is a regular low-level demon with all the powers of one.


Gregor has all the regular weaknesses of a demon.

  • Angel Blades - Sam was able to kill Gregor with an angel blade to the abdomen.