Green River County Detention Center

Green River County Detention Center is a prison Sam and Dean are briefly detained in.

When supernatural killings start up at the prison, Deacon Kaylor calls Sam and Dean Winchester to come and investigate. The brothers get themselves arrested and become inmates of the prison.

The brothers soon discover that the prison is haunted by a ghost, initially suspected to be one of the inmates, but later proven to be a nurse, who was killed during a prison riot. With the help of Deacon Kaylor and Mara Daniels, the brothers manage to salt and burn the nurse's remains and end her rain of terror.




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  • During the escape, Deacon removes a panel from the wall of the shower room leading to the outside. Given the unlikelihood of such a panel existing naturally in a place where the inmates could find it and escape and the presence of the Impala parked outside, it was likely precut by the Winchesters or Deacon for the escape plan.
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