Gidget is a stray dog found and briefly cared for by Metatron.

Seemingly broke and with no place to go, Metatron began digging for scraps of food inside dumpsters. He eventually found a half-eaten pastrami sandwich, but he spotted the dog pleading to him for food. Out of the goodness of his heart, Metatron sacrificed his meal.

Shortly after, both Metatron and the dog were apported to God's Bar by God himself. While Metatron and God conversed, the dog stayed by the barstool. The dog became slightly agitated when God flung Metatron out of the bar, otherwise, the dog remained docile.



  • Although never named in the episode, Curtis Armstrong tweeted the dog's name during the airing of said episode.
  • Gidget is the first example of Metatron's development of compassion, as prior to its appearance, Metatron had displayed self-serving tendencies.
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