God's autobiography (cover)

God's autobiography (cover).

God wrote an autobiography detailing his life as Chuck Shurley.

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Upon the release of The Darkness from her prison, God hid himself away in the "safest place on Earth", a bar, specifically crafted to keep The Darkness out.

Here, he began writing an autobiography which centered around his many adventures on Earth and his life as the prophet Chuck Shurley. However, God got stuck and could not complete the manuscript, so he summoned his former editor, Metatron, to his location so he could help finish it.

Metatron was at first excited, but he soon found that the manuscript lacked a lot of details, such as the existence of The Darkness, whom God did not want to be part of his story. As Metatron read on, he discovered the manuscript lacked mostly in balance, as many pages were devoted to less "juicy" stuff about Chuck's adventures, to the point where the archangels were featured in only two paragraphs.

Metatron provided God with advice to focus more on himself than his fake identity, and the advice did help improve the story, however, their conversation led Metatron to realize God's true intentions behind writing the autobiography, and with a deadline: God planned on letting his sister win.

In a desperate attempt to prevent this, Metatron pleaded with God to change his mind. Although God never voiced his decision to do so, he changed the direction of his story and turned it into what Metatron called a "suicide note", as Metatron's words had convinced God to sacrifice himself to give humanity a chance.

After God met with Sam and Dean, Metatron called them so he could show the brothers the manuscript and reveal God's plan to them. It took Dean confronting God about this for God to change his mind yet again.

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  • This is the first known work of God to not be penned under a false name, like with the Supernatural books.
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