This page comprises God's relationships with minor and recurring characters.

Romance[edit | edit source]

Becky Rosen[edit | edit source]

Chuck and Becky

Becky is a big fan of God, aka Chuck Shurley's the Supernatural books.

After Lucifer is released from his prison, Chuck contacts an excited Becky so she can pass a message onto Sam and Dean, which she immediately does after he tells her the events in his books are real.

Chuck and Becky attend a convention together about Supernatural. Here, Chuck is shown to have a crush on Becky, but Becky is oblivious to his advances as she only has eyes for Sam Winchester, whom she tricked into coming. After Chuck does something heroic, Becky decides to "break up" with Sam and go and be with Chuck. Later on, the two break up since Chuck claims to have "too much respect for her" while Becky thought it was due to her sexual drive.

Chuck reveals in "Don't Call Me Shurley" that Becky was among a handful of boyfriends and girlfriends he dated.

During Atomic Monsters, God goes to Becky's house for help. By this point, Becky has moved on and has a family while showing resentment to him on dumping her. After he pleas to her, she reluctantly lets him in her home. They catch up with him revealing his falling out with the Winchesters and his sister. He also learns that she is now a writer and selling supernatural merchandise. Becky also believes Chuck to still be a prophet and helps overcome his writer's block. After his initial draft fails to impress her, he tries again and his writing horrifies her, while he is enjoying the shock. When her family return, God then teleports them away and finally reveals his true identity. Becky is shocked but begs him to bring them back, though her pleas are ignored and he sends her away like her family, stating he can do whatever he wants because he's a writer. God then takes Becky's house as his new residence to write. Considering how God had no qualms killing humans but spared Becky, it can be assumed that God saw this as a favor for her helping him.

His Creations[edit | edit source]

God enjoys creating new life and objects, and is known to have created a vast array of things. A major reason why God had a poor relationship with his sister was due to her habit of destroying whatever he created. God's oldest known creation is the Archangels.

At some point, God created the Leviathans, but he deemed them too dangerous. He thought the same for the Hellhounds. He chose to lock the former away in Purgatory while the latter was set to be annihilated, although one survived.

He also created the Deities but their main purpose was to take the fall for him when natural disaster struck. Over time, some of the deities have forgotten the truth of their origins but some like Fortuna remember and hold a grudge against him.

When God created humans, he deemed them his greatest and most successful creation, and ordered the angels to bow and serve them. Despite his initial enthusiasm, God came to despise humanity for their destructive nature, and chose to no longer intervene in their affairs in hopes that they would improve on their own.

God eventually took on the identity of a man named Chuck Shurley, and he began enjoying the pleasures of human society. He never returned to Heaven, leaving his angelic children to do what they want.

Despite this, it seemed that God still maintained a level of care and compassion for humanity, as he helped the Winchesters defeat Lucifer and stop the Apocalypse, which would have annihilated them all, and though he was willing to let them be destroyed by Amara, Metatron was able to successfully reach out to God in the end to save humanity. God also ceased the chaos caused by his grandson.

However, after the Winchesters defied his will and opposed him, God, in his rage, decided to end his creations by unleashing souls from Hell and zombies to wipe them out. At this point, God became rather callous towards humanity, as he smote Amara's carer for no reason and in Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven, he sat casually among several dead humans and kept only one alive to serve him drinks.

It was mentioned in Moriah and Galaxy Brain that God created The Multiverse. In the latter episode, God realizes that none of these universes brought him joy and he began destroying all of his worlds besides of the Main Universe.

In Destiny's Child, Billie states God is nearly done wiping out the Multiverse and will soon turn his attention back to the Main Universe.

In Drag Me Away (From You), Billie reveals that God has completed his destruction of the multiverse and now there is nothing preventing him from returning to the main universe.

In Unity, God reveals that he has grown completely disillusioned with his creations: He had tried to enjoy watching over them but in his eyes, all they ever did is disappoint him. He wishes to start over and create new things with the help of his sister's power.

In Despair and Inherit the Earth, God wipes out all of humanity and shows absolutely no remorse for it, doing it just to punish Sam and Dean. After being stripped of his powers completely and made mortal, God, while accepting of his fate to die at the Winchesters hands, soon became horrified when he learned they were going to force him to live a mundane existence as just a part of the humanity he had created and forgotten about and dreaded and feared the idea of having to live as a mortal and die without any of his creations remembering him to the point where he was reduced to begging and groveling for the Winchesters for mercy, showing how God has gained such a negative opinion of the species he once favored that the idea of having to live like them is worse than dying.

Death[edit | edit source]

God and Death came into existence around the same time, however, neither can remember who is older. It was also said that "In the beginning" there was only God and Amara, so it is likely that Death came into being sometime after God.

According to Death, the two have met before though its unknown what kind of standing they had. Death mentions to Dean that he will be the one to reap God when the world ends.

Shortly before The Darkness was released Dean killed Death. Death was present during the creation of the Leviathans, and found them entertaining, while God did not. The two share a fondness for unhealthy food.

During Moriah, God remarked that he liked the old Death more than his successor Billie, since he was a go with the flow character.

Angels[edit | edit source]

When it comes to angels, he treats them like humanity as a whole, despite the fact that they are his own children, never revealing himself to them but a few, never interfering no matter what happens and letting them choose their own paths, despite them being vastly different from humans.

His relationship to angels is somewhat paradoxical: though angelkind was created to serve his will and none other, not even their own, he left them behind, expecting them to find their own path, despite it standing against the very purpose of their existence.

He also ordered them to bow before mankind, not asking for it or their opinion on the matter, as explained by Lucifer, which suggested that he expected their obedience and only cared for their free will later on. Since Lucifer, the first angel who disobeyed God, was banished to Hell, he pretty much made an example of him, as angels would come to connect free will to Lucifer, which kept them from pursuing it, and he never encouraged angels to pursue it, either (Though it's worth noting he didn't want to order them to help him fight Amara, and wished to gain their support on their own free will).

It's unknown how exactly angels were ruled during his reign of Heaven, but the changes that occurred when Michael replaced him after his departure suggest that the difference was only minimal, since Michael would naturally try to handle things like his father did.

Just like with humans, God came to view them with apathy and cynicism. When Metatron asked why he abandoned the angels, despite expressing some remorse, he bitterly replied that all of them had disappointed him, which wasn't entirely unfounded as Lucifer became his bitterest disappointment while Gadreel failed him and was put in the dungeons and the rest of the angels committed many horrible actions over the course of the years. Out of all of them, the archangels, his very oldest and mightiest sons and the only ones to have interacted with him in full, were the ones who disappointed him the most with their actions, as the very idea of telling more about the archangels in his auto-biography visibly irritated God. Metatron, due to his actions, was not granted back his powers and was just an editor to him, while Michael was left in the cage with God claiming he was in a broken state while he never actually was and though he supposedly favored Castiel, having rebuild him many times despite his sins, at the same time God openly professed on how he was displeased with the destruction caused by his actions by letting the Leviathans loose.

God has met a few of the angels personally and through them his opinion of both angels and humans somewhat changed as Metatron, a former corrupted angel helped him see the good of humanity even stating how much it changed him in a good way. God even tried making peace with Lucifer to get his aid in the fight with Amara and their talk was extremely tense.

When Lucifer/Castiel returned to Heaven for the angels' help against Amara, the angels wanted to hear this directly come from God after hearing that he was on Earth the whole time. They also locked up Heaven after hearing he was dying but seemed to open it up after the conflict was resolved by God being healed.

God also left Earth without creating more angels, seemingly not caring that the angels were going extinct.

During Galaxy Brain, God began destroying all of his worlds besides the main universes. By doing this, God wiped out most angels of alternate realities.

In Destiny's Child, Billie states God is nearly done wiping out the Multiverse and some of the angels.

In Drag Me Away (From You), Billie reveals that God has completed his destruction of the multiverse, leaving only a few dozen angels.

In Unity, God returned to the main universe and his sister brought him to Heaven. God was not at all eager to see his angel children and after becoming annoyed with him he sent them away but did not kill them, showing a little mercy.

Gadreel[edit | edit source]

Gadreel was said to have been God's most trusted angel, to whom he gave the task of protecting God's most valuable creations, the humans. Gadreel was posted outside the Garden of Eden, but failed to keep Lucifer out under unknown circumstances, thus leading to the corruption of mankind.

His failure was said to be the reason why God left, with Metatron stating that it broke God's heart to do so. As God had stated that his angelic children had disappointed him as a whole, it could be that as Lucifer had defied God at that point, Gadreel was the last angel whom God trusted, and Gadreel's failure was what ended God's trust in all the angels. Gadreel was subsequently imprisoned in Heaven, where he spent eons wishing to repent. He later died trying. It was never revealed what God thought of him afterwards.

Joshua[edit | edit source]

After departing Heaven, Joshua was the only angel God still talked to, though not face to face, and only one-sided. Joshua suggested that it was because God was lonely and they were able to understand each other as "gardener to gardener." They were close enough for God to reveal to him that he was on Earth, whereas other angels thought he was simply gone. God spoke to Joshua so much that he was infamous for it and Joshua could exert a degree of authority against more powerful angels, such as Zachariah by expressing God's will to them. When Zachariah chased the Winchesters through Heaven, God sent Joshua to save them and to give them the message to "back off". Unlike the high tier angels, Joshua appears to have faith that God will return to Heaven once more.

After The Apocalypse, it is shown God did not speak to Joshua anymore and Joshua tried to contact him with a charm after being cast out of Heaven by Metatron. Joshua later gave up on trying and returned to Heaven after Metatron was defeated. Castiel believed that Joshua still tended to God's throne room until the absence of a ruler drove Joshua to take charge himself. His rule was short-lived, and his death ended any chances of God speaking to him.

Lucifer[edit | edit source]

Lucifer was once God's most beloved and cherished son. God had also made him the most beautiful, and chose to entrust him with the Mark of Cain, believing Lucifer was strong enough to withstand it. Unfortunately, Lucifer was corrupted and developed a great deal of envy towards the newly-created humans. Lucifer regarded them as flawed, and refused to love them as God had commanded and rebelled, starting a civil war.

This caused God to cast Lucifer out of Heaven. To protect the humans, God assigned Gadreel, whom he now trusted most, to protect the humans. Gadreel failed in his mission, and Lucifer successfully corrupted them. God retaliated by creating a special Cage in Hell and ordered Michael to cast Lucifer into it. All of this caused Lucifer to feel deeply betrayed and resentful at God, leading him to start The Apocalypse. Lucifer's feelings were entirely returned as God saw him as his bitterest disappointment as he was God's greatest hope and he betrayed him. This was shown by how God coldly told Metatron that Lucifer is no longer his favorite.

Therapy session.

When the Apocalypse begun, God, despite him allowing his son to do as he pleased, eventually helped the Winchesters defeat Lucifer by providing Dean the location of the final battle. In Lucifer's eyes, the final battle to occur at Stull Cemetery was God's idea, since God had dictated that Lucifer would be killed by Michael. Lucifer accused God of making him the way he was because "God wanted the Devil!"

God never confirmed this accusation but at the same time he felt no remorse over Lucifer's re-imprisonment, which was made possible thanks to God, and even went as far as to indicate he helped the Winchesters imprison Lucifer once more partly out of spite and openly believed he was even worse than last time. However, God did seem to express some remorse for how Lucifer ended up, as he informed Metatron that Lucifer "was not a villain".

Years later, Lucifer escaped the Cage a second time and with Castiel as his vessel, God's current "favorite" son. When Lucifer fell into Amara's clutches and suffered severe torture to lure God out, God, continuing to hold great bitterness and rage at Lucifer's disappointment, did nothing. Indeed, merely suggesting he rescue Lucifer caused God to lash out at Sam and Dean. In spite of this, Lucifer defended God's name while speaking to Amara and agreed to help defeat Amara with God, showing Lucifer ultimately preferred God over Amara. In the end, Lucifer was rescued by Sam Winchester, who was driven to retrieve the archangel without God's help. God assisted near the end of the rescue mission by transporting the Impala back to the Bunker, Lucifer in tow, though he claimed it was due to "a prayer".

Father and son were reunited for the first time in eons, and the first thing they said to each other was how much the other had changed. God healed Lucifer of his injuries, and tried his best to communicate peacefully with him, but Lucifer was dismissive towards God, and became furious when God put a safe guard on Sam and Dean to prevent Lucifer from harming them. Lucifer did not believe one "cosmic band aid" was enough to make up for the years of neglect, and Lucifer proceeded to throw a tantrum until God was willing to apologize.

The two agreed to speak to one another at Sam and Dean's insistence. Initially, God put all the blame on Lucifer, but eventually admitted that he had made the mistake of choosing favorites, of expecting too much from Lucifer when he handed him the Mark, and locking him away for his own mistake. He apologized, and Lucifer forgave him.

They joined each other in the assault against Amara, but God's plan to re-imprison Amara failed. Lucifer tried to rescue his father from his enraged aunt, but was forcibly removed from his vessel while God was left to die on the floor. Due to Dean's intervention, God and Amara reconciled, and together they departed the Earth without a second thought.

Lucifer was left feeling betrayed, used, manipulated and abandoned. His anger and misery soon drove him to mercilessly manipulate, kill and torture humans since God's actions gave him no reason to care about them or anything. Lucifer was left with no plan but a desire to seek out fun and cause destruction, much to the chagrin of the Winchesters. Lucifer felt God's apology was only a tactical move to gain his support, though how much of this is true remains unconfirmed.

During a talk with Jack, Lucifer called God a strict guy but remarked he should have cut him some slack about being a father. When Gabriel stated God was right to imprison Lucifer since he was jealous of humanity and corrupted them to prove a point, Lucifer was reduced to tears.

It is unknown how reacted to Lucifer's death but the fact that he had no problem killing Lucifer's son Jack show he had no qualms in silencing the Archangel's legacy.

In Inherit the Earth, God resurrected Lucifer and had him go to the Men of Letters bunker to collect his Chuck's Death Book. Despite his previous resume and if his father abandoning him Lucifer appear to let it gloated to Michael that he was now the favorite son. Lucifer also want to Jack to work with God but it is unknown whether he would've done that. Because of Lucifer's words, Michael ultimately killed him to regain favor in the eyes of his father. God showed no remorse in the death of his son showing that he was merely using him as a pawn.

Metatron[edit | edit source]

Metatron was an ordinary angel who was assigned to be God's Scribe by God himself, since he was "the closest to the door" when God walked into the room. When Metatron wrote down God's word, they presumably had a good time together, since Metatron claimed to have made God laugh twice. Both departed from Heaven after the first Heavenly war, each taking up residence on Earth.

Working together.

After the Darkness was unleashed, God brought Metatron to his hiding place so he could help edit his newly-written autobiography. At first, Metatron isn't aware of him being God instead a talentless writer and insulted his work. This all occurred before God reveals he is aware of his actions and shows his true form which causes Metatron to become surprised and excited at seeing him as he takes back his words. They talk for a while and God appeared to not hold too much resentment over Metatron's actions but at the same time he still appeared uncomfortable with what Metatron had did and punished him by not giving him back his powers. Metatron soon question God's abandoning of him and the angels as he asked the reason with God stating he disappointed him along with his creations. Metatron even insulted him, which resulting in God throwing him out of the bar and insult him by stating he was nothing special. Despite this, Metatron was gleeful at this and they talked more.

They soon discussed Metatron's attempt to be God, which he states was for attention. Metatron then turned to God's true intention to sacrifice himself and let the Darkness destroy the world. He pleads with his father to assist humanity as they never gave up, with his words being a success.

Metatron is later killed during a rescue mission by the Darkness and its unknown what God's reaction was to his death.

Michael[edit | edit source]

It's always been my destiny to serve you.
in Inherit the Earth

Michael is God's firstborn son. For most of his life, Michael sought to be "the good son" by doing whatever God wanted. When ordered to bow to mankind, Michael bowed, and when ordered to cast Lucifer into Hell, Michael did just that. Shortly after this, however, God departed from Heaven without a word, forcing Michael to take up leadership of Heaven for eons. After Lucifer was locked away, it seemed that Michael became God's favorite, as God told Michael his secret fear which Metatron notes on the Demon Tablet: that the same spell that he used to trap the Darkness can be used on God.

Despite Michael's good intentions, it is implied God is disappointed in him just like he was with his other creations.

Thinking the Apocalypse was God's wish, Michael decided to let it happen, and punished any angel who disagreed with his plans. When confronting Lucifer at Stull Cemetery, Michael refused to back down for he believed he was doing God's will. However, God, clearly not planning on having Michael and Lucifer destroy much of the planet, doomed Michael into being imprisoned in Lucifer's Cage without hesitation by helping the Winchesters interrupt their fight, never expressing any remorse over it. God noted that Michael was in no condition to help in the fight against Amara and showed no obligation to release him from the Cage.

However, in truth Michael never went insane and God and Lucifer had been lying about his insanity. Michael and his vessel Adam Milligan would be released from Hell after God opened all of the doors there as part of his plan to end the world. Michael retained loyalty to God, as he squashed Adam's beliefs of the latter betraying him and leaving him to rot. Despite this, Michael refused Lilith's offer to go see his father, who called on him and killed the demon after she persisted. Michael eventually admitted to Adam that he felt that doubting God would mean doubting everything Michael has been and believed in as God's Good and Favorite Son, causing Adam to remind Michael that God had abandoned Michael in Lucifer's Cage. Castiel in turn thinks that Michael was only considered a pawn by God who didn't care much for the archangel. Even when Castiel berated him for his misguided faith, Michael refused to consider it and attacked his brother for his words. Castiel took this opportunity to show the archangel his memories of God's betrayal such as God's masquerade as the prophet Chuck, the fight with the Darkness, the murder of his nephew Jack and the Apocalypse World Michael.

Completely disillusioned by these revelations, particularly the fact that he is not in fact the only Michael in existence as Michael had previously believed, Michael turns on God. Michael provides Dean and Castiel with the spell God used to trap the Darkness which Michael believes will work on God as well in his weakened state and provides the two a twelve-hour rift to Purgatory to get the Leviathan Blossom they will need for the spell. However, Michael refuses to aid in the fight against God further than that.

God destroys Michael for his betrayal.

Once God initiated the Rapture, Michael sought refuge in a church. While he himself was spared, Adam was killed along with everyone else. This finally pushed Michael to ally with the Winchesters against God and find a way to kill him. However, Lucifer was resurrected by God to assist him in stopping the Winchesters' plan, while Michael was never even contacted. The eldest Archangel became enraged at the revelation and once again sought to regain his father's approval. After killing his own brother, Michael betrayed the Winchesters and revealed their plan to God. Michael came face-to-face with his father for the first time in millennia and was pleased to see him again while God thanked him for giving him the heads up about the Winchesters. Despite his complete devotion, even saying that his destiny had always been to serve his father, God doesn't forgive him for siding with the Winchesters to begin with while Michael begs for his father's understanding and forgiveness. God ultimately killed Michael for his betrayal, showing no remorse for the act. However this proved to be his downfall is killing Michael released a large quantity of power that Jack had absorbed and used to overpower God and drain him of his powers.

Raphael[edit | edit source]

At an unknown point, God under his guise as Chuck Shurley was recognized by Heaven as a Prophet, so Raphael became his protector and guardian. Raphael was unaware that Chuck was in fact God, as he believed God to be dead and the world no longer had a god. Despite his belief, Raphael showed respect towards God as he defended him from Dean's words but showed resentment to him for leaving Heaven.

When Lilith came in contact with Chuck, Raphael descended upon the motel room they were in, with the intent of smiting the demon, until she fled. When Castiel rebelled, Raphael descended again and destroyed Castiel, as well as much of the inside of Chuck's house. He did not appear to Chuck again after that.

Raphael seemed to have changed his view of God being dead as he doubted he'd resurrect Castiel a third time. It is unknown how God may have reacted to Raphael's death, but the fact that he resurrected Castiel despite his murder of Raphael clearly showed that God saw Raphael's actions as a threat and did not regret his death.

Gabriel[edit | edit source]

His fourthborn son. Gabriel was the only one of the Archangels to agree with God's view on humanity and readily bowed to them. Like his father, Gabriel left Heaven out of disgust for his family's fighting and stayed on Earth for centuries. Gabriel did not appear to resent God for leaving and still loved him though mocked Castiel's search for him. God also chose not to resurrect Gabriel in the fight against The Darkness. He was unaware Gabriel faked his death and concealed his presence from him for years. Gabriel also pointed God left his creations behind and he could do the same as he refused to help with Alternate Michael. After Gabriel decided to help, he defended God from Lucifer after the latter talked about him to Jack (God's grandson). He even stated God was right to imprison Lucifer since he was jealous of humanity and corrupted them to prove a point.

Zachariah[edit | edit source]

God and Zachariah.

Zachariah was shown to be dismissive of God since he wasn't ruling Heaven anymore, telling Dean that "God's left the building" with a distinct lack of respect. Despite this, Zachariah still remained afraid of God as he appeared frightened when Castiel implied he was the one who resurrected him and when Joshua conveyed a message from God to release the Winchesters and reminded Zachariah "you know how he is about that whole wrath thing." This was enough to get Zachariah to back off for a time but he soon resumed his efforts to get Dean to say "yes" despite God's orders.

Zachariah unknowingly met God while he was posing as a Prophet named Chuck Shurley and was somewhat rude to him even stating he was expendable since he'd be resurrected if he died. God knew Zachariah was his son though gave off the belief that he didn't know the angel but most likely withheld this to hide his cover from his children.

Others[edit | edit source]

Adam[edit | edit source]

Adam was the very first human and resided in the Garden of Eden with the rest of mankind. It appeared God and Adam got along before the latter was expelled from the Garden of Eden after Gadreel was tricked by from the archangel Lucifer. Lucifer then manipulated Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, and as a result they were expelled from the Garden. Though he tells Jack he understands why God kicked them out, Adam, in fact, grew to hate him, still voicing feelings of abandonment 300,000 years later.

Despite how things ended, it appeared God still thought fondly of Adam. This was seen when he and Rowena MacLeod were bonding and shared an opinion on children.

Marie[edit | edit source]

Marie is a school girl responsible for creating a Supernatural fan fictional musical. Although this attracted the attention of the deity Calliope, Sam and Dean were able to save the day. God, as the publisher of the story, came to see the musical and was greeted by Maria. She asked him what he thought, despite the imperfections. God answered that it was "Not bad" and smiled.

Mistress Magda[edit | edit source]

Mistress Magda

Before the confrontation at Stull Cemetery, Chuck awaited for a call from a Mistress Magda, who was shown to be a blonde bombshell wearing a bikini on a magazine or newspaper on his desk. Whether or not she ever called or dated Chuck remains unclear, but she was most likely a reference to Mary Magdalene, a woman Jesus Christ was said to have been in love with.

Rowena MacLeod[edit | edit source]

God: Rowena. Crowley. It's good to finally to meet you in person.
Rowena: Sorry about, well everything I've ever done in my life. Really, y-you can't have been a fan.
God: Oh yeah, I've been quietly been rooting against you both for some time now. Although, I can't deny... you're one of my guilty pleasures.
Rowena: [Gleeful] Oh, God!

God and Rowena.

Originally, Rowena didn't seem to acknowledge God but was shocked to hear Amara was his sister, stating people would burn at the stake for suggesting he had a sister.

Rowena initially didn't want to aid God, since she didn't serve anyone but agreed. Upon meeting her inside a warehouse, God showed no ill will and greeted her casually. Rowena was very shocked to meet him in person, she meekly apologized for everything she did in her life, as God admitted to quietly rooting against Rowena for some time. Though he confessed that she was one of his "guilty pleasures", much to her delight and to the disgust of Crowley and Dean.

During the attack against Amara, Rowena sided with God and his allies. After God was left fatally injured by Amara, Rowena spent most of her time tending to him and helping him stand. Although God was well aware of Rowena's nature to snuggle up to powerful individuals, he still found her kindness a comfort. The two also shared an opinion on children. Their bonding session was acknowledged by Crowley when he told God that he would not be calling him "Dad".

After God left the Earth with his sister, he left a profound effect on Rowena. Having spent all her life desiring for power because it would bring true happiness, Rowena realized from God and Amara that power did not in fact bring happiness, since the two most powerful beings in the Universe still struggled over sibling rivalry.

God is indirectly responsible for Rowena's final death, due to him opening the gates to hell and causing her to sacrifice herself.

Crowley[edit | edit source]

God: Hello, my children!
Crowley: Him?

God knew about Crowley, as he was aware that Bela Talbot had given him The Colt after Becky mentioned it to Sam in Season 5. He claims to have forgotten about it, when Sam brought it up to him.

In Season 11, Crowley unknowingly found God's older sister when she was in the form of a child. Later on, he was shocked to learned that God had relatives after the Winchesters inform him and annoyed that he let such leverage go.

Upon meeting him inside a warehouse, God showed no ill will and greeted the demon casually. Crowley was very shocked to meet him in person, questioning the Winchesters that its really God before him. God casually greeted Crowley and admitted to quietly rooting against Crowley and Rowena for some time. Crowley was also disgusted by Rowena's flirting of God, as was Dean.

During the attack against Amara, Crowley sided with God and his allies. After God was left fatally injured by Amara, Crowley watched as Rowena spent most of her time tending to him and helping him stand. Their bonding session made Crowley remark to God that he would not be calling him "Dad".

Donatello Redfield[edit | edit source]

Donatello meets God.

Donatello is a recent Prophet.

Donatello's hometown fell victim to Amara's fog, leaving him the sole survivor after he became a prophet.

Donatello was originally an atheist until he learned of God from Sam and Dean. When God heard of Donatello, he was told not to be too flashy with his identity. In contrast, Donatello was very excited to see him and happily greeted him. Donatello even apologized for his previous lack of faith though God told him that he was given free will. Donatello joined in saving Lucifer from Amara who nearly killed his group until God apported them to the bunker.

During Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven, God possesses Donatello and reveals he can speak through prophets to get the Winchesters to cease trying to defy him.

Sera Siege[edit | edit source]

Sera was Chuck's publisher, who also knew him by his "real name", Chuck Shurley, and not just Carver Edlund. She is among few people encountered by the Winchesters who enjoys the Supernatural books, and wishes more people would enjoy them too. Like most fans, she wears a fake anti-possession tattoo.

Lilith[edit | edit source]

They met in The Monster at the End of This Book, where he was masquerading as Chuck and he pretended to fear her reputation. Later on, Dean used him to get Raphael to threaten her to back off and she did so.

In Proverbs 17:3, Lilith is resurrected from The Empty by God to retrieve The Equalizer, the gun God created to kill Jack. Lilith was annoyed by God's methods, which included not killing the Winchesters. She implied fear of him, as she stated he strictly ordered her to abide.

During Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven, God instructed Lilith to find the recently-escaped Michael. Lilith mentioned God to Michael who is uninterested in what the demon has to say. Lilith reminds Michael that they worked together to release Lucifer and bring about the Apocalypse, while also revealing God came back on his own but Michael continues to refuse. Lilith was unwilling to let down God, though repeated nagging infuriated Michael who obliterates Lilith in a blast of white light, leaving behind only a pile of ashes where Lilith was sitting. God showed no reaction to her death, showing he used her as a pawn.

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