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You think his friends just called him Yellow Eyes? He had a name.
This article is about a canonical individual whose real name is unknown, and is known only by a conjectural title, nickname or alias.

This unnamed angel worked as an enforcer for Malachi's Faction.


Season 9[]

After the angels Fell, this angel was able to acquire a vessel in the form of the leader of Melody Ministry Glee Club and joined Malachi's Faction as an enforcer. On the orders of Malachi, this angel led the Melody Ministry Glee Club, now all possessed by angels working for Malachi to a biker bar in Caribou, Wyoming where they faced off with ten angels from Bartholomew's Faction who were using bikers as vessels. After a brief stand-off, the two factions of angels engaged in battle, leaving Bartholomew's angels dead.

Following the slaughter of Bartholomew's angels, Malachi called for a high-level meeting between himself and Bartholomew and brought this angel along as a bodyguard along with Theo. After things don't go well, the glee club angel and Theo kill the two bodyguards of Bartholomew's Assistant while Malachi kills the assistant himself to send a message to Bartholomew.

Malachi later assigns the glee club angel to preach to a bible study group of college kids in Utah to gain his followers more vessels. Taking the kids out into the woods, the glee club angel is able to successfully get them to accept possession. However, as the angels descend, Bartholomew's faction retaliates against Malachi, killing the glee club angel with an angel blade through the back and smiting the potential vessels she had gathered.

Powers and Abilities[]

The angel appeared to be a regular low-ranking angel with the abilities of such.



Killed By[]

In the ongoing war between Bartholomew's Faction and Malachi's Faction, a group of Bartholomew's angels attacked a gathering where this angel was attempting to gather new vessels for the angels loyal to Malachi. At the start of the attack, one of the angels loyal to Bartholomew killed her with an angel blade through the back.


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