Gloria Lewellen Jacobson was a young woman who acted as the vessel for the angel Hael.


Gloria was a nineteen-year-old girl who, after the angels fell, agreed to be the vessel of Hael. However, Gloria was a weak vessel and quickly started deteriorating under the power of Hael. After finding Castiel, Hael intended to get Castiel to say "Yes" to her possessing him instead as he had a stronger vessel. In order to stop Hael, Castiel purposefully crashed her car, sending Hael flying through the windshield and mangling Gloria's body. Instead of trying to heal her, Hael demanded that Castiel say Yes or she'd broadcast his location on "angel radio", forcing Castiel to kill Hael and Gloria with Hael's angel blade. Later, while looking for Castiel, Sam found a report on Gloria's death and recognized it as an angel kill and the first clue to Castiel's location.


Killed ByEdit

In order to stop Hael from taking him as a vessel or alerting the other angels to his location, Castiel killed her with an angel blade. As Hael's vessel, Gloria was killed as well.


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