God and Amara talk

It didn't have to be like this. I loved you, brother!

God and the Darkness have a complicated relationship. In the beginning, Amara and her brother were the only things in existence. They weren't powerful because, as the only two beings in existence, they stood only in relation to one another, and they were equals. However, according to God, Amara was always telling him what to do and making him to do what she wanted. Amara, on the other hand, said her brother was a "spoiled brat" who always had to have everything done his way. To show his sister that there was grace in creation, in the hopes of changing her nature, he created entire worlds. However, as soon as he finished building a world, she destroyed it.

Eventually, God created sentient life - the Archangels - both to aggrandize himself and to, eventually, lock his sister away so he could create, unencumbered by her constant annihilation of everything he made.

Despite their differences, God and Amara care for each other deeply. Even after she began to slaughter humans, God was visibly saddened when he tried to lock her away a second time, and she surrendered to him without fighting back, until he revealed he was going to lock her away instead of killing her. In desperation, she retaliated and mortally wounded her brother.

With God slowly dying, the balance between Light and Dark was compromised, and shifted toward nothingness. As Amara walked among God's creations and saw how they were wasting away, she began to regret her actions. She didn't want to kill her brother; she just wanted to get revenge for what he'd done. Eventually, she realized she just wanted her brother back, and reconciled with him.

After their reconciliation, they departed Earth and journyed the universe together. They subsequently returned to Earth and God went to Amara for help on his wound. However, she refused to aid him and left him stuck on Earth, where he is unable to access his full power.

History[edit | edit source]

Sam: It must have been great being her brother, huh?
God: No, it was the worst! Always telling me what to do, making me to do what she wanted; I mean, you guys know how that works.
Sam and God about Amara
in All in the Family

When God wanted to create the Universe, he had to betray his sister, his only family. God, along with his archangels, fought in a war against her. They barely managed to win, but The Darkness was ultimately locked away, with a Mark acting as a lock and key. God relied this Mark to his most trusted lieutenant and beloved son, Lucifer.

God's success in the war led to the creation of many galaxies and planets, and numerous realms and lifeforms. He eventually created the Earth, which became the home of humans. However, the Mark began corrupting Lucifer, changing him and turning him into a spiteful being. When God asked his children, the angels, to bow down to humans, Lucifer refused.

Billions of years after The Darkness' imprisonment, with Rowena's help and the Book of the Damned, the Mark was removed, but The Darkness was also unleashed. The Darkness took a newborn baby girl as her vessel, and came to be known as "Amara". She began feeding on humans and demons in order to grow. Once in adulthood, she began searching for God, demanding he show himself so they could settle their score, which she referred to as "the oldest score".

Season 11[edit | edit source]

I am not hiding. I am just done watching my experiments' failures.

From the moment of her release, God hid himself in a bar he created to be the safest place in all of creation. He was willing to let Amara have her chance to shine, but was ultimately convinced to come out of hiding by Metatron. God then planned to surrender himself to Amara, but this plan was also thrown aside by Dean, who wanted God to stand up and fight.

Amara had, for some time, captured Lucifer in hopes of using him to lure God towards her, as she understood him to be God's most beloved and first son. Lucifer was tortured extensively for weeks. Sam and Dean arranged a rescue mission and succeeded in bringing Lucifer to the bunker, where God healed, and subsequently reconciled with, him.

The four of them then planned an attack on Amara which included the help of demons, angels and witches. Amara was left severely damaged by the attack, but upon confronting God, she could not accept being locked away again, and attacked both God and Lucifer, leaving one to slowly die and the other seemingly dead, but no longer in his vessel, Castiel.

My brother will dim and fade away into nothing, but not until he sees what comes next. Not until he watches this world - everything he created, everything he loves - turned to ash. Welcome to the end.

As God was slowly dying, the sun began to fade, causing all life on Earth to fade along with it. The gang were initially unwilling to stop the process until they decided to use a bomb, with Dean being the bearer. Amara spent time in a park and lamented the loss of the flowers there, and gradually realized that she did not want this.

Despite not protesting against the creation of a soul bomb, God did not want to kill his sister. Although the death of both would restore the lost balance caused by God's fading light, God still loved his sister. He nevertheless teleported a soul-empowered Dean to Amara's location.

As God awaited the seemingly inevitable inside a bar with Sam, Castiel, Rowena and Crowley, Dean confronted Amara about her true desire, telling her that revenge was sweet but only for five minutes. He told her that revenge was not worth it, and that despite his differences with Sam, he still loved him.

Amara admitted that she only wanted to hurt God for what he did to her, but she did not truly want him dead. Dean then demanded what she truly wanted and she realized what she wants.

Brother... In the beginning, it was just you and me. We were family. I loved you, and I thought... I knew that you loved me. (...) But then you went and you made all these other things. I hated them. I hated you for needing something else; something that wasn't me. And then you locked me away. And all I could think about was making you suffer. (...) I thought revenge would make me happy. I was wrong. What you've made... It's beautiful. It took me a long time to see that. I know that we can't go back to the way things were. I don't want to. But I wish... I wish that we could just... be family again.

The Darkness and God leave the Earth together

Amara thus teleported God to their location and told him the truth, that she was jealous of his creations, thinking he chose them over her. Being locked away made her desire his suffering, and she came to think revenge would satisfy her, but she was wrong. Amara confessed that she finally saw his creations as beautiful, and although things could never be the same, she still wanted to be a family with him again, to which God agreed.

With the siblings reconciled, Amara healed God of his injuries, and together they departed in the form of light and darkness.

Season 15[edit | edit source]

Amara: I am willing to coexist with you, brother... in the Universe. Just not, you know, anywhere near you.
God: Hey, don't test me. I front the group. You sing backup.
Amara: Oh, really? Because you're God? (...) I've changed. I've adapted. I've become the better me. And you? You are still the same. Petulant, narcissistic; so, I'm leaving you here. (...) So I guess you got what you've always wanted: you're on your own.

After their reconciliation, God and Amara chose to give each other space. Once God unleashed the souls from Hell, he went to his sister for help and she was displeased not only by his appearance but that he smote her masseuse. Their sibling rivalry was revealed to still exist as Amara refused to heal God's wound from the Equalizer, sensing he was greatly weakened. Amara decided not to heal God on Earth as he was too weak to leave himself, comparing this to how he once imprisoned her. She even states that God is still petulant and narcissistic while she has truly changed for the better. God was disappointed by her choice, as she left him to his devices.

In Atomic Monsters, God rants to Becky Rosen about how he went to Amara but she didn't try to help him and he remarked on how she was terrible.

The Darkness is absorbed into God

In Unity, although she has agreed to help the Winchesters as Amara wants to protect the Main Universe, she attempts to talk her brother out of his plan, even sharing a brief bonding moment with him. Amara expresses a desire for them to exist in a state of true Balance as it was always meant to be, but recognizes that God cares too much about his own pleasure and his perfect story to allow that to happen. But in the end, Chuck tells Amara that together in balance, they can create something beautiful and together, and forget about all of the pain. He extends his hand, and Amara takes it and is absorbed into her brother.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The sibling rivalry or conflict between Amara and God somewhat resembles that between Michael and Lucifer, Cain and Abel, and Dean and Sam. The theme that one sibling betrays the other despite both sharing a deep bond seems to have started with Amara and God.
  • Amara becoming jealous of God's creations and being locked up for posing a threat to them, mirrors Lucifer's own jealousy towards humanity and his subsequent imprisonment. God saw both incidents as necessary, but he also regretted them.

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