Gottfried was a member of The Thule Society High Command.

Background Edit

Gottfried was among a handful of Thules to participate in the plan to resurrect Adolf Hitler. He along with four others await at an airplane hanger for Commandant Nauhaus to arrive with the descendant of Hitler, Ellie Grant, who was required in the ritual.

By using Nauhaus as the vessel, Gottfried and his associates performed the ritual known as Das Blut. Once Hitler was resurrected, he displayed an eccentric personality. He greeted the Thules around him, and personally hugged Gottfried. He then demanded that his descendant be fed to the dogs. Gottfried informed him that they had no dogs, to which Hitler loudly ordered him to get some.

Just then, Sam and Dean Winchester arrived, intent on foiling their plan, but were captured. Hitler spoke to them with Gottfried and his associates watching, none of them paying attention to Ellie who managed to regain enough strength to shoot Hans dead. This provided a distraction for the brothers to attack the Thules, with Dean grabbing Hans' gun and using it to kill Wolfgang, Gottfried, and Hitler. Gottfried's body was burned by the Winchesters and Ellie alongside the other dead Thules to prevent them from being resurrected.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality - As a Thule, Gottfried was immortal and could only be truly killed by his body being burned to ash. Due to this, Gottfried didn't age over the course of seventy-one years.

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