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Being among the oldest and most powerful entities in existence, God possesses immense power, allowing him to do almost anything he wishes. The only ones who can match his near-infinite power are Death and Amara, with the latter being his older sister and more powerful than him. God has been shown to be tremendously more powerful than any angel, some of his strongest creations, being able to negate beings such as archangels of their power on his command.[1] On top of that, God was shown to also be superior to Jack, a nephilim that was vastly more powerful than any angel in existence, but it was later revealed that Jack had the potential to grow more powerful than and kill God by unlocking his full potential by eating the heart of angels and growing stronger. After being shot with The Equalizer, God's power is stated to have been severely weakened to the point that he can still do "a few parlor tricks," but can't heal his wound or leave the Earth without help.[2] However, even in his weakened state, God is still enormously powerful, capable of many powerful feats such as causing the second Apocalypse and resurrecting the powerful white-eyed demon Lilith from the Empty.[3] God has regained all of his power after his and Sam's wounds were healed.
  • Nigh-Omnipotence - Being a primordial being, God is immensely powerful. As put by Lucifer, "No one makes dad do anything." although Amara is stronger than him, requiring the aid of his Archangels to be able to defeat her. Even when Castiel was powered by 30-40+ million souls from Purgatory, Death noted that he was still no God. The immensity of God's power is shown by his ability to create multiple planes of existence, including Hell, Heaven, Purgatory and the whole physical Universe with billions of galaxies, as well as several other realities.[4] Castiel also said that God is "strong enough to take on Lucifer -- strong enough to stop The Apocalypse."[5][6][7] God's power is shown to be great enough to wipe out or trap an entire species by himself, as he confined the Leviathans to Purgatory and killed all Hellhounds but Ramsey. He even removed the Nephilim from Earth the first time they were walking, despite the Nephilim being a species considerably superior to even Angels, and proved capable of killing the most powerful Nephilim Jack Kline, who could effortlessly kill even archangels, with just a snap of his fingers. Previously, he had undone all of Jack's influence on Earth and created a gun capable of killing Jack with ease. However, it was revealed that Jack had the potential to surpass God and God truly feared Jack growing more powerful than him. Even after said gun weakened God's power for a limited amount of time, he was still powerful enough to start the Apocalypse and resurrect Lilith. With his full powers returned, God proved capable of destroying the alternate realities he had created, doing so with unnatural disasters, which he stated was mostly easy for him. He is even stronger than Billie, as he is able to resurrect beings from the Empty, even while weakened, while she requires permission from the Shadow. She was also shown to be fearful of what would happen if God discovered her plan. The individual powers God has shown include, but are not limited to:

    Heaven, one of his creations

    • Astral Projection - God revealed light that normally shrouds his true form if not his divine form to Metatron.
    • Biokinesis - God was able to cleanse Sam of his demon blood addiction[8] and an entire town of a Rabid infection.[9] With just a shush motion, he silenced Eileen as he had her torture Sam.
    • Conversion - He transformed Castiel, a regular angel, into a Seraphim. Metatron also noted that God has the power to convert him back to an angel after his grace was removed and he was rendered human, although God refused to do so as a punishment for Metatron's sinister deeds.
    • Electromagnetic Interference - With a simple hand movement, God made the TVs in his bar turn on to news stations regarding the spread of The Darkness' Fog.
    • Flight - In his smoke form, he can fly in the air.
    • Healing - God possesses the ability to heal any type of injury. His healing powers are so strong that he can even heal the most serious of damages, caused by any primordial being. With a simple finger movement, God healed Lucifer of the extensive injuries inflicted upon him by Amara.[10] After his failed attempt at getting Eileen to dig out the thing that was keeping his and Sam's mutual wound from healing, God healed the damage Eileen caused with just a wave of his hand. However, the wound from the Equalizer was not healed. After Sam gave up hope, God was able to heal both his and Sam's wound from the Equalizer simultaneously, restoring God's powers.[11]
    • Localization - God can find any being in existence, provided they are not warded against him. He was able to easily locate Jack in order to send Dean to kill him, whereas Asmodeus, all of Hell's resources and even Lucifer could not locate him when he doesn't want to be found. Jack even stated that Billie had to hide him The Empty in order for God not to locate him.
    • Memory Manipulation - When he resurrected Castiel the third time, he suppressed his memories, albeit temporarily.[12]
    • Mind Control - God can force humans to do actions against their will.[11]
    • Power Augmentation - God brought back Castiel with improved powers, after he was killed by Lucifer.
    • Power Granting - When God resurrected Castiel for the second time, he granted him greater powers and promoted him to the rank of a Seraph.[5] By touching certain objects, he created the Hands of God, which are powerful enough to at least harm an archangel with a single blow.[13] Metatron also hinted that God could restore his status as an angel, with God refusing to do so. He also gave himself the ability to play the guitar and speak French.[9] He later granted Sam temporary immunity to magic.[1]
    • Power Negation - God was able to render Lucifer powerless as a "safeguard" against him harming anybody.[1] He was also able to turn off a necklace that burns hot in his presence.
    • Reality Warping - His power is so great that reality shapes itself according to his will. God was even able to undo the havoc caused by Amara in a particular case, by suppressing her infectious fog and resurrecting everybody who had died because of her influence.[9] He was also able to undo the chaos caused by Jack in the world with a snap of his fingers, leaving everything as if it had never happened. He even managed to trigger the second apocalypse by, as mentioned by Belphegor, opening all the gates to hell, including the one to Lucifer's Cage.[14] While playing a slot machine, Chuck made himself win every turn. God was also capable of altering the Winchesters so that they would not suffer any regular illness and downgrading them after they turned against him. He was able to alter the tv shows of Radio Shed of Earth-2 to display the alternate realities and without even being there, was able to destroy them, although he admitted there was some worlds that needed more effort.[15]
      • Conjuration - He created Archangels, Leviathans, Hellhounds, Angels, Humans and the Soul itself, as well Heaven, Purgatory, Earth, and countless other Galaxies and the universe itself. Prior to the creation of the current universe, God created other worlds, but Amara destroyed them all.[9] However, Metatron stated that while holding the power needed to create everything on his own, God could not have done it with a snap of his fingers, implying it required a considerable amount of power. As the creator, God can conjure up 10,000 suns set to supernova. He is also described as being the only being, until Jack proved otherwise, capable of creating angels. When Sam, Dean, and Castiel needed his help defeating the immensely powerful Nephilim Jack, he was able to create a gun capable of killing Jack instantly with no visible effort.[4] In addition, the gun God created is shown to be so powerful, a shot to the shoulder was capable of severely weakening God and leaving him diminished.[2] In order to destroy Earth-2, God conjured meteors from above to wipe them out.[15]
    • Weather Manipulation - God unleashed a cataclysmic storm on The Bad Place to destroy it and he also caused several severe weather phenomenas on other alternate realities to begin their destruction.[15]
    • Pyrokinesis - God ended one of the alternate realities by causing a massive fire to burn them all down.[15]
      • Explosion Induction - God was able to induce an explosion to destroy Huntercorp world.
    • Resurrection - God can bring anyone or anything back to life. Due to his lack of interaction or intervention, however, he does not do this often. He "rebuilt" Castiel several times despite Castiel being obliterated without any trace left and resurrected everyone killed by Amara's fog with ease.[9] However, he reveals that while he does have the power to do so, it will take a considerable amount of time to resurrect Archangels, as they're "the stuff of primordial creation".[1] God offered to resurrect Mary Winchester if Dean killed Jack, but Dean refused the offer.[4] Despite his weakened state, God was able to resurrect the demon Lilith from the Empty.[3]
    • Shapeshifting - God can alter his appearance, changing between his Chuck persona, his true luminous form, and a bright smoke form at will. God has shown the ability to seamlessly shapeshift into other beings in a manner similar to Asmodeus, taking on the appearance of a hunter to trick Eileen Leahy and then shifting back once Sam and Eileen had fallen into his trap.
    • Sealing and imprisonment - God is highly skilled in the art of sealing to the point that his seals are considered incompressibly powerful, as not even the passage can destroy them, having the ability to block powerful entities in the local dimensions, preventing them from leaving. Thus, Chuck locked Lucifer in Hell, as did the Shedim. He locked the Leviathans in Purgatory and was able to develop the extremely powerful primordial entity capture spell, so he attached his sister to a mystical seal, which he placed on the archangel Lucifer. In this context, she, with a strength comparable to Chuck, has not been able to escape captivity for billions of years. In fact, God was able to seal Darkness and Death in confinement prisons so strong that both were unable to break free without an external factor.
      • Spell Casting  - God was able to develop the extremely powerful Primordial Entity Trapping Spell that he successfully cast on the Darkness to confine her within the Mark of Cain. He was also known for having bound Death to his coffin underneath the earth for thousands of years.
    • Soul Control - As the creator of souls, God has a certain level of control over them. He has the power to control the destination of a deceased persons soul as he was the one who admitted Sam and Dean into Heaven (as revealed by Joshua) after they were killed by Roy and Walt. Along with that, he can allow humans who had fallen to Hell to enter Heaven, having allowed John and Bobby to enter Heaven after they escaped Hell. He was later able to summon the ghost of Kevin Tran to him without visible effort and with a wave of his hand, removed him from the Veil and supposedly ascended his soul into Heaven.[10] It was later revealed that Chuck lied and cast Kevin into Hell.[2] Lore states that he can restore souls that are completely gone,[16] but God said that souls could be complicated, even for him.[4] As the Garden of Eden, which God created, can restore souls, it is quite likely he can do so as well. 
    • Super Stamina - God possesses eternal stamina and doesn't require food, sleep, or oxygen to maintain himself.
    • Super Strength - God was able to effortlessly backhand Dean away and stun him with that single blow.
    • Supernatural Concealment - While taking the form of Chuck, God was able to conceal himself from the angels. It has also been shown that Amara cannot find him at will.[7][10]
      • Invisibility - He can only be seen when he wants to be seen.
    • Supernatural Perception - God can see and sense things that are naturally invisible to humans.
    • Smiting - With just a snap of his fingers, God was able to smite Jack with a similar effect to an angel, although this version was much slower and more painful.[4] He later smote Amara's masseuse, showing that even in his weakened state he still possesses this power.
    • Telekinesis - When angered at Metatron for calling him a coward, God telekinetically threw Metatron through the doors of his bar. While other beings seemingly need to use gestures or bodily movements to perform telekinesis, God only needed to get up and look at Metatron to make him fly through the air.[9] He later on effortlessly flung Dean away by merely lifting his hand.[4] God was able to control Eileen into torturing Sam with ease.
    • Teleportation - God can instantly teleport anywhere in a dazzling white light. He can travel across the multiverse, as he was able to visit Earth-2 on his own without a rift opening ritual.
      • Apporting - God is able to teleport anyone anywhere he wants. For instance, he teleported Dean and Sam out of Lucifer's presence, and onto an airplane. God was later able to teleport himself and the Winchesters to the Bunker with a snap of his fingers and the Impala into the Bunker and away from Amara with no apparent effort.[10] Even while dying from Amara's attack, he was still able to teleport the rest of Team Save the World to the Bunker and then send Dean to Amara with just snaps of his finger. With a wave of his hand, he sent Becky Rosen and her family to places unknown.
    • Possession - God was able to remotely possess Donatello Redfield who, as a Prophet, is a mouthpiece for the Word of God (generally only figuratively, but it can be literally if God desires so).[17]
  • Nigh-Omniscience - Existing for eons, God possesses great wisdom and understanding about the universe he made. Metatron said that God sees everything that happens on Earth. He even knows what people are thinking, proven by the fact that he wrote in one of the books that Sam thought Dean was a dick when they were doing clothes at the laundry mat, and Sam admitted this. He also knows everything that has and will happen with startling detail. However, God does not know everything, as Death stated neither one knew who was older. God has even done things he himself considers "stupid" and "naïve", and admits even he couldn't have come up with nacho cheese. He also had to give himself the ability to play guitar and speak French, as he didn't know how to do either one. God also has no idea on the book on Death's Library depicting his end and Billie stated he can never read it unless she let him. God knew about Impala; its history, and what it meant to Sam and Dean. God may even know about the future actions of his fellow Primoridals. Since God records everything in the Supernatural Books before they happen, he could've already known about Death's talk with Dean, and that he would give Dean his ring. And since it is implied he continued writing the books after Swan Song, he could've also already known that the fight with the Darkness would've ended, for the most part, in his favor. This does not mean he needs to write the Supernatural books to know these things. God also knows every possible future (or alternate future) and that things need to play out a certain way to reach his desired result. Death is the only being to rival God's knowledge of the Universe.[9][18]
    • Universal Awareness - As Metatron said, God can hear and see all.[9] He was able to see visions of the angels and Winchesters. He also accurately described Sam's eye turning black and his body temperature rising when he killed Lilith. However, those of significant power such as Amara can ward themselves against God's sight. Jack also noted that using his powers will immediately alert God to his resurrection.
      • Telepathy - He knew what Sam's thoughts would be about Dean being dick. God was also able to read and identify the source of Sam's defiance as his belief Dean and Castiel will succeed in trapping him.
      • Mental Manipulation - As shown with the alternate future, even with Castiel bearing the mark, God, while trapped in the Mark, was still able to influence the Seraph into going mad.
      • Precognition - God can accurately predict reality to a degree far superior to that of the Archangels, which gave credit to his masquerading as a prophet. He was aware that Lucifer would possess Sam and this decision would be his downfall, something which even Lucifer could not foresee. God was also able to foresee what would become of the world if the Winchesters and Castiel succeeded in locking him away. By using a magical pocket watch, God was able to extend this foresight to Sam so that Sam could see for himself what God had envisioned happening in the future.[11]
      • Chronokinesis - God was able to travel to an alternate timeline, without much effort.
  • Immortality - God, as being one of the first entities to exist, is immortal. Age, as well as any disease and weapon, are powerless against him. However, Death stated he can die,[5][19] and Amara managed to fatally wound him where he was about to die after less than a day, before she healed him. Billie also reveals that Jack will be the one who ultimately kills God
    • Nigh-Invulnerability - The only known things that can kill God are Death and The Darkness. In addition, God only suffered temporary harm when shot with the Equalizer, a weapon that God himself had created. Even then, however, as noted by Castiel, none of the many powerful weapons possessed by Dean could harm him. He took a punch from Dean in the face with no pain and hardly flinching. God isn't immune, but highly resilient to the Equalizer, because a shot of the magic gun doesn't seem to injure him so much.
    • Regeneration - On the rare occasion he is wounded, God can instantly heal all damage. Only tremendously destructive forces can hinder his regeneration. His big sister, the Darkness, who is even stronger than him, was able to wound him such severely he was dying, and she was the only one who managed to heal him. The Equalizer, a supernatural gun he created in order to kill Jack, the tremendously powerful nephilim son of the archangel Lucifer, was able to wound him when he was shot with it in the shoulder, which also significantly weakened him, and he was unable to heal the wound or return to full power until he made his shooter, Sam, lose all hope.
  • Mandatory Existence - God's existence is one of two that provides balance to reality, the other being The Darkness. As Chuck put it, "Light needs Dark", and "Dark needs Light". If he were killed, reality itself would end. It was said that if both God and Amara were to die, a new balance would be established. In addition, God also maintains the balance between light and darkness and if he were to disappear from the worlds, darkness will prevail (although, this is possibly not correct, as he was trying to manipulate Sam while he showed him the future when it happened).
  • Master Strategist and Leader - God is an extraordinarily skilled strategist, referred by Lucifer himself as being a master strategist. Despite his eventual abandonment of his creations, God displayed incredible leadership skills when he personally ruled over Heaven, with Metatron commenting that Heaven was never in a better state since God lead it until Hannah took control, meaning his leadership efficiency was above that of Michael's, and having led the archangels to victory against the Darkness. His strategical genius is displayed in his masquerade as the prophet Chuck Shurley, as God, with only minor interference, was able to set the path for the Winchesters to defeat Lucifer and Michael and avert the Apocalypse without compromising his disguise. God was also able to completely hide himself from both Heaven and Amara when they searched for him, with him using a personally created safe-place to make Amara unable to find him. After revealing himself to the Winchesters and aiding them against his sister, God led a nearly successful attempt to reimprison Amara, personally coordinating the order of fighters who would go first, only failing at the last moment. Upon finally revealing his true colors and going against the Winchesters, God, despite being diminished from Sam's unexpected shot at him, was able to set the path to him regaining his full powers by first allowing Sam to resurrect Eileen to be able to spy on them and then luring Sam and Eileen to a trap and ultimately convincing Sam into losing hope by revealing the dark future that supposedly would take place even if they won.
  • Master Manipulator and Deceiver - God is an extraordinary manipulator and deceiver. He was able to put up such a deceitfully convincing act as just a regular prophet that no one, be it the Winchesters, Castiel and the angels, even Raphael who had personally knew him, suspecting he was God. During Dean's travel to alternate timeline, he blended into the survivor's army with no problem. He also manipulated Sam and Dean into getting into and winning the many challenges they faced and remaining completely untraceable. Even after he revealed himself as God and despite the Winchesters wariness of his lack of interference, God was nearly successful in getting them to kill Jack, exploiting Dean's vengeful rage over Mary's death to easily get him to take the Equalizer to kill Jack to the point not even Sam was able to dissuade him, and his offer to resurrect Mary if he kills Jack was notably able to tempt Dean for a while despite Sam's truthful accusations of his true motives before ultimately failing and forcing God to kill Jack himself.


After God made the world, he couldn't stop. He wanted more. But he needed to create a perfect harmony -- a Swiss watch so that this world could keep tick-tick-ticking in his absence. He had no choice but to build himself into the framework. It's his only weakness.
Even though God is one of the most powerful beings in existence, even he has weaknesses of his own.

Harming and TrappingEdit

What was done to the Darkness can be done to God, if he's as weak as you say.
Chuck wounded

Chuck reveals his wound.

  • Magic - In his weakened state, God can be locked away with the same spell he once used to trap the Darkness.[17] God himself expressed fear of the spell, going as far as to threaten the Winchesters into giving up, and openly admits it would work on him in his weakened state, which is further shown by how in the alternate future God showed to Sam, Sam, Dean and Cass successfully locked him away with Castiel bearing the Mark. However, once God was at his full power, he was able to harmlessly destroy the spell.
  • The Equalizer - The Equalizer can harm God with multidimensional energy. If shot, to a non-fatal location can still harm him - a shot to the shoulder, for instance, weakened him significantly, and it wasn't until he made his shooter, Sam, lose all hope that he was able to heal and return to full power.


Even God can die.
Sam: What about Jack? He's in God's book?
Billie: And so are you. I told you Dean -- you and your brother have work to do. This is your destiny. You are the messengers of God's destruction.
Billie reveals some of the details about God's ultimate demise as predicted by Death's books
in Galaxy Brain
  • Death - Death has said he would be the one who would reap God at the end of time.

    Amara overpowers God.

  • The Darkness - Being his older sister and stronger than him in power, Amara is able to defeat God. She describes herself as being more powerful than him, and God admits he and his archangels "barely" managed to lock her away.[19] God believes that were he to surrender to her, she would trap him, rather than kill him, and Lucifer has stated that Amara may very well defeat him.[1] When she was released, God decided to hide in one of his constructs, so he'd be safe from her. Amara overpowered God when he tried to use the Mark of Cain to re-imprison her, and then fatally wounded him by piercing his being with tendrils of darkness.[1] Amara caused such damage that only she herself could heal it with not even the Book of the Damned being of any use.
    • Mandatory Existence Compromised - If the Darkness were to be killed, the imbalance would also result in the death of God due to the destruction of reality itself.[20]
  • Jack Kline - Although God was able to easily kill Jack, it is later revealed that Jack has the potential to become strong enough to kill God if he follows a plan Billie gave Jack when she resurrected him.[21] Billie later reveals that God's book in Death's Reading Room reveals that Jack is the one who ultimately kills God.


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