Gideon Loughlin was a powerful witch and a member of the Loughlin Family.

History Edit

Gideon was a member of the Loughlin Family, a powerful family of druidic witches who came to the United States in the early 20th century. The Loughlin Family had many witches come to live with them to study their magic for a price. Amongst these was Rowena MacLeod after she was kicked out of her homeland by the British Men of Letters, but Gideon and his siblings treated Rowena cruelly. While powerful, all of the family but Gideon and his siblings Boyd and Catriona were killed by hunters. The three siblings managed to escape with the Black Grimoire, their spellbook, but were believed dead aside from a few rumors by all including other witches.

In 2017, while living in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, the siblings' accountant Barry Gilman ripped them off. While Gideon urged Catriona to let it go, she hexed Barry to have his stomach filled with money to kill him. This drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester.

Dean later encountered Gideon in a bar and recognized him from a picture of him with Barry that had been hanging in Barry's office. Dean confronted him and Gideon used telekinesis to throw Dean back into some trash. Dean got up and shot Gideon with a witch-killing bullet, fatally wounding him. The wounded Gideon ran into the woods to escape the hunter. Gideon called his siblings to warn them of the hunters but got interrupted by Dean. Before succumbing to his wound, Gideon performed the memory curse on Dean which knocked Dean out. Gideon then ran away and died of his wound.

His brother and sister later found his body and attempted to do a spell to resurrect him, by using Sam Winchester as a vessel. Their plans were foiled by Dean, who killed both Catriona and Boyd. Rowena then cured Dean of the curse by using a spell from the Black Grimoire.

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Gideon was a very powerful witch. He was a master of druidic magic.

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  • Had Gideon's siblings successfully resurrected him, Gideon would have been the fifth person to possess Sam Winchester or use Sam Winchester's body.
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