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Green-eyed Demons are an unknown type of demon that were mentioned when Sam and Dean were hunting Bisaans.

Sam: Libby Strauss. Uh, went missing near Gunnison, Colorado. Now Libby's friend claimed she was carried off by a mutant creature with green eyes.

Dean: Demon?

Sam: That's what I thought, but it gets "better". The friend chased after 'em and she found Libby, only it wasn't Libby anymore because now she, too, is a green-eyed mutant.

Dean: Demon swap suits?

Sam: Only one way to find out.

Powers and Abillities[]

  • Possession - Sam and Dean considered that the demon had possessed and changed vessels during a kidnapping that was actually made by a Bisaan.



  • Even though they were never seen before, Sam and Dean were pretty sure that the kidnapping was a Green-eyed Demon case, not even surprised with the existence of a demon like that, which implies that they are not so rare to find.
  • Along with the Orange-eyed Demons, they are one of the only types of demons so far to be mentioned but not shown.