Gordy was a friend of Satanist Adam.


Gordy joined his friend Adam at the latter's home in a ritual to summon Lucifer, whom they both worshiped.

While Adam was busy reciting the summoning spell however, Gordy could not resist the urge to laugh because he found it humorous. Adam defended that he was not the author, and the summoning was "Satanist Society of America-approved".

Gordy was not convinced of the summoning's authenticity, and added that Adam's so-called "Satan feather" was faker than his step-mother's Chinatown Fendi. Adam defended that the feather was indeed real, but Gordy only saw a rock. When Adam countered that the seller had dug it up from one of Lucifer's crypts, Gordy became even more distrustful of the ritual, calling Adam dumb for thinking Lucifer had crypts or wings.

Just then, the real Lucifer appeared. Gordy was bewildered, possibly due to Lucifer's vessel being Vince Vincente, but Lucifer snapped Gordy's neck almost as soon as he arrived. Before killing Adam too, Lucifer confirmed that the feather was real, but the summoning spell wasn't.


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