Good God, Y'all is the 2nd episode of Season 5. It aired on September 17th, 2009.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Castiel tells Sam and Dean that he is going to search for God, who will be able to defeat Lucifer. Bobby's (guest star Jim Beaver) old hunter friend, Rufus (guest star Steven Williams), is panicked about demons attacking his town, and begs Bobby for help. Sam and Dean arrive at the town and realize there is a spell over the townspeople, making them hallucinate that they are demons and causing them to kill one another.



Bobby is still wheelchair-bound and in the hospital - he hasn't spoken in days. Castiel calls Sam's cell phone to find out where the boys are - the Enochian sigils he etched into their ribs hides them from all angels, including Castiel and even Lucifer. He is angry that after he rebelled to help them Sam and Dean failed to stop the Apocalypse, that he has killed his brethren, and that he is cut off from Heaven. He tells Bobby this means he can't heal him. He then says in order to defeat Lucifer he plans to find God. He says he needs Dean's Amulet which he says will burn hot in God's presence. Dean says that he feels naked without the amulet and tells Castiel not to lose it.


Rufus heads to a town he thinks is under attack from demons, based on omens of a polluted river and a falling star. He calls Ellen and Jo and Bobby for help. Sam and Dean hike into the town after discovering the bridge to the town is damaged. When Sam and Dean arrive he and Jo have been separated from Ellen - who has gathered with her some of the surviving townsfolk. Dean and Sam go for supplies, and while Sam is getting salt from a store, two teenagers with black eyes enter. Sam kills them with Ruby's knife, but appears drawn to the blood.


Believing Sam is possessed,Rufus and Jo give him a salt treatment.

When Sam and Ellen go to find Jo and Rufus, they are attacked. Ellen escapes but Sam is captured by Jo and Rufus - who seem to think Sam is possessed. While he is held captive, one of the townspeople reveals that he is War - one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse and has tricked the people into thinking everyone is possessed, leading them to attack each other.


War reveals himself to Sam.

Returning, Ellen tells Dean that Jo thought she was possessed because she called her a "black-eyed bitch," and Dean starts to suspect all is not what it seems. Checking the Bible he works out that these signs and the conflict herald the arrival of War.


Ellen, as seen by Jo.

Shortly after, War, in the guise of a townsman, arrives and insists that they all need to attack the demons. As Dean and Ellen try to calm the panic, War turns the ring on his finger and the townspeople start seeing them as demons and attack. Dean and Ellen flee.

The townspeople form a force. They equip themselves with real bullets because they believe Dean had been a demon all along and lied about the effectiveness of salt.


Sam and Dean separate War from his ring, using his red horse as a cutting board.

Dean and Ellen reach Jo and Rufus shortly before the townspeople arrive and manage to convince the two there are no demons and it's all the work of War. Dean frees Sam and they rush to catch up with War and cut off the ring that was helping him deceive the townspeople.

The boys decide to part ways.

After the battle is over, Sam tells Dean that he can't trust himself, and that he needs to take a break from hunting - and Dean. Dean agrees - he can't focus on the job because he is worrying about Sam. He offers Sam the Impala but Sam declines, and hitches a ride out of town.


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  • The first of the Four Horsemen is revealed and defeated, to be followed by Famine, Pestilence and Death.
  • This is the first episode since the second season in which the characters Ellen Harvelle and Jo Harvelle have appeared on Supernatural.


  • Antagonists: War and Demons (hallucinations)
  • Interestingly, despite former encounters and rather great familiarity with demons, none of the hunters, including Dean and Sam, seem surprized that the "demons" were killed with ordinary weapons. This really should have raise a red flag. This could be, though, a part of War's influence.

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  • "Spirit in the Sky" - Norman Greenbaum
  • "Long, Long Way From Home" by Foreigner

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  • The title of this episode refers to the lyrics to the song, War by Edwin Starr.
  • At the end when Dean is looking at War's ring, he says, "Pit stop at Mount Doom." a reference to Lord of the Rings where the main character, Frodo, must destroy a ring in the fires of Mount Doom in Mordor
  • Rufus says "I'm getting too old for this..." It is a reference to Roger Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon.
  • When War is talking to Sam, he says " Honestly, people don't need a reason to kill each other. I mean, have you seen the Irish? They're all Irish!". This is kind of a retroactive reference, since Titus Welliver would appear later in 2009 as Real IRA member Jimmy O'Phelan in Sons of Anarachy.
  • Pionban
    As the boys walk into town, there is a shot of a street banner for River Pass, Colorado's Pioneer Days that features Parade Marshall Jerry Wanek and Rodeo Queen Lee Lee Laschuk. Jerry Wanek is the production designer and director for Supernatural; Lee Anne Elaschuk served as graphic artist.


Castiel: There is someone besides Michael strong enough to take on Lucifer. Strong enough to stop the Apocalypse.

Castiel: He isn't in Heaven. He has to be somewhere.
Dean Winchester: Try New Mexico. I hear he's on a tortilla.
Castiel: No, He's not on any flatbread.


  • Dean shows Sam the "glamour shot" of the Enochian warding etched into his ribcage by Castiel.
  • Dean reluctantly lends his amulet to Castiel to aid in his search for God.
  • The town of River Pass, CO. has been isolated by a felled bridge.
  • The boys take note of a sweet ride on the way into town.
  • Ellen is relieved to see Dean and Sam.
  • Sam is temporarily transfixed by the sight of demon blood.
  • Sam has defeated two demon possessed teenagers.
  • Dean is stunned by the sight of Sam standing over slain demons.
  • Dean agonizes over whether to stay and protect the townspeople, or go and find Sam.
  • Rufus and Jo wonder what kind of demon they are dealing with.
  • Sam pleads with Rufus and Jo to consider why the usual demon repellents are not affecting him.
  • War reveals himself to Sam, and calls him out about trying to contain his residual demon bloodlust.
  • With a twist of his ring, War causes the townspeople to see Dean and Ellen as demons.

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  • German: Der Krieg (The War)
  • Hungarian: Ha Isten velünk ki ellenünk? (If God is with us who is against us?)

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