You think his friends just called him Yellow Eyes? He had a name.
This article is about a canonical individual whose real name is unknown, and is known only by a conjectural title, nickname or alias.

Father Gil was a demon posing as a priest in the town plagued by vice.


The episode opened with him putting away hymnals and witnessing a man's suicide. Later he is visited by Sam and Dean with questions about the suicide in the church. He answers their questions. When Sam and Dean are in a bar, he too is there, commenting on how everyone ends up here, then comments about Casey's behind. When Dean goes missing, Sam asks the father for help on where Casey might be. With the location, the father insists on coming with Sam. When Sam turns his back, Father Gil is revealed to be a demon when his eyes turn black.

In the car, Gil begins to ask Sam questions. Gil is too curious about Sam, since he was supposed to lead the demon army. It appears as if Gil also would have followed Sam. When they arrive at Casey's house, they split up. Then Gil advances on Sam, and Bobby comes out of hiding and shoots at Gil, but Gil flings Bobby and then Sam telekinetically to the ground before heading inside. Gil clears the rubble from the staircase, and frees Casey from the devil's trap. Once freed, she and Gil share a passionate kiss, revealing themselves to be a married couple. Gil is then killed by Sam with the Colt.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Although merely a black-eyed demon, Father Gil proved to be strong. He could walk on holy ground, something most demons are unable to do.

  • Immunity - Father Gil was able to walk on hallowed ground, even selecting a priest as his vessel and spending significant spans of time at his vessel's church without any ill effect.
  • Possession - The demon Father Gil used the real, human Father Gil as his vessel.
  • Telekinesis - Father Gil had the power to move people and objects with his mind. He used this power to fling Bobby, Sam and then Dean with mere gestures.
  • Super strength - Father Gil had immense physical strength. He smashed through tons of rubble in seconds, shattered solid concrete with a single blow, lifted and strangled Dean with one hand without any signs of strain.
  • Weather Manipulation - Father Gil was able to create gusts of wind through his presence, as he did when he nearly caused candles in his church to blow out.
  • Immortality - Father Gil was centuries old.
  • Invulnerability - As a demon, Father Gil was immune to conventional methods of death, however like all demons he was vunerable to the colt.



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