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Glythur was a god from an alternate reality and the mate of Yokoth.


Together with his mate Yokoth, Glythur consumed most of his universe. He and Yokoth were also the parents of "faceless hordes."

In 1925, rogue Man of Letters Diego Avila decided to cleanse the Earth of the Main Universe in order to "bring a new paradise." To this end, Diego decided to use a ritual to open a rift between the Main Universe and Yokoth and Glythur's world to bring the two gods to the Main Universe. Diego succeeded in opening a rift, and tentacles emerged before latching onto Sandy Porter, allowing Yokoth to take the girl as her vessel. Yokoth proceeded to consume Diego and most of the rogue Men of Letters before trying to bring Glythur to Earth. Before she could succeed, the survivors managed to close the rift, trapping Glythur on his side of it while Yokoth was bound on Earth as she could not be killed.

In 2018, Yokoth was inadvertently released by hunters Sam and Dean Winchester. Seizing her chance, Yokoth abducted Dean to reopen the rift between universes and have Glythur take Dean as his vessel. Yokoth succeeded in reopening the rift and performed a summoning spell for Glythur. Glythur's tentacles emerged through the rift and attempted to latch onto Dean, who managed to dodge the tentacles despite being chained down.

As Glythur's tentacles started to wrap around Dean to hold him down, Sam arrived with Marco and Ophelia Avila and attacked Yokoth. As Yokoth was distracted, Dean managed to free his right hand, snatch the Seal of Solomon, and toss it to Ophelia, who cast a reversal spell to close the rift. As the rift closed, Glythur was sucked back into his own universe, but not before wrapping his tentacles around Yokoth and dragging her back with him.

In 2020, God begins destroying all other universes. Billie eventually informs Dean that God has destroyed all of the alternate universes, meaning that Yokoth and Glythur's world is gone and that they died with it.

Powers and Abilities[]

Most of Glythur's powers are unknown. He at least possessed standard deity powers, but he was indicated to be an extremely powerful deity who helped Yokoth destroy his universe.

  • Possession - In order to manifest in the Main Universe, Glythur attempted to possess Dean Winchester.
  • Reality Warping - He, along with his mate, Yokoth, destroyed most of their universe by consuming it.
  • Super Strength - Glythur's tentacles were strong enough to effortlessly yank Yokoth back through a closing rift.
  • Immortality- Being a deity, Glythur was immortal and unaffected by age or disease.
  • Indestructibility - Like Yokoth, he was indestructible and couldn't be destroyed.


  • Higher Beings - Chuck was able to destroy Glythur's whole universe along with him.


  • He, along Yokoth, are inspired by the Outer Gods from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu-mythos.