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Gorilla-wolves are monstrous creatures seen in Purgatory.

Characteristics and Attributes[]

Dean Winchester and Castiel find gorilla-wolves in Purgatory, when they were dragged there by Dick Roman.

They are large, quadrupedal creatures with front legs that appeared to function like that of a gorilla when it walks on all of its four limbs. However, their locomotion was much more reminiscent of that of a wolf's. A gorilla-wolf's tail resembles neither of the two eponymous animals. Whereas a gorilla does not possess a visible tail structure, and a wolf's tail is bushy, the gorilla-wolf possesses a slender, flexible tail much more akin to that of a cat. Their entire bodies appear to be mostly, if not completely, covered with fur.

A gorilla-wolf's eyes glow red. Whether this occurs only in the dark or during any intensity of light is unknown. Their eyes are set very high up on their heads, unlike how either a gorilla or a wolf's eyes are set just above the middle level of its face.

They are one of two creatures so far seen in Purgatory that do not appear humanoid, if one is to count the Leviathan's true form that is more like an amorphous black goo. Interestingly, unlike other monsters in Purgatory, gorilla-wolves also appear to work as a pack—another trait they share with the Leviathan.

Powers and Abilities[]

Not much is known about their powers, although they may share some common attributes of other monsters.

  • Enhanced Speed - They can move in quick bursts of speed, undeterred by Purgatory's thicket.


Just like their powers, weaknesses of gorilla-wolves are not much known. However, an accomplished hunter like Dean Winchester was able to escape them using only conventional weapons.


  • According to VFX I/O Coordinator Adam Williams, the "gorilla-wolves" that Dean and Castiel first encounter in Purgatory were visual effect models made for the Leviathans that they ultimately decided not to use, and re-purposed as "gorilla-wolves."
  • Considering Dean Winchester's quips and colloquial names to monsters like Jefferson Starships and Khan Worms, it is possible that the gorilla-wolves may not resemble either of the two eponymous animals at all.
  • Although they appeared in the Season 7 finale, their name was not revealed until What's Up, Tiger Mommy? of Season 8.
  • Since they were in purgatory, they are probably connected to Eve, and when they died they went there.