I closed 72 deals last year. Kids love Grandma.
The demon to Abaddon
in Devil May Care

This crossroad demon possessed an old lady.


Abaddon summons a meeting with Jason, two other demons, and this crossroad demon. She complains about the current state of Hell, and expresses dislike in this demon's vessel. She adds that deals are no good and Crowley shouldn't have been giving out orders, yet this demon defends Crowley, arguing that "He's the King!".

Abaddon disagrees, saying that Crowley is a mere salesman while a true king should fight and conquer. She promises the demons better vessels and a chance to take back Hell and control the Earth.

This demon asks about Crowley, and Abaddon replies that Crowley is dead. Fearlessly, this demon says that the demons also thought Abaddon was dead about a week ago, and suggests Crowley might come back, noting that a lot of demons are still afraid of him. She demands proof of Crowley's death, and then she will test out Abaddon's scheme, but she doubts it will work anyhow, since she believes the Knights are "overrated".

In anger, Abaddon grabs the crossroad demon by the throat and forces her to smoke out of her vessel. Abaddon sends her to Hell, and orders her to tell the demons there that she's coming.

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