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Grab was a demon thief working for Barthamus.



As a demon, Grab works as a thief and becomes an expert in bypassing supernatural security. Grab spent years perfecting the Dousing Rod Spell for his work.

At an unknown point, Grab comes into the employ of the King of the Crossroads Barthamus.

Season 13

In The Scorpion and The Frog, after offering the Winchesters a deal for the Nephilim tracking spell, Barthamus brings Grab in on his operation alongside Alice who he calls Smash. Barthamus introduces Grab as a demon that is an expert in bypassing supernatural security as Grab's qualification for the operation. Barthamus explains that Grab can locate the actual vault they are searching for, but only "the blood of a man who's been to Hell and back" like Dean has can open it. Grab watches on as the Winchesters and Barthamus negotiate over their working together.

That night, after sneaking onto Luther Shrike's property, Dean performs a spell to summon Grab. Grab explains that the vault is cloaked from his detection, but Dean's blood will lead them to it. Grab casts a spell so that Dean's blood will lead them to the vault and is excited by the results of the spell. As the three follow the spell, Grab gets annoyed with Dean's complaining, telling him that it took years to perfect the spell and if Sam is too stupid to do his part "that's on him." Dean angrily turns on Grab before the spell drags him away again.

The spell eventually leads the group to a cellar where they realize the vault must be. Grab tells Dean that he's not going into the cellar and claims to have already done his part. Dean promises to kill Grab who is just amused by the threat and watches as Dean and Alice enter the basement.

After a while, Grab calls out to ask how Dean and Alice are doing and is annoyed when they refuse to answer him. As Grab turns around, he is stabbed in the stomach by Luther with the demon-killing knife, killing Grab. After Luther enters the basement, Alice flees outside where she finds Grab's body. Panicked, Alice attempts to flee but is forced by Barthamus to continue the job.


Grab and Alice

Unlike most demons, Grab didn't appear to possess an inherently malicious and evil personality. Instead, Grab had a more snarky personality with a sense of humor that was obnoxious instead of sadistic. He appeared somewhat cowardly, nervously refusing to enter the cellar containing Luther Shrike's vault room on the excuse that he had already done his part. However, he responded to Dean's threats on his life with snark rather than alarm, possibly because he knew Dean might still need him or because he just enjoyed annoying Dean.

Powers and Abilities

Grab possessed all the abilities of a regular low-level demon.


Grab possessed all the weaknesses of a regular demon.


Killed By

After discovering Grab helping to rob the vault containing Barthamus' bones, Luther stabbed him in the stomach with the demon-killing knife, killing Grab.



  • Grab is not his actual name but an alias as stated by Alice when she and Grab were introduced.
  • Actor Matthew Kevin Anderson also played Officer Karl Henry in the Season 8 episode Southern Comfort.
  • Grab is the rare example of a demon who works with the Winchesters and doesn't betray them for his own purposes. He is also not malicious or sadistic but rather obnoxious which is generally not seen with demons.
  • Grab is the only demon in Season 13 to get killed with the demon-killing knife. All other demons killed by the Winchesters were done with angel blades.