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Meg speaking into a goblet filled with blood.

A Goblet of Blood is an object used as a common form of communication between demons, but is not limited to them. The angels can use it as well, but grudgingly and only as a last resort.


The goblet itself is a rather large silver or brazen in color. It depicts numerous distorted faces, possibly that of demons or humans in pain.

The goblet requires blood from a human. This is usually procured fresh, most commonly from the slit throat of a victim. Once the goblet is filled with blood, the user recites a ritual and stirs the blood. The contents of the goblet then lights up and/or bubbles, indicating the goblet is ready for use. The goblet is sometimes depicted with a matching knife of similar design and color. However, it has been shown that the blood does not necessarily need to be spilled by use of a special knife.

This method of communication is very effective and appears infallible. It can work over large distances, and even through different dimensions, such as from Earth to Hell. As a magical object, it still functions even when used on an alternate reality where magic does not exist.


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