Grace is the supernatural essence of angels and is what allows them to use their abilities while on earth. Created, specifically, to actuate the abilities of angels while within vessels, they are rendered practically mortal without them. Given to them by God, it's what differentiates them from humans while on Earth in a human vessel. If lost, an angel loses his or her powers and is rendered mortal and becomes subject to human weaknesses, needs, and desires.  

It's revealed an angel's grace is the third part of the spell to banish all the angels from Heaven. [1]



Every angel is made with a grace, which is the source of most of their power. Because angels possess one, it is assumed that Cupids, and other Celestial beings, have one too.


The power of it, with it being pure energy, can enrich its surroundings, making a seed grow into a large tree. [2]. As pointed out, such is its power that it causes not pure destruction, rather pure creation.


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