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Even though God is one of the most powerful beings in existence, even he has weaknesses of his own.
Even though God is one of the most powerful beings in existence, even he has weaknesses of his own.
===Harming, Misleading, and Trapping===
*'''[[Enochian Sigils]]''' - A Shaman created a cloaking spell to hide the Archangel Gabriel from God.
{{Quote|Even God can die.|[[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Alternate Michael]] to [[Castiel]]}}
{{Quote|Even God can die.|[[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Alternate Michael]] to [[Castiel]]}}

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Story's over. Welcome to the end.
God to Sam, Dean, and Castiel
in Moriah

God, initially known to Sam and Dean as Chuck Shurley, is a powerful primordial being who created the universe and nearly everything it contains, including the human soul. Amara, his older sister, is the only entity surpassing his power, and prior to his demise, Death comparable to him in power.[2][3] Together, God and The Darkness serve as the balance in the Universe, as the dark cannot exist without the light and vice versa. If either one of them is lost or destroyed, existence itself would cease. His sister couldn't resist destroying whatever God created, so God created four archangels and, with them by his side, waged war against her and eventually locked her away with a mark which he entrusted to his most loved and valued angel, Lucifer. However, over time, after God created the Universe, the mark corrupted Lucifer and drew him to rebel when God created humankind. After Lucifer was bound in Hell and Gadreel was locked away in Heaven's dungeon, God left Heaven and went into seclusion on Earth.

After thousands of years, God eventually reappeared and partially aided in the Apocalypse. After the Apocalypse was averted, he disappeared again. Six years later, when his sister was released, God was originally willing to let his creations be wiped from existence and let Amara take over. But after being convinced by both Metatron and the Winchesters, God eventually decided to help stop Amara. After being fatally injured by his sister in a failed attempt to stop her, God was then healed by her and they both departed the Earth together.

God later returned to Earth once he received Castiel's prayer, God revealed that he had no method in helping with Jack and opted to have them kill him instead. However, Team Free Will saw through his ploy and accused him of manipulating events, resulting in him personally killing Jack and plunging the world into chaos to punish humanity for the defiance.


Early History

God was the light. I am the dark.

In the beginning, there was only Amara. At some point, God, her younger brother, came into existence. To show her that there could be more than just the two of them, God created many worlds, but the Darkness would always destroy them. Death came into existence around the time God did, but neither can remember who is older. God then created the archangels, who helped him fight back the Darkness. All five of them combined could barely defeat her, so God tricked her and sealed her away, using the Mark of Cain as her lock and key. He gave the Mark to his most trusted son and lieutenant, Lucifer, to guard. He did not want to kill her as she needed to exist alongside him, thus why he locked her away instead, as Light and Dark must exist together to maintain the fabric of reality.[4] Sometime after the war, God had created the first beasts, the Leviathans, but he saw that the Leviathans would be a threat to his creations, so he locked them away in a monster realm known as Purgatory.[5] He created Heaven, where he and his archangels resided. He then created the classes of angels such as Seraphim, Grigori, normal Angels, Rit Zien, and Cherubim. He then selected Metatron to take down his word in various tablets.[6]

Soon after, God created the Earth, which was, according to Lucifer, "The last perfect handiwork of God", and then he created humans. According to Metatron, God personally assigned Gadreel to protect his cherished creations in the "garden". He then asked all the angels to bow down to humans and present more compassion toward them than to him.

Lucifer, however, disobeyed his order and rebelled. God ordered Michael to cast Lucifer into Hell, creating a cage to hold him and making it impossible for the archangel to escape, save for the 66 Seals, rings of the Horsemen, or a powerful spell that would allow him to possess a vessel. God then had Gadreel locked away in the Heaven's dungeon for his failure, and left Heaven out of sheer disappointment in his creations.[7] God took up the name Chuck Shurley and hid his presence from his children to live peacefully on earth though he kept in contact with his son and heaven's gardener Joshua. Wanting a front row seat to things, God masqueraded himself as a Prophet and hid his true power from every one and took up the identity of the author of the not-so-popular book series "Supernatural".

Season 4

Chuck writing the Winchester Gospel.

Sam and Dean discover him when they are assumed to be LARPing (Live Action Role Playing), and discover that the series includes every detail of their lives up to when Dean goes to Hell. They then find out from Sera Siege that Chuck is writing his next book and go to see him - when they introduce themselves as Sam and Dean. Chuck immediately shuts the door on them, thinking they were just fans who needed a "life". The Winchesters demanded to learn how Chuck knows about their lives, eventually convincing him who they were when they tell him their last names, something he had never told anyone. Chuck then begins to apologize for what they've been through, believing himself to be a god who forced those things to happen to them; Dean and Sam eventually convince him otherwise, but are still unsure on how Chuck is tuned in to their lives. Chuck reveals that he had actually never stopped writing and just wrote himself into the story, and after getting a vision of Sam and Lilith, together, he calls the Winchesters and gives them the script of his latest unpublished book, which describes what he has seen of the upcoming Apocalypse.

Later, Sam calls Chuck to the motel to see if he knows about the demon blood, which Chuck confirms, telling Sam that the story looks like everything will rest on Sam's shoulders. After Dean's failed attempts to stop Chuck's story, he confronts Chuck about it, and ends up threatening him. Castiel appears, stopping him, and tells Dean that Chuck is a prophet of the Lord - Chuck admits to dreaming about it, but hadn't thought it was real. Later, Dean goes to Castiel for help about Sam but he can't help though reveals to Dean that all prophets have archangels tied to them, giving Dean the idea of bringing Chuck to their motel room to stop Lilith and Sam. Chuck refuses to get involved even using the fact that the Archangel will protect him from Dean but the latter again threatens him. When they arrive at the motel, Chuck's archangel, Raphael, descends to protect him, forcing Lilith to flee. After Sam and Dean leave, Chuck has a vision which he rushes to tell the boys but is stopped by Zachariah.[8]

Castiel and Chuck wait for the Archangel.

Chuck finished his manuscript page of " - Lucifer Rising", and is seen ordering some girls for the night on the phone. He hangs up when he sees Castiel and Dean popping into his house, and is shocked, as he hadn't foreseen what was happening. Dean looks over the story for Sam's location and discovers he's at St. Mary's Convent; Chuck tells them this is not what's supposed to happen and is told they're making it up as they go. Raphael then arrives, forcing Castiel to send Dean alone to stop Sam; as Castiel waits for the archangel to appear, Chuck sees his expression and puts his hand on Castiel's shoulder but removes it once Castiel glares at him.[9]

Season 5

To save the Winchesters from Lucifer who was released from his cage, God teleported them on an airplane, as they wondered what brought this about.

When Dean and Sam go to Chuck's house to find Castiel, Chuck attacks Sam with a plunger; he is amazed to see that Sam is alright, as in his last vision, Sam went "full on Vader" and his eyes turned black like a demon. Dean then asks Chuck where Castiel is, and the prophet tells them that the archangel destroyed him. While Dean and Sam are talking, Chuck interrupts them saying that he can hear the angels talk, and Zachariah and two other angels then teleport inside Chuck's home. Zachariah attempts to get Dean to come with them after explaining that they need to strike now before Lucifer finds his vessel, but Dean refuses and banishes the three angels using a blood seal. Chuck reacts bitterly at what has befallen him.

Chuck contacts Becky Rosen

Later, Chuck is seen speaking with Becky Rosen through a video web chat. He tells her that everything in his books is real and that he needs her to give Dean and Sam a message since he is being watched. When Becky finds the brothers, she tells them that Chuck's message is that he had a vision that Michael's sword is on Earth and that the angels lost it. Sam asks if Chuck knew where it was, but Becky says it's in a castle on top of a hill made up of 42 dogs, which made no sense to them. Dean later figured out that Chuck was referring to a business card his father had for Castle Storage in upstate New York on 42 Rover Hill. When Zachariah has them in a trap, God resurrects Castiel to help them. Castiel hinted at God's involvement in his return and the Winchester's rescue from Lucifer both of which surprised Zachariah and caused him to retreat.[10]

During Dark Side of the Moon, God has Joshua save Sam and Dean from Zachariah in Heaven. Joshua scares Zachariah into complying by using the threat of God's wrath when he returns to Heaven. Joshua later tells the brothers that God was in fact on Earth and God contacts him to talk and not the other way around. Joshua gives them God's message for the two to back off from finding him as he knew what was transpiring but felt that the Apocalypse wasn't his problem. Joshua even listed the interventions God has done such as putting them on the plane, resurrecting Castiel and letting them enter Heaven, despite some of their actions. At the end, the brothers are resurrected with Castiel abandoning his search for God.

Chuck with Dean in the future.

Chuck was also a part of Future Dean's army. He first appears asking past Dean about supplies, and then later when future and past Dean are in the same room discussing plans. As the group heads out to fight against Lucifer, Chuck tells past Dean to hoard toilet paper, as it'll come in handy when companies stop producing it.[11]

Chuck speaks at a Supernatural convention.

Becky stole Chuck's phone to trick Sam and Dean into coming to a convention. There, Chuck is a guest speaker and answers question about his novel, much to Sam and Dean's displeasure. Chuck is also crushing on Becky, who at the moment is crushing on Sam. Chuck also reveals at the convention that "" will start publishing again. Sam and Dean try talk Chuck out of it, and Chuck responds by telling them he makes his living by writing these stories. Then it just so happens that the hotel is really haunted and Sam and Dean work to get rid of it; while Sam and Dean work, Chuck distracts everyone in the main hall from the fact there really are ghosts in the hotel. When the hotel manager gets annoyed, he attempts to leave and breaks the line of salt, forcing Chuck to use the Mic stand to disperse the ghost. This impresses Becky and later on in the episode she 'breaks it off' with Sam.[12]

Chuck disappears after completing the manuscript

Chuck narrated the story of the Winchesters' Impala; its history, and what it meant to Sam and Dean versus anyone else. Dean calls Chuck for the location of the final showdown of Lucifer and Michael, and despite the angels not wanting Chuck to see it, he tells Dean it'll be at noon in Stull Cemetery near Lawrence, Kansas. At the end of the episode, Chuck finishes his story and vanishes from his chair. Beforehand, as God, Chuck resurrected Castiel once again, upgrading him to the rank of Seraphim.[3]

Season 6

Castiel doubted Dean's claim of God delivering divine justice. Balthazar mentions to Castiel of their father leaving and being able to make their own choices. While fighting Castiel, Raphael doubted that God would resurrect him a third time.[13]

Castiel prays to God to ask if his actions against his friends by aligning with Crowley to stop Raphael were justified but gets no answer. Castiel is left saddened by his father ignoring him.[14]

Season 7

Chuck was mentioned by Dean, who initially forgot the prophet's name. Becky also mentions Chuck breaking up with her when trying to make Sam her lover.

After Castiel's death,[15] God resurrected him again though without his memories. Castiel speculated that this was a punishment for his actions rather than a reward like before.[5]

Season 8

After Kevin Tran became a prophet,[16] Dean asks what happened to Chuck, and Castiel admits that he is most likely dead; he wasn't able to find him or determine what happened to him, but there can only be one prophet at a time so Chuck must have died in order for Kevin to become a prophet. Charlie Bradbury later reveals that all of his books are now on the Internet.

Season 9

Becky Rosen was mentioned to have posted all of Chuck's unpublished works to the Internet as well as the published ones.

Metatron mentioned how he has read Chuck's books and threw a copy of Tall Tales into the fireplace. Although he found them distasteful, they gave him the idea to persuade Castiel to be the leader of the rebellious angels with the help of the archangel Gabriel. A copy of A Very Supernatural Christmas can also be seen on Metatron's desk.[17]

Season 10

Chuck returns.

Marie made a play based on Chuck's books, which Calliope attacked. After the play, Chuck is shown alive as he appeared at the theater claiming the ticket that Marie left for "the publisher." When asked by Marie what he thought of the play, despite its problems, he replied with a "Not bad."[18]

Castiel reveals at one point that when God brought him back, he did not resurrect Jimmy Novak.[19]

In Brother's Keeper, Death revealed that before Creation, there was Amara, a "horribly destructive, amoral force" that God and his archangels went to war with. After they defeated the Darkness, God trapped it and created the Mark of Cain as the lock on its prison. As long as someone had the Mark, the Darkness would remain locked up. God gave the Mark to his trusted lieutenant, Lucifer, and it corrupted him into being jealous of humanity, forcing God to have Michael banish him into Hell.[2]

Season 11

God is a master strategist

In O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Amara tried to find her younger brother to settle their old score. To upset her brother, she killed some of his favorite creations, humans. She demanded he show himself, and even tried to reach him through prayer which proved unsuccessful. She eventually met Dean since those killings caught his attention. The Darkness teleports herself and Dean away and explains that she has no problem with his brother's creation at all. She accuses him of spreading lies about her after she had been sealed away. Amara claims that her brother sealed her away because he feared that her creations might turn out to be better than his own.

Meanwhile, Sam meets Lucifer in Hell to ask him for help in their fight against the Darkness. Lucifer mentions that The Darkness is equal to God in raw power, but Amara lacks strategy and experience while he describes God as a master strategist.[20]

God reveals himself to Metatron.

In Don't Call Me Shurley, God transports Metatron and his new pet dog to the "safest place ever created", which is a bar. At first, Metatron speaks to him as if he were simply Chuck Shurley, even criticizing his books but he is surprised when the latter reveals he was aware of the many things Metatron did, like burning one of his books, by being nigh-omniscient. God then gives the surprised Metatron sunglasses as he reveals his true form causing Metatron to take back much of what he said.

This surprise encounter leaves Metatron practically speechless as God reveals he now has Dean's Amulet and that the reason no one was able to detect him was because he chose not to be found. God, or by his preferred name "Chuck", requests Metatron to team up with him again to write a book, specifically an auto-biography. At first, Metatron is excited, even asking to be an angel again but God laughingly denies it as Metatron agrees. The two get to work and Metatron soon realizes a lot of it is poorly written and that God has chosen not to interfere with the current state of the world, due to disappointment in his creations. God takes Metatron with him to a forest where they talk about humanity and other things. Metatron then correctly deduces that God had begun writing his book when The Darkness was unleashed.

When Metatron berates God, calling him a "coward", God angrily throws him out the bar, to which a gleeful Metatron comments that he is being his old self again. Chuck/God gets serious as he tells Metatron that he was made a scribe because he was the angel close to the door as he voices his disappointment in both humans and angels by describing and showing their actions. He soon tries to get Metatron to understand how enjoyable life as Chuck was, and although he loves the Winchesters, he is tired and is willing to let his sister shine.

Dean's amulet starts to glow.

Metatron does eventually manage to convince his father that by giving up, he is worse than humanity; for all their flaws, they never give up. Finally realizing his own error, God sings a song as he disperses the fog unleashed by Amara, cures all the infected humans and resurrects those who died during the crisis. He also gives back Dean's amulet, as the Winchesters use it to find Chuck helping people in the middle of the road. As the amulet burns bright in his presence, God turns to the surprised Winchesters, admitting that they need to talk.

As Dean voices his distrust in him, God then teleports himself and the Winchesters to the Bunker. While there the shocked brothers discover Kevin Tran, who had been stuck in the Veil all along as he tells them to trust God. To further prove his identity, God sends Kevin's soul up into Heaven, where it belongs as the Winchesters now believe him.

God and the Winchesters later spend time opening up to one another, with Sam showing delight in meeting him as he tells him to call him Chuck. God soon notices Dean showing frustration and calls him out on it, Dean voices his anger at the lack of intervention on God's part. God explains that although he understands, he had been "hands-on" for "ages", which he called "enabling", but nothing changed, so he chose to step back, and let his creations find their way. God then tells Dean that he is aware of his hard life but says not to confuse him with his own father.

When the brothers bring up Lucifer, God is immediately angered by their suggestion they save him so he can help, bitterly expressing his disappointment and raging on how Amara could have forged an alliance with Lucifer. This causes discomfort for Sam and Dean, who later learn from Metatron that God had, before meeting them, planned on sacrificing himself to the Darkness to give humanity a chance.

Dean confronts God on his decision.

Dean decides to confront God on his decision. They meet at a park where kids are playing in a sandbox. God admits that he is planning to let the "chosen ones" deal with Amara, and explains that this is the reason he saved Dean "all those years ago". Dean argues that it is up to God to fight his sister, as the task is too big for him. Their conversation ultimately convinces God to change his plans.

Later, while watching television, God meets the appointed prophet Donatello Redfield who is greatly amazed to see him as he eases the latter's worries about his previous lack of belief in him by telling him that he was given free will.

During the rescue mission of Lucifer, Sam and the Impala get caught by Amara while transporting a badly wounded Lucifer and Donatello back to the Bunker. Before an enraged Amara can harm them, God teleports the entire vehicle to the inside of the Bunker, thus saving everyone.

When the trio arrive in the main room, God greets them saying that he does occasionally answer prayers. This is when God meets Lucifer for the first time since he ordered his imprisonment in the Cage eons ago. They greet each other by admitting how the other person has changed, though God notes that he himself is "pretty much the same". He then heals Lucifer and his vessel of all the wounds dealt upon him by Amara.

While Dean and Sam are out, God has a chat with Lucifer, which escalates to Lucifer getting angry at God for "not saying it". God tells the Winchesters that Lucifer wants an apology, but God doesn't feel sorry for what he did. Upon being reminded the importance of God and Lucifer working together, God agrees to have a proper chat with Lucifer.

Lucifer confronts God on his actions.

At first, God's apology comes out as unsatisfactory. God tries to remind Lucifer the necessity of his punishment, how it was for the sake of God's creations. Lucifer argues, saying that God had given him the Mark and didn't take responsibility when it corrupted him. God sends Sam and Dean away and starts apologizing to Lucifer properly, admitting that Lucifer was indeed his favorite son and he was wrong to put the blame on him.

Reconciled, God and Lucifer join Sam and Dean to formulate a plan on how to defeat Amara. God admits that it would take more time than they had to resurrect Gabriel and Raphael, and Michael is in no shape to fight. So they gather demons, angels and witches to substitute the three archangels.

The team meet up at a warehouse, where God formally meets Rowena MacLeod and Crowley who he tells that he's been rooting against them both for some time. He goes over the plan and tells them inside of the building is where Amara will be attacked by their new army. Amara eventually stumbles in, heavily wounded, and gets further wounded by Lucifer's Spear. God and Amara have a talk, with Amara accusing God of thinking only of his ego and not considering her needs. Though sympathetic, God chooses to lock her away and begins handing the Mark to Sam, but Amara interrupts him, and in a fit of rage, she attacks God and Lucifer, expelling the latter from his vessel and fatally wounding the former.

God is left unconscious and slowly dying on the floor, while Amara leaves fully healed, promising he will live to see the destruction of all his creations.

Shortly after, God is woken by Sam and admits that Amara is right, he is fatally wounded and only Amara could possibly heal what was done to him. God teleports the Winchesters, Castiel (who was freed), Crowley and Rowena back to the Bunker, after seeing the sun slowly going out as a result of God's condition. God remains mostly quiet while the team prepare a soul bomb.

Once Dean is ready, God teleports Dean to Amara's location while he and the rest of the team wait inside a bar. God is eventually teleported by Amara to her location. Amara reveals that she no longer wants her revenge and that she deeply misses him.

The Darkness and God leave the Earth.

Amara further admits that his creations are beautiful and she had grown jealous when, after so long of it being just the two of them, he created other things. Amara asks for God's forgiveness and to have her brother back and God grants it. Amara heals God, without difficulty, of the fatal injuries she inflicted upon him, repairing the damage his slow death was doing to the universe.

After being healed, God removes the soul bomb from Dean and tells Dean that he and Amara are leaving the Earth to work out their differences for real. God tells Dean he's leaving the safety of the Earth to him and after Amara promises a thank you gift for Dean, he turns into a stream of light and ascends into the sky with his sister who turns into a stream of darkness.[21]

Dean: What about us? About Earth?
God: Earth will be fine. It's got you. And Sam.

Season 12

In Mamma Mia, Crowley tells Lucifer that God has "gone on sabbatical" again and suggests he retake Heaven in God's absence. Lucifer refuses to consider the idea.

In American Nightmare, Gail Peterson asks the Winchesters if they know God. Dean tells her that they do and that "we're besties." Gale, who is shown to be mentally disturbed, claims that after a car accident God spoke to her telling her to live a simple life. Gale also believes that her daughter Magda is possessed by Lucifer and they are doing God's work by keeping her locked away and torturing her.

In Rock Never Dies, Lucifer accuses God of abandoning him again as the reason he has decided to disregard his creations and go about slaughtering them.

In LOTUS, after being told she's in the presence of a witch, an angel and the King of Hell, Kelly Kline responds with "oh God", causing Castiel to tell her "no, he left."

In the Season 12 finale, All Along the Watchtower, Sam tells Lucifer during their confrontation, that God stopped him last time he wanted to destroy the world, and that he would again. Lucifer only responded by mocking this, believing that God left and would not help defeat him.

Season 13

In Lost & Found, Dean prays to Chuck after Castiel's death. Dean demands that Chuck make everything right by bringing back Castiel, Mary Winchester and even Crowley, but Chuck doesn't answer. Dean later tells Sam about this and states that "God's not listening. He doesn't give a damn."

In The Rising Son, when prophet Donatello Redfield finds Sam, Dean and Jack, he asks if God is with them.

In The Big Empty, Castiel awakens in The Empty where the Cosmic Entity that exists there reveals that the Empty existed before God or Amara. He also states that not even God has influence over the Empty, only the Entity.

During Tombstone, a resurrected Castiel is reunited with the Winchesters with Sam asking if God had a role in bringing him back but Castiel states the latter has no power in The Empty.

In A Most Holy Man, Father Lucca Camilleri tells Dean to have faith that God will see them through, but Dean scoffs at the idea. Dean admits that he knows that God exists, but believes that God doesn't care about any of them and won't help. Lucca explains to Dean that he doesn't literally expect God to show up and perform a miracle but that he sees good acts as being God's work. This causes Dean to let go some of his old resentment towards God for not helping.

During Bring 'em Back Alive, after helping with an exorcism Lucifer mentioned to a pair of humans that God made him seem like the bad guy before stating it worked out since he is now running Heaven. The humans are horrified by this before Lucifer kills them out of annoyance. Angry, Lucifer returned to Heaven upset and rants that humanity and angels have note appreciated him and his father has made him the villain in their eyes. He then decides he should find his son and rule the world together so that everyone will worship him.

Castiel later implores Gabriel (who faked his death and hid himself) to help them save Mary and Jack and not to walk out on his father's work. Gabriel stated his father turned his back on things and he supposes it runs in the family before he left the bunker.

In Exodus, Lucifer told Jack about his other family like his grandfather. Jack inquired about God but Dean cuts Lucifer off before he can give some details. Lucifer and Jack continued the talk with Gabriel as Lucifer brings up his past imprisonment but admits he should have gave his father a break after admitting being a father is hard. Gabriel stops Lucifer by defending God's choices and later calls Lucifer a cancer that needed to be removed.

Season 14

During Stranger in a Strange Land, Jamil Hamed mistakes the Alternate Michael for God before the latter tells him otherwise.

In Gods and Monsters, Michael states that God is on permanent vacation when talking to werewolves.

In Byzantium, Anubis reveals that God has no say in where the human soul goes after death and that it depends on the choices made by them.

In Nihilism, the Alternate Michael mentions to Castiel that his world's God left just like the main world. He goes on by revealing in his world that he waited for God's return after the fight with his Lucifer but nothing happened. He goes on by stating in his time in the main world and from Dean's mind, that God was a writer and deems the worlds he crafts as drafts of books and when the drafts disappoint, God moves on and continues to try. Michael ends his rants by declaring God doesn't care and his intentions to kill him, as Castiel is disgusted by this.

During Peace of Mind, the mad psychic Chip Harrington believed his powers made him a God. However, Sam debunked this by stating he's met God and Castiel further interjects that the real God has a beard.

In Game Night, Castiel sought Anael's help in trying to contact God as she had worked closely with Joshua in Heaven before the fall. Castiel believed that God was the only one that could restore a soul as God was the inventor of souls. Castiel used a device to communicate with God and beg for his help on Jack but seemingly receives no answer.

Sam and Dean turn against Chuck.

During Moriah, God returned to Earth and appeared to Castiel who questioned his presence. God then revealed that he actually did receive Castiel's prayer, before teleporting them to the Winchesters' location. God's reunion with them was not well, since they stated they needed him and he intimidated them to stopping. He teleports them all to the bunker where he cancels out Jack's influence on everyone of not lying. God soon revealed that he had no method in helping with Jack and opted to have them kill him instead. God shows a gun that he states is capable of destroying anything and its power to destroy the user as well. Later on, he speaks with Sam about alternate universes and his part in them. God is mostly vague about the answers. However, he tells Sam that he really fears Jack's power and how Dean went to confront Jack.

God smites Jack

When Sam arrived to Jack's location, he saw God already there and watching the events unfold. After Dean refused to shoot Jack, God was surprised and pleaded with Dean to kill Jack and promised to bring Mary back. However, Team Free Will saw through his ploy and accused him of manipulating events, resulting in him personally killing Jack and Sam shooting him but he survived since he lied about the gun's power. Enraged by their audacity, God then plunged the world into chaos to punish humanity for their defiance.


You think you made the Archangels to bring light? No. You made them to create lesser beings; to make you large - to make you lord! It was ego! You wanted to be big!
— The Darkness
in We Happy Few

Amara describes her brother as being prideful and egocentric, saying he created other things because he wanted to "be big". Although God admits this is true, he had also hoped to change her nature by showing her there could be things other than themselves, but he later deemed this as stupidity and naïveté on his part. When faced with the opportunity to reconcile with Lucifer, if he'd simply apologize for locking him away, Chuck opted to put all the blame on Lucifer in front of the Winchesters to save face. However, shortly after apporting the Winchesters away, he revealed that he'd only punished Lucifer because he hated himself for what his actions had done to his favorite son and apologized.[4]

God acting as a writer

Despite his sister's claims that he encouraged religion, which she called "monuments to his ego", God often asks people not to refer to him as "God", and to use the moniker "Chuck" instead. He also stated that people bowing before him had always made him feel "deeply, deeply uncomfortable". When Metatron did this upon seeing his true form, God pulled him up and asked him not to do it again since it made him uncomfortable.[22]

After billions of years of observing his creations and living among them, his disappointment caused God to become somewhat cynical. He considered human nature to be toxic and was willing to let Amara destroy everything seemingly out of spite against humans, for fighting wars in his name and then begging him to fix everything, and generally not taking responsibility for their failures. He also considers his creations to be experiments and also revealed that he abandoned the angels and humanity because they'd disappointed him.[22] He later admits to Dean that it's more than disappointment: while he'd once taken an active role in his creations' lives, he realized that he was hindering them more than anything and he needed to let them find their own way like a parent with their child. Despite everything that's happened since he did so, God believes he made the right decision.[23]

It is also shown that despite his disappointment and cynicism, God truly does care for his creations deep down and it was just buried by the resentment he felt over how both humans and angels had failed him. This was proven by how he appeared to be worried about Castiel as he was about to be killed by Raphael and briefly shedded his disguise by gently patting him on the shoulder to comfort him in his rebellion, resurrected Castiel on three occasions, even despite Castiel having died releasing Leviathans and all Castiel did with the power he gained from Purgatory souls, secretly helped Dean in averting the Apocalypse, and being pleased at how Marie put his book in a play. Even at his worst with everything that had happened caused by the angels, with particular disappointment towards the archangels, and humans, where he at first allowed Amara to destroy them, he appeared to show some feelings of regret and sadness when Metatron confronted him for leaving and was ultimately moved when Metatron revealed the flaws of God's approach with a moving speech of humanity's better traits into finally taking action in order to save the infected town from his sister. He also comforted Dean on his background with his father but told him not to compare him to John. Even though he had bitterly resented Lucifer for his rebellion, even lashing out when Sam and Dean asked for his rescue, he still showed a level of guilt and remorse for his fall, as he sadly said Lucifer wasn't a villain despite having been earlier irritated by Metatron's reminder of Lucifer's rebellion, and even appeared to have been willing to forgive him after he decided to fight alongside him, healing him of his injuries in their reunion and doing everything to talk him out of the spite he felt towards him, even eventually apologizing.

Like Death, God seems to have a taste for what Dean calls "cheap food". He also likes taking long showers. God was described by Metatron in Sacrifice as "Larger than life, gruff, a bit of a sexist. But fair, eminently fair".

He has a humorous side as when asked by Metatron as to why he hid himself, he explained that he wanted to see everything while being in plain sight and admitted he enjoyed acting as a human to fool those around him.[22]

You can fire me if you want, but sooner or later he's gonna come back home. And you know how he is with that whole wrath thing.

God expressing anger

While not easy to anger, once enraged, his anger is considerably large as he can easily be cold, violent and even insulting, as shown by how after being outraged when Metatron called him a coward, God responded by throwing him out of the bar and coldly telling him that while Metatron and the rest of the angels may consider Metatron's position as the Scribe of God to be special, to God, Metatron was never anything special, just the closest angel to the door, and took time to show Metatron of how a town is going to be destroyed by the fog unleashed by Amara. Later on, this rage is shown when Dean and Sam asked Chuck to rescue Lucifer. At which, Chuck, frustrated by their insistence, immediately expresses his bitterness of Lucifer's disappointment. Although Metatron was actually gleeful on how he managed to make God angry and Lucifer showed no qualms in angering God; Sam and Dean, having never seen God in a rage, were visibly shocked and intimidated enough to be put to place swiftly and not talk on it anymore. His rage is well-known even though he has only been seen by a few angels, to the point that the usual petty and arrogant Zachariah was terrified enough at the prospect of God unleashing his wrath upon him to immediately back down from pursuing Sam and Dean. At first, when Sam, Dean, and Castiel called him out on manipulating their lives and defied his will, God, although clearly angry at their defiance, tried to reason with them to make them do it and offered to bring back Mary for Sam and Dean in exchange and when they persisted, God merely responded by giving them a cold smile and personally killing Jack (his own grandson) painfully, appearing to not find them worthy of unleashing his anger fully, but upon being shot by Sam with his own created gun, which did nothing but to leave a hole in his shoulder, God lost control of his anger and mercilessly declared the end for them, punishing them and the world by starting The Apocalypse again. Notably, despite their defiance of him, all three of them expressed genuine fear when God raged at them.


While his older sister Amara is darkness and nothingness, God represents light and being. He is one of the two fundamental components of reality itself, while the other one is his sister. If one of them dies, reality itself would cease to exist.

Physical Appearance

God pretending to be the prophet Chuck

God's true visage has only been seen by a few beings, but it appears to be similar to the appearance of an angel's grace - a blinding white light - though unlike an angel's true form, God's real visage has no ill-effects on humans. As seen in Alpha and Omega, he takes the appearance of a smoke of light.[24] Only his older sister, Amara has seen God,[2] as well as the Horseman Death, since they have existed alongside God from nearly the beginning of time.[3][5] Anna once mentioned that, out of all the Host of Heaven, only four of them have seen God. It is later revealed that Metatron has also seen God,[6] due to being his scribe while writing down his Word.[5] Metatron also hinted that the angel Gadreel, as God's most trusted angel, has seen God, as Metatron said, "You were God's most trusted. That's why he chose you to protect the garden." Additionally, although he does not see him, it was originally assumed that the angel Joshua talks to God, however it is later revealed to be the other way around. Joshua says that he thinks God talks to him because he (Joshua) can sympathize for God, as a fellow gardener but also because God gets lonely.

When God wanted to physically communicate with Sam and Dean, he took the form of a human and assumed the role of a prophet named Chuck Shurley.[3] Chuck's appearance is that of a man in his late 30s to his early or mid-40s, with a beard and messy hair. He has light blue eyes and is rather short in height. God considers this form "a gift", and describes it as "super cute".

Powers and Abilities

Being among the oldest and most powerful entities in existence, God possesses immense power, allowing him to do almost anything he wishes. The only ones who can match his near-infinite power are Death and Amara, with the latter being his older sister and more powerful than him. God has been shown to be tremendously more powerful than any angel, some of his strongest creations, being able to negate beings such as archangels of their power on his command.[4] On top of that, God was shown to also be superior to Jack, a nephilim that was vastly more powerful than any angel in existence.[25]

  • Nigh-Omnipotence - Being a primordial being, God is immensely powerful. As put by Lucifer, "No one makes dad do anything." although Amara is stronger than him, requiring the aid of his Archangels to be able to defeat her. Even when Castiel was powered by 30-40+ million souls from Purgatory, Death claimed that he was still no God. The immensity of God's power is shown by his ability to create multiple planes of existence, including Hell, Heaven, Purgatory and the whole physical Universe with billions of galaxies. Castiel also said that God is "strong enough to take on Lucifer -- strong enough to stop The Apocalypse."[3][5][26] The individual powers God has shown include, but are not limited to:

    Heaven, one of his creations

    • Teleportation - God can instantly teleport anywhere in a dazzling white light.
    • Apporting - God is able to teleport anyone anywhere he wants. For instance, he teleported Dean and Sam out of Lucifer's presence, and onto an airplane. God was later able to teleport himself and the Winchesters to the Bunker with a snap of his fingers and the Impala into the Bunker and away from Amara with no apparent effort.[23]
    • Biokinesis - God was able to cleanse Sam of his demon blood addiction[10] and an entire town of a Rabid infection.[22]
    • Electromagnetic Interference - With a simple hand movement, God made the TVs in his bar turn on to news stations regarding the spread of The Darkness' Fog.
    • Flight - In his smoke form, he can fly in the air.
    • Healing - God possesses the ability to heal any type of injury. His healing powers are so strong that he can even heal the most serious of damages, caused by any primordial being. With a simple finger movement, God healed Lucifer of the extensive injuries inflicted upon him by Amara.[23]
    • Nigh-Invulnerability - The only things that can harm and/or kill God are Death and The Darkness.
    • Memory Manipulation - When he resurrected Castiel the third time, he suppressed his memories, albeit temporarily.[27]
    • Power Granting - When God resurrected Castiel for the second time, he granted him greater powers and promoted him to the rank of a Seraph.[3] By touching certain objects, he created the Hands of God, which are powerful enough to at least harm an archangel with a single blow.[28] Metatron also hinted that God could restore his status as an angel, with God refusing to do so. He also gave himself the ability to play the guitar and speak French.[22]
    • Power Negation - God was able to render Lucifer powerless as a "safeguard" against him harming anybody.[4] He was also able to turn off a necklace that burns hot in his presence.
    • Reality Warping - His power is so great that reality shapes itself according to his will. God was even able to undo the havoc caused by Amara in a particular case, by suppressing her infectious fog and resurrecting everybody who had died because of her influence.[22] He was also able to undo the chaos caused by Jack in the world with a snap of his fingers, leaving everything as if it had never happened.
      • Conjuration - He created Archangels, Leviathans, Hellhounds, Angels, Humans and the Soul itself, as well Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Earth, and countless other Galaxies and the universe itself. Prior to the creation of the current universe, God created other worlds, but Amara destroyed them all.[22] However, Metatron stated that while holding the power needed to create everything on his own, God could not have done it with a snap of his fingers, implying it required a considerable amount of power. When Sam, Dean, and Castiel needed his help defeating the immensely powerful nephilim Jack, he was able to create a gun capable of killing Jack instantly with no visible effort.
    • Resurrection - God can bring anyone or anything back to life. Due to his lack of interaction or intervention, however, he does not do this often. He also "rebuilt" Castiel several times.[22] However, he states rebuilding Archangels takes some time, as they're "the stuff of primordial creation".[4] God offered to resurrect Mary Winchester if Dean killed Jack, but Dean refused the offer.[29]
    • Shapeshifting - God can alter his appearance, changing between his Chuck persona, his true luminous form, and a bright smoke form at will.
    • Soul Control - As the creator of souls, God has a certain level of control over them. He has the power to control the destination of a deceased persons soul as he was the one who admitted Sam and Dean into Heaven (as revealed by Joshua) after they were killed by Roy and Walt. He was later able to summon the ghost of Kevin Tran to him without visible effort and with a wave of his hand, ascended his soul into Heaven.[23] Lore states that he can restore souls that are completely gone,[30] but God claims this to be untrue.[29]
    • Supernatural Concealment - While taking the form of Chuck, God was able to conceal himself from the Angels. It has also been shown that Amara cannot find him at will.[23][26]
    • Telekinesis - When angered at Metatron for calling him a coward, God telekinetically threw Metatron through the doors of his bar. While other beings seemingly need to use gestures or bodily movements to perform telekinesis, God only needed to get up and look at Metatron to make him fly through the air.[22] He later on effortlessly flung Dean away by merely lifting his hand.
    • Smiting - With just a snap of his fingers, God was able to smite Jack with a similar effect to an angel, although this version was much slower and more painful.[29]
  • Nigh-Omniscience - Existing for eons, God possesses great wisdom and understanding about the universe he made. Metatron said that God sees everything that happens on Earth. He even knows what people are thinking, proven by the fact that he wrote in one of the books that Sam thought Dean was a dick when they were doing clothes at the laundry mat, and Sam admitted this. However, God does not know everything, as Death stated neither one knew who was older. God has even done things he himself considers "stupid" and "naïve", and admits even he couldn't have come up with nacho cheese. He also had to give himself the ability to play guitar and speak French, as he didn't know how to do either one. Death is the only being to rival God's knowledge of the Universe.[22][31]
    • Universal Awareness - As Metatron said, God can hear and see all.[22] However, those of significant power such as Amara can ward themselves against God’s sight.
  • Immortality - God, as being one of the first entities to exist, is immortal. Age, as well as any disease and weapon, are powerless against him. However, Death stated he can die,[2][3] and Amara managed to fatally wound him where he was about to die after less than a day, before she healed him.
  • Mandatory Existence - God's existence is one of two that provides balance to reality, the other being The Darkness. As Chuck put it, "Light needs Dark", and "Dark needs Light". If he were killed, reality itself would end. It was said that if both God and Amara were to die, a new balance would be established.


Even though God is one of the most powerful beings in existence, even he has weaknesses of his own.


Even God can die.
  • Death - Death has said he would be the one who would reap God at the end of time.
  • The Darkness - Being his older sister and stronger than him in power, Amara is able to defeat God. She describes herself as being more powerful than him, and God admits he and his archangels "barely" managed to lock her away.[2] God believes that, were he to surrender to her, she would trap him, rather than kill him, and Lucifer has stated that Amara may very well defeat him.[4] When she was released, God decided to hide in one of his constructs, so he'd be safe from her. Amara overpowered God when he tried to use the Mark of Cain to re-imprison her, and then fatally wounded him by piercing his being with tendrils of darkness.[4] Amara caused such damage that only she herself could heal it with not even the Book of the Damned being of any use.[21]

Amara overpowers God.

  • Mandatory Existence Compromised - If the Darkness were to be killed, the imbalance would also result in the death of God due to the destruction of reality itself.[21]



  • Chuck: No doubt-endings are hard. But then again... Nothing really ever ends, does it?[3]
  • Chuck (to Metatron): You know what humanity's greatest creation has been? Music. That and nacho cheese. Even I couldn't have dreamt up that deliciousness.[22]
  • Chuck: I am not hiding. I'm just done watching my experiments' failures.[22]
  • Chuck: I was so sure if I kept stepping in, teaching, punishing, that these beautiful creatures that I created... would grow up. But it only stayed the same. And I saw that I needed to step away and let my baby find its way. Being overinvolved is no longer parenting. It's enabling.[23]
  • Chuck (to Lucifer): I was supposed to love all creation equally. I wasn't supposed to have favorites. But you... You were mine. I gave you the Mark because I loved you the most... because I thought you were strong enough to bear it. And when I saw that I was wrong... when I watched my choice... devour my... most cherished son... I hated myself. And so I punished you. And I am so sorry.[4]
  • Chuck: Listen, you guys know me. I'm hands-off. I built the sandbox... you play in it. You want to fight Leviathans? Cool. You got that. You want to go up against... what was it?... the "British Men of Letters"? Okay. Little weak, but okay. But when things get really bad, like the Apocalypse or the Other Apocalypse, that's when I have to step in.[29]
Dean Winchester: This is the only way.
Castiel: And Billie said the only way to defeat Michael was to lock you in a box.
Chuck: Ugh. Billie. I liked the old Death better. He was all about fried pickles and tickle porn. This new Death... she's always sticking her scythe where it doesn't belong.[29]
Chuck: The Darkness might, might have a weakness – Light.
Crowley: He tells us now.
Chuck: What? I-I just wanted to trap her. I didn't want to murder her.[21]
Rowena: Fergus was bright. Walked before his first birthday, but he hated pants. Hated them. He'd run 'round the village, his wee banger just flapping in the breeze.
Chuck: Adam and Eve were the same way
Rowena and Chuck (at the same time): Kids.
Crowley: I'm so glad the world is ending.[21]
Rowena: Sorry about, well, everything I've ever done in my life. Really, y-you can't have been a fan.
Chuck: Oh, yeah, I've been quietly rooting against you both for some time now. Although, I can't deny you're one of my guilty pleasures.[4]
Metatron: This is some kind of punishment, isn't it? For my sins. A limbo where I get to spend eternity in a crappy bar with a hack writer. I have trudged through your complete oeuvre published and unpublished. Of the metric ton of books I've read in my lifetime, "Supernatural" didn't even crack the top 10... thousand. And then you put yourself in the story? God!
Chuck: Okay, that's fair. Mildly constructive. Still, it doesn't justify you burning one of my books, though.[22]
Chuck: This is why people need to lie.
Chuck: It's good. Keeps the peace, you know?
Castiel: Seems like an odd stance for... you.
Chuck: Is it?
Chuck: I'm a writer.
Chuck: Lying's kind of what we do.[29]
Chuck: Nature? Divine. Human nature – toxic.
Metatron: They do like blowing stuff up.
Chuck: And the worst part – they do it in my name. And then they come crying to me, asking me to forgive, to fix things. Never taking any responsibility.[22]
Crowley (about Rowena): She's using you. It's what she does. Finds someone with power... cozies up... digs the claws in.
Chuck: Hmm. Yeah, well, I'm not helping anyone right now, obviously. She's been... nice.
Crowley: For now.
Chuck: Now's kind of all we got.
Crowley: Whatever. I'm not calling you Dad.[21]
Chuck: There's a harmony, a balance in the universe. Light needs dark, dark needs light. If you blow one of them up, then, I mean...
Lucifer: It wouldn't be a good thing.
Chuck: It'd be really not a good thing. Like, end of reality, not good.[4]
Chuck: I am sorry that you feel... that I betrayed you, that I acted without cause. I'm sorry that you can't see you gave me no choice. I'm good.
Lucifer: You heard that, right?
Sam Winchester: W-We all know that you are God, um, but... maybe could you be a-a little less... Lordly?[4]
Metatron: But you helped the Winchesters before.
Chuck: Helped them?! I've saved them! I've rebuilt Castiel more times than I can remember. Look where that got me.[22]
Dean Winchester: Is that my computer?
Chuck: I've never seen so much porn. Not in one sitting.[23]

Confirmed Creations

God created the universe and nearly everything that resides in it. These include:


  • Heaven - God's divine domain, for noble and righteous souls, as well as angels.
  • The Universe - Some time after God imprisoned the Darkness, God created The Universe.
    • Worlds - Before he created the Archangels, God had created worlds, only to have them destroyed by Amara.
    • Earth - God's very last masterpiece, according to Lucifer.
  • Purgatory - God's prison for monsters, specifically the Leviathans.
  • Hell - God's prison for evil souls, demons, Lucifer and other dangerous creatures.


  • Archangels - The first and greatest of all celestial beings, their power and formation is from primordial creation.
  • Leviathans - The first and most rancorous beasts.
  • Angels - Collectively all celestials under this title that aren't archangels. The soldiers of God.
  • Hellhounds - Intended to be "Creator's best friend" but proved too vicious. God intended to exterminate them until Lucifer rescued one.
  • Humans - God's most beloved creations.
  • Souls - When God created humans he gave them a spiritual essence or a soul, which are also powerful energies that makes humans unique.


  • The Word of God - God ordered Metatron to write down the Angel, Leviathan, and Demon tablets as instructions for his creations.
  • God's Bar - The safest place in all of creation, and God's hiding place from The Darkness.
  • Mark of Cain - The lock and the key to The Darkness' prison, which became the very first curse.


Though not physically seen until Season 4 and not official revealed until Season 11, God is one of the most recurring primordial entities in the series, next to Lucifer. Additionally, upon the appearances on angels in season 4, God has been mentioned many times.


  • Chuck hints at being a "cruel, capricious god" in his first encounter with the Winchester Family but Sam tells him that he is not a god.
  • Of the five times Castiel has died, God himself has resurrected him three times, first from being killed by Raphael, then Lucifer, then the Leviathans. He confirms this in Don't Call Me Shurley, saying that he's "rebuilt Castiel more times than I can count".
  • Three of the greatest antagonists in the show - Michael, Lucifer and Metatron - have all seen God face-to-face, and have all been previously loyal followers. As of yet, Michael is the only one who hasn't met God as Chuck.
  • According to Sam in Phantom Traveler, God's name in Latin is "Christo". Speaking it to a possessed person make her flinch. In truth, God in Latin is not "Christo," but "Deus." "Christos" would be "Christ" in first century Greek, translated from the Hebrew "Moshiach" (English: Messiah) both meaning the "Anointed One." It was modified and changed by the Romans into the Latin "Christus" meaning Christ, or sometimes mistakenly "Chrestus," the "Marked Man". "Christo" could arguably work to the same effect as was depicted, literally meaning "by/in Christ" in Latin.
  • In Road Trip it is revealed that God left Heaven due to Gadreel failing in his task to protect the Garden of Eden from evil. Later in Don't Call Me Shurley, God says he left because he was disappointed by all of his creations.
  • God regarding his creations as experiments is alluded to by Death in season 7. When speaking of the Leviathans, Death says God was worried they'd "chomp the entire petri dish" (a petri dish is a piece of equipment most often used in fungal and bacterial biological experiments). God himself seemingly confirms this during his conversation with Metatron in Don't Call Me Shurley, but in All in the Family, he reveals that he sees humanity at least as his children.
  • It is implied by Joshua that God will return to Heaven eventually. However, no one knows when, if at all, he will do so.
  • Although God's appearances since his introduction in season 4 have been scarce, he has been mentioned many times, by several characters, since the beginning of the series.
  • In Don't Call Me Shurley, it is revealed the God was in fact disguised as Chuck, a Prophet of the Lord, so he could get a "front row seat".
  • In Don't Call Me Shurley, God tells Metatron he is working on a new series called "Revolution," although he doesn't think it will catch on.
    • This is a reference to the TV series of the same name created by Eric Kripke, the creator of Supernatural.
  • In Don't Call Me Shurley, it was revealed that Chuck is bisexual.
  • God told Metatron that he has no soul but inventing/creating the souls made him feel nauseous.
  • God says that he considers music and nacho cheese to be mankind's greatest creations.
  • God has a blog about cats.
  • In All in the Family, God often uses his powers with finger movements such as snapping or waving his fingers. Metatron also referred to this sarcastically when talking about how people envision God. However, he could also use his powers without any gestures or bodily movements, such as when he sent Metatron flying through the doors of his bar just by looking at him.
  • Like Death, God has a fondness for unhealthy food.
  • At PHXCON 2016, actor Rob Benedict confirmed that there was an early draft in Season 11 where God died. "There was an early script draft this season where God died. CW stepped in and said they couldn't kill God."
  • God's relationship to Amara is similar to the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, or the belief of contradictory forces being complimentary and interdependent, balancing each other out (such as light and dark, life and death, or good and evil). Their similarities are furthered in Alpha and Omega, as God and the Darkness are shown circling each other in their respective white and black smoke forms, seemingly referencing the symbol for Yin and Yang.
  • The Cosmic Entity claimed The Empty existed before even The Darkness or God and that the latter has no power there. It is unknown at this time if The Cosmic Entity is also that old or what his relationship to God is. However the Entity made no mention of Amara aside from the Empty existing before her.
  • In The Born-Again Identity, Castiel names himself Emmanuel. The name Emmanuel is a Hebrew baby name, meaning "God with us". It is also an Old Testament name for the Messiah.
  • So far only seven angels have met God in person: The Archangels, Gadreel, Metatron, and Castiel.
  • In Nihilism, Michael suggests that God treats the multiverse as a writer does his written works (since God was a writer in the main universe); when a universe doesn't work out, he creates a new one, and repeats this process in hopes of creating a perfect universe.
  • Jack is the first character God killed on-screen.[29]

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