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Gimme Shelter is the 15th episode of Season 15. It aired on October 15, 2020.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Castiel and Jack work a case involving members of a local church. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean go off in search of Amara (guest star Emily Swallow).


At the food line at the Patchwork Community Center, a homeless woman sits down while the attendants talk about her. One of them says that Conner should get the woman out. As Conner Todd goes over, Pastor Joe stops him and Conner says that they have house rules about people being clean. Joe tells Conner to have compassion with the woman, and Conner agrees and takes food over to the woman. She takes it, and Conner leaves.

Later, Conner is walking home and hears a man calling to him by name, from a nearby alley. Conner nervously goes into the alley, and hears the same man calling from behind him. Conner backs up and trips, and discovers that he tripped over a teddy bear. He picks it up and the teddy bears speaks to him, and someone puts a noose around Conner's head, strangles him, and drags him away.

At the bunker, Sam tells Dean about the murder of a local man in Missouri, and Sam thought it was a case but now he doesn't. Dean has found an article about a power failure in Atlantic City, but the local crews haven't found anything wrong. He's more interested in a big keno jackpot that an Atlantic City casino is putting up, and figures that Amara is there because of the darkness and that Chuck said she likes keno. Sam figures that it's weak, but Dean says weak is all they have.

When Castiel comes in, Dean tells him what he's found and that he and Sam are going to Atlantic City. The angel figures he should go with them because Amara is dangerous. The brothers go back to the main room and find Jack looking over Sam's research about the kid killed in Missouri. Sam figures that it's nothing, and Dean suggests that Castiel and Jack check it out. Castiel isn't too thrilled, but Dean says that he wanted to stay busy. Jack is eager to investigate, and Sam agrees with Dean. The angel gives in and the brothers check out, and Jack goes to get his suit.

In Missouri, Castiel and Jack talk to Sheriff Adams at the alleyway. She figures Jack is a newbie, and Jack and Castiel play along. Adams explains that they're in the "trap zone", and someone carved the word "liar" on Conner's body. The killer cut off each of his fingers and shoved them down his throat, and they found Marvelous Marvin the Talking Teddy nearby. There was a speaker nearby in a fake rock, and the police caught video of someone in a mask planting the speaker. Jack figures that it's demonic.

That night at a crossroad, Castiel puts a photo of himself inside a box. Jack checks Conner's social media presence, and a crossroad demon, Zack, arrives, and asks if he can be of service. Jack asks Zack who killed Conner, and Zack says that he didn't and realizes that Castiel is an angel. Zack says that it's wasn't a demon, and no demon is making deals because of Rowena's orders.

When Castiel says that they should go, Zack offers to help because he's bored with the lack of work. Ignoring the demon, Castiel and Jack figure the killer was a human, and they should go back to the bunker and wait for the Winchesters. The angel says that they should stay and help.

One of the volunteers, Valerie Jones, is cleaning up late at the Patchless Community Center, and takes money out of the donation box when she thinks no one is looking. As she goes out to her car, a man calls her name from inside the center. Valerie starts to make a call, and then the man--wearing the mask from the video-comes at her.

That night, Castiel calls Dean and tells him what they found about Rowena. The angel says that they learned from Adams that Valerie is dead, and she was a member of the same church volunteer group as Conner. Once Dean hangs up, Sam wants to talk about them finding setting Amara up for her death. Dean says that they knew there was going to be a catch, and this time it isn't either of them.

Joe is talking to two of the volunteers about Conner's death. Jack comes in and talks to one of the volunteers, Sylvia. He says that he wants to join them, and Sylvia hands him a clipboard and tells him to fill it out. Jack notices Joe, and Sylvia says that one of their members passed away. When Jack asks if she and Conner was close, Sylvia abruptly leaves.

Castiel comes in and Jack directs him to Joe. Castiel flashes his fake FBI badge and says that Valerie didn't make it home.

Valerie wakes up, gagged and tied to a chair with the mask and the word "Greed" on the nearby walls. Her hand is fastened to a finger severing device, and Valerie screams in terror. A monitor comes on, flashing the word "thief" over and over. The device activates, cutting off one of Valerie's fingers. A countdown clock appears on the monitor, counting down to three minutes, and Valerie continues screaming.

Jack gives the paperwork to Sylvia and another woman, and Sylvia tells him to hand out bagged lunch to homeless people and smile. When Jack tries to talk about Conner, Sylvia walks off to a nearby chair and sits down, crying. Jack comes over and apologizes for upsetting her, sits down next to Sylvia, and says that he's no good at it.

Sylvia admits that she and Conner watched old movies together when they were kids, and he was always there for her. Jack talks about how he lost his mother, and Sylvia talks about how her mother died three years ago. Sylvia admits that Joe is her father, and Jack talks about how he feels like he's letting his father won. She says that Jack is sweet and should put his faith in God, not people.

Joe says that someone might be targeting his faith-based community, and says that Rudy disappeared recently but there was no conflict. Castiel asks for Rudy's contact information. Sylvia comes in and asks if Joe has a minute. Joe abruptly dismisses her, and as Castiel goes he asks Joe if he cares about the people. Joe says that his wife crew up in the church and loved it, and the church people were more hardcore years ago. Joe bought the building, moved the church there, preached a gospel of love and service, and accepted anyone regardless of their faith and background.

Castiel asks what he means by backgrounds, and Joe says that Conner was gay. Joe admits that not everyone was happy with the change.

In Pennsylvania the brothers stop to refuel, and Sam gets a text about lane closures. Dean goes in to buy some snacks, and they find Amara waiting for them. She knew they were looking for her from Castiel's "angelic APB", and says that they'll talk over lunch.

When the clocks counts from 3 to 0, the device cuts off another of Valerie's fingers. A message on the monitor says "Time is running out" and it starts counting down again from three minutes.

Jones leads a prayer group for the church volunteers as Castiel looks on. The pastor welcomes there newest member, Jack, and asks Jack to give testimony and "share his journey". Jack hesitates, at a loss for words, and Castiel offers to do it. When Joe agrees, Castiel steps forward and say that he used to follow orders without question and never looked beyond the plan no matter how much pain he caused. When it all came crashing down, he didn't know what his purpose was.

One day, Castiel found a family and became a father. In that, he rediscovered his faith and who he was. Castiel looks at Jack, who looks back at him.

Later, Joe approaches Jack at the food line. Jack asks how Joe brought so many people of different faiths together, and Joe says that he tells people that it's about what they do and should leave their faith at the doors. Once Joe leaves, the TV flashes the countdown on the monitor, and then video of Valerie losing her third finger. A message flashes up saying "You won't save her", and Jack looks at the cable leading to the TV. Castiel arrives and says that he knows who might have done it.

At a deli, as the Winchesters watch Amara eat, Dean says that they need her help to take Chuck down. Sam says that he saw Chuck's memories earlier, and he asked Amara for help. Amara doesn't want to betray her brother, but says that there's nothing the Winchesters can do to stop him. Dean explains that soon Jack will be strong enough to overpower Chuck, and they need Amara's help to trap Chuck.

Amara considers and refuses, and tells the Winchesters that she and Chuck are the same. She explains that they're twins, creation and destruction, and when they split apart, reality was created. Dean points out that Chuck betrayed Amara, and she says that caging Chuck would cause him agony and she can't do that.

Castiel and Jack break into Rudy's apartment, and figure Joe lied to them about how Rudy left. There are computers and monitors in the apartment, and the duo find Rudy's long-dead corpse tied to a bed in the next room, the word "Lust" written on the wall above him.

The brothers leave the deli, and as they drive off Sam figures that it's best. Dean stops the Impala's engine and tells Sam that he's going to ask Amara something. He goes in and asks Amara why she brought Mary back. Dean tells her that her "experiment came to a not-so-happy ending, and asks what her points was. Amara says that she wanted Dean to see that Mary was just a person rather than the "myth" he held on. She says that the second reason she brought Mary back was to "release" Dean and dim his anger. Amara admits that she failed at that, and Dean furiously agrees.

Dean tells Amara that she's just like Chuck, stuck in a story because of Chuck's. He says that they're all trapped, just like Amara and everyone else, and Chuck doesn't care about Amara. Amara asks Dean if she can trust him, and Dean says that he would never hurt her. All Amara says is that she'll think about helping them trap Chuck.

After Castiel and Jack return to the center and tell Joe and Sylvia what happened, Sylvia goes out and her friend goes out and tells her Joe is freaking out. He didn't call the police because Castiel and Jack told him not to. Her friend says that she posted the news on her feed, and Sylvia stabs her and says that she believes but her friend never did.

Later, Joe finds the friend gasping on the steps and tells her that he's called 911. The friend tells him that Sylvia is in the storage room Joe goes to the storage room and Castiel tells Jack to follow her.

Jack's wound heals instantly after Sylvia stabs him

In the storage room, Joe finds Valerie strapped to the chair. Sylvia puts a knife to his throat and says that the volunteers worship him, not God. She tosses him to the floor, and Jack asks Sylvia to let him help her. Sylvia says that he's just a scared boy and is nothing. She then stabs him the chest but he is not harmed and the wound heals instantly.

Startled by what she sees, Sylvia questions Jack on what he is before Castiel comes in and renders Sylvia unconscious with a touch. He pulls Valerie free and tells Jack to get the police, then heals Valerie's fingers while Joe looks on. Valerie wakes up and stares at her restored fingers and Castiel in astonishment, and Joe asks Castiel what he is.

The next morning, the police take Sylvia away while Castiel tells Joe that he's an angel. They watch Sylvia get taken away, and Joe says that whatever happens to Sylvia, she won't be alone. Zack is the officer taking Sylvia away. Meanwhile, Joe says that he'll make sure Sylvia gets the help she needs, and he should have been taking care of her instead of everyone else.

Castiel heals Valerie

That night, Castiel and Jack drive back to the bunker. Castiel tells Jack that he's shouldering a great burden and doesn't have to shoulder it alone. Jack says that he does, and tells Castiel that he's going to die. When he kills Chuck and Amara, he'll die as well. Billie's spell has been turning him into a bomb, and when it "goes off" he won't survive. Jack asks Castiel not tell Sam and Dean because they won't understand, and figures it's the only way they'll ever forgive him for killing Mary. Castiel says that he won't watch Jack die again. Jack puts a hand on his "father's" shoulder and tells him that it's not his choice.

The Winchesters return to the bunker and Dean takes a drink. Castiel comes in alone and tells Dean that Jack is in his room. When Dean asks about the case, Castiel says that they solved it and saved some people. Dean tells his friend that he thinks Amara is onboard, and Castiel says that he's looking for another way to kill Chuck. He informs Dean that he and Sam need to know something if he doesn't make it back.[1]


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  • Steve Bacic as Pastor Joe
  • Nicole Muñoz as Sylvia
  • Sara Southey as Valerie Jones
  • Meghan Drew as Sylvia's Friend
  • Thabo Ketshabetswe as Mitch
  • Adam Beauchesne as Zack
  • Mark Dozlaw as Conner Todd
  • Beatrice Zeilinger as Sheriff Adams
  • Wonita Joy as Center Worker

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  • This episode is a reference to the song of the same name by Rolling Stones.
  • This is the 15th episode of season 15 and coincidentally it aired on October 15th.
  • This is the rare case of an episode with a purely human bad guy, though supernatural beings still appear.
  • Two co-stars present in this episode portrayed another character from previous episodes:
  • It's shown that Castiel has gotten over holding his FBI badge upside down while Jack has taken to doing so.
  • Castiel is once again driving a different truck.
  • Dean mentions Chuck saying that Amara loves keno, a reference to when the Winchesters asked Chuck about Amara in Moriah.
  • The picture that Castiel uses to summon the Crossroad Demon is an image of himself from Tombstone.
  • When Jack creates his own social media account, his full name is once again given as Jack Kline.
  • According to Zack, a Crossroad Demon, Rowena has ordered no more deals in her reign. However, Zack appears to be breaking this rule at the end of the episode, driving away with the killer Sylvia while dressed up as a deputy, either suggesting that he intends to break Rowena's rule on not making deals or he really wanted to help solve a human crime and drive a car as he suggested to Castiel.
  • According to Amara, Chuck is "very nearly done" destroying other universes.
  • Castiel is shown to be able to heal severed fingers, something that he had previously done off-screen for Kevin Tran in A Little Slice of Kevin.
  • It's revealed that Death's story about the Darkness existing before God had been a lie. Chuck and Amara are in actuality twins and their separation is what caused existence to be created. Sam compares it with the Big Bang. To destroy them, Billie's plan is to poetically turn Jack into a bomb.
  • Amara reveals that she resurrected Mary Winchester in order to get Dean to see that Mary was just a person and that Dean's myth of a better life had she lived was just a myth. Amara had hoped that seeing that the real complicated Mary would help Dean to finally accept his life and to let go of his anger.
  • Jack reveals that he's going to die taking out Chuck and Amara. Billie's spells has been turning him into some kind of bomb and when he goes off, God and Amara will cease to exist and Jack won't survive it. As a result, Castiel is determined to find another way.
  • А reference to the series Highway to Heaven was made twice. Zack also makes an indirect reference to the WB's Lucifer where there are "angels solving people crimes."
  • Castiel and Jack introduce themselves with fake surnames (Swift and Lovato), which is a reference to two famous singers (Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato).
  • Sheriff Adams compares Jack to Baby Yoda. This is a fan name for Grogu, a powerful baby character in a famous TV series Star Wars: The Mandalorian.


  • Dean: Chuck said Amara loves keno.
  • Sam: I thought he was kidding.
  • Dean: He's not that funny.

  • Jack: Sam was right. It's not a monster.
  • Castiel: Well, he was half right. Sometimes humans can be the worst kind of monsters.

  • Dean: Hey, man, Billie called us "Messengers of God's Destruction," okay? Did you think that was, what, gonna be easy? Bloodless? Mnh-mnh. We knew there was gonna be a catch. Least this time it's not you or me.

  • Castiel: My name is, um -- well, my name is not important. I do know what blind faith is. I used to just follow orders without question, and I did some pretty terrible things. I would never look beyond the plan. And then, of course, when it all came crashing down, I found myself lost. I didn't know what my purpose was anymore. And then one day, something changed, something amazing. I... I guess I found a family and I became a father. And in that, I rediscovered my faith. I rediscovered who I am.

  • Amara: Apologies, Dean, but you don't get anything. You see me sitting across from you. You see a woman. You see Chuck as a squirrely weirdo. But you can't imagine what we really are. We came into existence together. We are the same.
  • Sam: The former Death, he told us you were the firstborn.
  • Amara: Or he told you what you needed to hear. Chuck and I, we're twins. Creation and destruction, light and dark, balance. And when we split apart, all this was created.
  • Sam: The Big Bang?
  • Dean: When you split? So, when... when he threw you in a cage. When he betrayed you, when he trapped you for an eternity.
  • Amara: You can't play on that, not with me. Maybe I'm a fool, but I believe caging me hurt him deeply. And I know for me to do that to him would be an agony. I'm sorry. I can't help you.

  • Dean: Why?
  • Amara: I told you Dean, he's my--
  • Dean: No, no. No. Why did you bring her back? You said that you wanted to show me something, that you wanted to, uh, to teach me something. I don't know if you were following along, but your little experiment, it came to a not-so happy ending. My mom is dead. So what exactly did you want to show me? What was the point?
  • Amara: I wanted two things for you, Dean. I wanted you to see that your mother was just a person, that the myth you'd held onto for so long of a better life, a life where she'd lived was just that, a myth. I wanted you to see that the real complicated Mary was better than your childhood dream because she was real. That now is always better than then. That you could finally start to accept your life.

  • Dean: I'm not angry, Amara. I'm furious to know that all my life, I've been nothing but a hamster in a wheel stuck in a story. And you know whose fault that is? Chuck's. And it ain't just me. We're all trapped. Sam and Cas and Jack and even you. And you want to talk about the people that he's killing right now--
  • Amara: Stop.
  • Dean: Why? He's not stopping. And you're doing nothing to stop it. Think he gives a rat's ass about you? Well, now who's living in a dreamworld?
  • Amara: Can I... trust you?
  • Dean: I would never hurt you.
  • Amara: Then... I-I'll think about it.

  • Jack: I'm gonna die. When we -- when I kill Chuck and Amara, I'll die too.
  • Castiel: What?
  • Jack: Billie's spells have been turning me into some kind of bomb and when I go off, God and Amara will cease to exist. And... I won't survive. Don't tell Sam and Dean.
  • Castiel: Oh, yeah? Why not?
  • Jack: They won't understand. But I know... this is the only way they'll ever forgive me.
  • Castiel: No. I watched you die once and I will not do it again.
  • Jack: It's not your choice.


  • Conner Todd
  • Sylvia's Mother (mentioned only)
  • Brother Rudy


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