He said their blades were forged by a god.

Gog's Sword was a weapon owned by the warrior Gog.


At some point, a god crafted swords for Gog and Magog. It is, however, unknown which god they referred to: either God himself, or an unnamed Canaanite god.

Gog and Magog used these weapons to conquer most of the Fertile Crescent but the two were eventually bound by an unknown group of priests and banished to "a place without a place, a time without a time."

In 2017, Gog and Magog were summoned by Castiel using a spell from the Demon Tablet in order to retrieve their hearts for another spell from the Demon Tablet. Gog and Magog attacked Dean and Castiel after having a conversation. During the fight Gog knocked Castiel to the ground and was about to kill him. However, Dean managed to get his hand's on Magog's sword and beheaded him with it and then stabbed Gog in the back with it before he could kill Castiel.

It is unknown what happened to Gog and Magog's swords after the fight. Dean and Castiel either took the swords with them or left them behind.

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  • Though not shown on-screen Gog's sword could also presumably shatter Angel Blades since Magog's sword could and both were made by the same God.
  • In the deleted scene, it is shown that the both of Gog and Magog swords are picked by by Dean and Castiel and stored into the trunk of The Impala before leaving.

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