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Fine! That's the way you want it? Story's over. Welcome to the End.
God begins the Ghostpocalypse
in Moriah
No, not yet. I mean, the news, they didn't... It just... I'm not seeing anything about a-a worldwide zombie apocalypse.
So... Ghostpocalypse. Maybe it's just happening here.
Yeah. For now. I mean, the souls gotta go somewhere, right?
Dean, Sam and Belphegor discuss the situation
in Back and to the Future
Okay, well, there we were, minding our own business, you know, flaying people for eternity, like you do, right? And then every door in Hell just sprang open all at once. You know? Souls got out. Sky cracked. And, uh, boom, ta-da, you know?
Belphegor describes the start of the Ghostpocalypse from Hell's perspective
in Back and to the Future
Yeah, well, what's one more Apocalypse right? But, seriously, if we win -- When we win this, God's gone. There's no one to screw with us. There's no more maze. It's just us. And we're free.
So you and me versus every soul in Hell? I like those odds.
Yeah, me too.
Well, you know what that means.
We got work to do.
Sam and Dean commit themselves to stopping the Ghostpocalypse
in Back and to the Future

The Ghostpocalypse[1] is the attempt by God to destroy the Main Universe by unleashing all of the souls of Hell upon the world through the Rupture to Hell.



After the Nephilim Jack Kline dies due to having his grace stolen by Lucifer, he is resurrected by Castiel and Lily Sunder with the help of Enochian Magic that draws on the power of his soul. While it is originally planned to only use the magic to sustain Jack's life,[2] he subsequently uses it to kill several of Michael's monsters, burning off more of his soul.[3] After Michael escapes his prison inside of Dean's mind and possesses Rowena MacLeod, Jack burns off his entire soul to exorcise the archangel and kill him, restoring Jack's original Nephilim powers when he absorbs Michael's grace. However, it is not known that he is left completely soulless until sometime later.[4][5]

After killing Nick and preventing him from resurrecting Lucifer,[5] Jack accidentally kills Mary Winchester when she confronts him over his soulless state. Following a failed attempt at resurrecting her,[6] Jack is tricked by Duma into creating more angels and supporting her reign of terror before Duma is killed by Castiel. Unable to kill Jack themselves, the Winchesters trick him into the Ma'lak Box and lock Jack up. However, Jack is able to escape his confinement and angrily takes off.[7][8]

Following Jack's departure and his placing the whole world under a truth compulsion, God returns to help, although he claims that he can't restore Jack's human soul. Reversing Jack's actions, God provides the Winchesters with a gun he calls the Equalizer with which to kill the young Nephilim. Having come to the conclusion that he is in fact a monster, Jack resigns himself to allowing Dean to kill him while Sam realizes that Chuck wants it for his perfect story and is counting upon Dean's desire for revenge. However, Dean refuses to kill Jack despite Chuck's promises to resurrect his mother in exchange and Team Free Will realizes that Chuck has only been using and manipulating them this whole time. With the Winchesters refusing to cooperate, Chuck smites Jack before Sam shoots Chuck in the shoulder with the Equalizer. Fed up, Chuck declares the story to be over and with a snap of his fingers, turns day into night and rips Hell open,[8] throwing open every door in Hell in the process, including the door to Lucifer's Cage.[1]


As the Winchesters and Castiel mourn the loss of Jack, the Rupture to Hell opens nearby, releasing countless souls from Hell upon the Earth. Constance Welch immediately travels to a nearby roadside where a man pulls over to offer her a ride while John Wayne Gacy travels to a children's birthday party and Mary Worthington appears in the mirror of two teenage girls.

As the Hell Ghosts continue to rise, many possess corpses in the cemetery and rise as zombies. With a horde of zombies coming at them, Castiel draws his angel blade while Dean grabs two iron fence posts for himself and Sam.[8] Under attack from all sides, the Winchesters attack the zombies with their iron fence posts, driving the souls out of the corpses that they are possessing while Castiel uses his angel blade and smiting to do the same. However, the three quickly begin to become overwhelmed and Castiel grabs Jack's corpse and leads Sam and Dean to a nearby crypt to barricade themselves inside for safety.

With the zombies swarming the door and no sign of a way out, Sam asks if Castiel can resurrect Jack, but he doesn't believe so. Dean angrily demands to know if Chuck is throwing zombies at them now, but Sam suggests that when the souls came up from Hell, they just jumped into the nearest bodies and as such aren't true zombies. The zombies continue trying to break down the door, although Sam hopes that they will hold since they are made of iron. Dean asks Castiel what Chuck had meant by "welcome to the End," but Castiel has no idea what he meant.

Dean presses Castiel to come up with ideas and asks if the Seraphim can just smite their way out of the crypt. However, Castiel points out that with the numbers arrayed against them, he would be overrun. Castiel suggests that since they are technically dealing with ghosts, they could try burning their bones, but Sam points out that the bones could be anywhere. As Dean angrily complains about Chuck, Sam notices noise behind a large stone on the wall and suggests that there might be a drainage pipe or sewer line behind it. Sam and Dean remove the stone and break through the brick wall behind it only to have another zombie emerge from the pipe. Castiel quickly grabs the removed stone and smashes in the zombie's head, ejecting the ghost possessing the corpse.

Jack's corpse suddenly rises from the floor and Sam at first thinks that Jack is still alive. However, Castiel recognizes that it's actually a demon using Jack's corpse as a vessel instead. The demon confirms that Castiel is right, stating that he'd just gotten to Earth and needed a body so he took Jack's. The demon can't show them his eyes since Jack's are burned out by Chuck's smiting and dons a pair of sunglasses to blend in. The demon introduces himself as Belphegor, but Castiel angrily pins Belphegor to a pillar and demands that he get out of Jack's body. Belphegor insists that he can help and trades barbs with Castiel before Dean shoves Castiel off of the demon, knowing that they need the help. Castiel refuses as Belphegor is defiling Jack's corpse by using it as a vessel, but Dean points out that Jack's gone and they can at least hear the demon out before killing him if they don't like what Belphegor has to say and Sam agrees with Dean.

Sam begins introducing them to the demon, but Belphegor already knows who the Winchesters are, stating that he reads Hell's newspapers. Based on the situation, Belphegor guesses that "this whole Hellmouth thing" is their fault and laughs in disbelief when Castiel tells him that it is actually God's doing before realizing that they're serious. Belphegor states that he's not a Crossroad Demon or a black-eyed goon who crawled his way out of Hell to create chaos. In Hell, Belphegor punches a clock, tormenting a soul when it arrives in Hell and as such, the demon likes Hell the way it is or rather the way it was. As a result, like Team Free Will, Belphegor also wants the souls back in Hell where they belong.

Sam asks if Belphegor can fix the situation, but while the demon admits that he can't, he can get them out of the crypt. Using graveyard dirt from the crypt's floor and angel blood from Castiel, Belphegor performs a spell that causes the noises outside of the crypt to immediately stop. Emerging from the crypt, Sam, Dean, Castiel and Belphegor find the now-lifeless corpses lying all over the graveyard and Belphegor explains that he blasted the souls out of the corpses that they were possessing, causing Dean to wonder where the ghosts have gone then.

At the same time, as two teenage girls, Rachel and a friend, try on clothes and various accessories, they are unknowingly stalked by Mary Worthington. As Rachel looks in a mirror, Mary makes Rachel's eyes bleed, causing her to claw at her face as her friend turns around to run away, only to have Mary appear right in front of her. Mary ultimately kills both of the girls.

Driving away from the cemetery in the Impala, Sam checks the news and finds no signs of a worldwide zombie Apocalypse. Dean realizes that they are just dealing with a Ghostpocalypse that appears to only be happening there. However, Belphegor points out that this won't last for long as all of the escaped souls have to go somewhere. Sam asks how many souls that they have to deal with and the demon states that there are 2 to 3 billion souls in Hell.

Dean decides to stick to the plan of going back to the Men of Letters bunker and finding a way to close the rupture, but Belphegor expresses doubt about their ability to do it. Dean challenges the demon to come up with a better idea and while he doesn't have one, Belphegor suggests buying some time by containing the ghosts using a spell that will create a barrier a mile wide that no ghosts can get in or out of. However, while Sam thinks that it's a good idea, Castiel is concerned that the town of Harlan, Kansas is less than a mile from the cemetery and is thus within range of the barrier the spell will put up. Dean decides to clear the town of people first before casting the spell.

Moments later, Sam spots the car of the motorist that Constance Welch had approached parked sideways on the road and has Dean pull over so that they can check it out. The Winchesters find the car blaring loud music with the windshield and rearview mirror splattered with blood, but no sign of a body. The two recognize that it looks like the work of a Woman in White and Sam remembers their encounter with Constance fourteen years before and realizes that it could be the same one. Dean points out that they had sent Constance to Hell a long time ago, but Sam reminds his brother that with the rupture open, Constance could be back. Dean realizes that if this is true, all of the ghosts that they have ever sent to Hell could be back also. Horrified by this development, Dean leads Sam away from the scene.

In Harlan, a mother and a daughter at the party slaughtered by John Wayne Gacy attempts to flee the ghost of the infamous serial killer clown. The two become trapped in the garage by Gacy who sadistically taunts that he's coming for them. Unable to escape or catch the attention of a passerby, the mother and daughter manage to hide just before Gacy enters. Though Gacy searches the garage and looks into the car parked there, they manage to avoid detection by the evil ghost.

The next morning, the Winchesters, Castiel and Belphegor arrive in Harlan and Sam approaches the local sheriff disguised as an FBI agent. Dean orders Castiel to help Belphegor gather the ingredients for his spell while Dean and Sam handle the evacuation of the town, but Castiel refuses to work with the demon, unable to even look at him while Belphegor is using Jack's body as his vessel. Castiel joins Sam who claims to the sheriff that the town needs to be evacuated due to a leak in a benzene pipeline outside of town. Though the sheriff is dubious due to having no knowledge of such a pipeline, Sam insists that they have no time to argue about it and that the EPA is on its way, but they must clear everyone out of town ASAP. The sheriff suggests moving everybody to the local high school which is five miles away. Castiel confirms that the high school is far enough away and Sam orders the sheriff to get everybody on the move to it while he and Castiel go house to house to get people out.

In the Impala, Dean places the Equalizer into the Impala's glove compartment and brushes off Belphegor's questions about the gun. Belphegor admires the modern-day humans passing by and admits to Dean that the last time the demon was on Earth was when he was human and people were worshipping a giant rock that looked like a huge penis and people were ugly. Fed up with Belphegor's antics, Dean questions when the demon will change vessels and Belphegor states that he will do it when he can find another suitable body, having found the bodies back at the cemetery to be too decomposed to be useful for him to blend in. Belphegor asks about who Jack was to the Winchesters and Castiel and Dean tells the demon that Jack was their kid, "kind of." Dean questions what Belphegor needs for the spell and is informed that he needs a big bag of salt which Dean doesn't find to be a problem, but is informed that the demon also needs a human heart.

As people load up on school buses, Sam and Castiel travel down a street and Sam decides that each of them will take one side of the street and look for people that have been left behind. As Sam searches the house where Gacy slaughtered the party guests, he finds and follows a trail of blood along one wall. Across the street, Castiel searches Rachel's house and finds her dead body in Rachel's bedroom. Castiel leaves, unaware that Mary is watching him from inside of a mirror.

Entering the garage, Sam finds the mother and daughter hiding on a shelf. As Sam helps the daughter down, he puts down his shotgun so as not to scare the little girl. The traumatized mother informs Sam that everyone else is dead. As Sam comforts the little girl, Gacy appears right behind him and slashes Sam with his knife when Sam turns to face him. As Gacy sadistically signs "Happy Birthday" to Sam and prepares to attack him again, he is dissipated from behind by Castiel with a rock salt shotgun blast who rushes to Sam's side.

In town, the sheriff continues directing residents in the evacuation while Dean emerges from the local hardware store after buying a bag of rock salt for the spell. Dean speaks to Rowena on the phone, requesting her help to deal with the situation. Hanging up, Dean gives the demon the salt and questions Belphegor's staring at him. The demon admits that he's a fan, explaining that he had enjoyed watching Dean working as one of Hell's Torturers alongside Alastair during Dean's time in Hell. Belphegor calls what Dean did to the other souls art, not torture, but Dean brushes it off as having been a long time ago.

Dean asks about the state of Hell itself with everything that's going on. Belphegor explains that during business as usual in Hell, all of the doors suddenly sprang open and the sky cracked, allowing everyone to escape. Dean becomes alarmed by the mention of every door in Hell opening and asks if that includes Lucifer's Cage which Belphegor confirms. Dean asks about Michael and the demon tells Dean that the last he heard, the archangel was just sitting there inside of the Cage, but Belphegor suggests that if Michael did get out, he might hold a grudge against the Winchesters for trapping him in Hell in the first place.

In the garage, Castiel heals Sam's wound from Gacy in front of the shocked mother and daughter. Castiel explains that he's an angel while Sam adds that the clown was a ghost and he's just a guy. As Sam tries to get up, he grabs his shoulder wound from the Equalizer in pain which Castiel notices. Sam brushes it off, telling Castiel that the wound is from when he shot God, further stunning the mother. Castiel brushes it off as a long story and Sam insists that he's fine but Castiel refuses to let it go.

Castiel tries to heal the wound, causing the two to have a vision of a Sam with demon black eyes killing Dean using telekinesis. A shocked Castiel tells Sam that he can't heal the wound as there is an energy in it that he's never felt before which is blocking Castiel from healing it. Sam continues to insist that he's fine and gets a call from the sheriff who reports that he's doing a final sweep, but believes that he got everybody out. Sam orders the sheriff to head to the school and that they will meet him there. Sam then leads the others out of the house, but their departure is watched by Gacy from the garage window.

In the now-empty town, the sheriff is accosted and killed by Constance whom he initially mistakes as a resident. Walking down the street, Belphegor asks Dean about the human heart that he needs for the spell and Dean suggests hitting the morgue, but the demon tells him that a fresh human heart would be better for the spell. The two hear the sheriff's screams as he is killed by Constance and rush to help the man too late to save him. Pleased with this turn of events, Belphegor rips out the sheriff's heart to use in the spell.

As Sam and Castiel lead the mother and daughter down the street towards safety, the daughter wanders off to look into a small pond and as her mother rushes to get her, Gacy appears in the street behind them. At the same time, Dean's breath becomes visible and he warns Belphegor that they need to move now. Constance appears and comments that she remembers Dean who took her home before knocking the hunter across the alleyway and into a dumpster. In the street, as Sam and Castiel go to face off against Gacy, he is joined by Lizzie Borden and another male ghost.

In the alleyway, Belphegor nervously attempts to defend himself from Constance while Sam shoots one of the ghosts, only to have Lizzie teleport between Sam and Castiel. When Sam attempts to shoot the ghost, she teleports out and Sam accidentally shoots Castiel instead who is annoyed but unharmed.

With Sam and Castiel distracted, Gacy rushes down the street at Sam, knocking the hunter to the ground while Belphegor attempts to talk Constance down, only to have his hand slashed open. Gacy beats on Sam on the ground, but before Castiel can shoot him, he spots Lizzie approaching the mother and daughter. Castiel shoots at Lizzie, but she teleports away again and strangles the Seraphim from behind with the handle of her axe. Dean attacks Constance with an iron bar, dissipating her and tells Belphegor that they must perform the spell now and the two rush off to get the salt.

As Sam and Castiel struggle with Gacy and Lizzie respectively, the ghost of Mary rises from the pond to attack the young girl and her mother, grabbing the mother's leg. Placing the sheriff's heart in pile of salt, Belphegor begins the spell as Sam, Castiel and the mother continue to struggle with the ghosts. Finally, Castiel manages to overpower Lizzie and blasts her with his shotgun and then Gacy before he can stab Sam. Spotting Mary trying to drag the mother into the pond, Sam grabs his own dropped shotgun and blasts Mary with it as she releases the mother breaks free and turns her attention towards the hunter.

Belphegor finishes the spell, establishing a magical barrier around Harlan. Sam, Castiel, the mother and daughter witness the line of the spell rush past them with the nearest wall of the barrier erecting itself just down the street from them. As the four begin to head for the line, Castiel spots that the four ghosts have reformed behind them. Sam orders Castiel to get the civilians across the line while Sam stays behind to hold off the ghosts. However, Sam discovers that his shotgun is out of ammunition and joins the other three in running for their lives chased by the four Hell Ghosts. As they run, Sam picks up and carries the little girl, but the ghosts quickly catch up and Gacy swings his knife at Sam. However, Sam, Castiel and the civilians have managed to get to the other side of the barrier which blocks Gacy's knife. As Gacy screams in rage, Sam simply orders the deranged clown to shut up and leaves with the others, leaving all of the Hell Ghosts trapped in Harlan behind the barrier.

With the ghosts safely contained for now, the Winchesters, Castiel and Belphegor drive the mother and daughter to the high school where the townspeople have gathered. Sam tells the two civilians to go inside and promises that they will take care of the town while Dean suggests that they don't mention the ghosts to anybody with Castiel adding that they shouldn't mention the angel thing either which Sam concurs might freak everybody out. The little girl thanks Sam who leads the two into the school. Dean checks that Castiel is okay before brushing him off again which Belphegor notices. Though the demon offers to talk about it, Castiel just ignores him and walks away.

As Dean opens the Impala's trunk, Sam approaches and tells him that the locals have been asking a lot of questions about the evacuation and warns his brother that when the gas leak story gets out, they will only have a day or two before the real FBI shows up to investigate. Dean insists upon treating Sam's gunshot wound despite his protests and discovers that there is no exit wound. Sam admits that it hurts a bit, but not too badly. As Dean treats him, Sam guesses that this is what Chuck meant when he told them that this is the End. Dean is angered by the idea that they have only ever been rats in Chuck's maze, but Sam reminds him that it means a lot as they have still saved people.

Dean is not comforted, wondering if it was all just so that Chuck could throw another Apocalypse at them and sit back and enjoy watching them try to stop it. However, Sam tells Dean that Chuck is gone, that he gets bored, "pulls the ripcord" and moves on to start another story as Chuck did with Apocalypse World and probably all of his other worlds. Sam is pleased with this idea, knowing that if Chuck really did bail, its now just them for the first time. Dean reminds Sam that they could be facing up to three billion ghosts, but Sam believes that when they win the Ghostpocalypse, it will truly be the end of their apocalyptic fights as God is gone now. As a result, there's no one left to screw with them or throw more threats at them and they will finally be free. Dean contemplates the idea of the two of them versus every soul in Hell and the brothers decide that they both like those odds and agree that they've got work to do.[1]

Two days later, at night, one of the Harlan residents, Nan, sneaks back into town to get her daughter's allergy medicine. Nan encounters another man named Rob who is acting strangely. Rob suddenly attacks Nan and stabs her to death, having been possessed by the ghost of Francis Tumblety who then leaves his corpse and mocks Nan.

At the high school, where Sam has gathered more hunters to help deal with the situation, Castiel warns that he doesn't think that they can control the townspeople much longer, they don't seem to be buying the benzene story anymore and that Nan has disappeared. Concerned, Sam orders another hunter to spread the word to keep an eye out for Nan. Sam addresses the crowd in the high school, attempting to reassure them that they will be back in their homes shortly and that EPA technicians are coming the next day to determine the level of benzene present and how to properly respond. Sam stresses to the townspeople that until then, it is essential that they stay out of the quarantine zone until it's safe.

At the same time, Dean patrols the barrier with Belphegor. While EMF is useless due to their being too much of it, the demon can see the ghosts. Belphegor tells Dean that there were some ghosts, but they took off when they saw Belphegor as they aren't fans of his. Dean questions if the demon was a dick to the souls in Hell, but Belphegor insists that he just did his job in Hell while Dean is less than pleased at having teamed up with a demon again. Belphegor points out that he's teaming up with a hunter and could say the same about it being a bad idea. Dean questions why the demon is helping and Belphegor continues to insist that he likes Hell the way it was and that he is just a good soldier.

Suddenly, the barrier flashes behind them and Belphegor warns Dean of the escape attempt. Dean blasts the ghost, who is Francis and Belphegor compliments his shot. Watching more hits to the barrier, Dean is relieved that at least it's still holding, but Belphegor warns him that it won't last forever. In addition, these aren't regular ghosts but are more dangerous. When Dean asks what Belphegor means, the demon tells him that he'd shot Francis Tumblety, better known as the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper.

The next morning, three townspeople are unhappy with the lack of answers that they are getting about the situation. Recognizing that there is something going on and it's not the benzene, Dave insists on getting into the town to find Nan. Though the hunters have guys with guns patrolling the town, Dave insists that the area is too big for them to cover and that they will find a way.

In town, Francis gathers many of the ghosts in town in an empty house. Francis reveals to the other ghosts that they were liberated from Hell by God himself, having overheard it from the hunters. Francis also informs the ghosts that the hunters are being helped by demons and of his encounter with Belphegor. Francis suggests reaching out to all of the ghosts hiding in the shadows and tell them to stand with the other ghosts. Francis insists that their strength is in numbers and they will find a way out. One of the other ghosts reminds Francis of the barrier and Francis calls it a door that can be opened or forced open for them. However, until they find a way, the ghosts will make it as ugly as possible for those who stand guard.

Shortly after, Dave and Sherri sneak into town as hunters patrolling the perimeter take down ghosts attempting to escape. The two townspeople are confronted by two of the Hell Ghosts and possessed.

In the high school, Castiel insists to Sam that they need to tell Nan's family something as they have found her body. Sam promises that they will when they can, leading to an argument between the two that is interrupted by the arrival of Rowena. Rowena notes that the situation is messy even by the standards of the Winchesters and Sam hopes that Rowena can help them out.[9] Sam and Castiel remind Rowena of when they were trying to get rid of Amara a couple of years before and she had created a Soul Bomb to do it.[10] While they don't want to blow anything up this time, the bomb was powered by souls that were sucked into it which is what ghosts are. Rowena realizes that Sam wants to trap the ghosts in a crystal, but tells him that it had been extremely difficult to pull off the first time and that it had taken everything that she had.

The discussion is interrupted by Jules who warns Sam that they've got a situation. At the barrier, Sam joins Dean and Belphegor as the possessed Dave and Sherri face off against them. Dean explains that Nan's husband had gone looking for her after she had disappeared. Not realizing that they are possessed, Sam asks the two to leave the area and head back to the school before ectoplasm emerges from their eyes, revealing their possession. Francis appears and demands that they open the barrier for the ghosts to escape, but Dean refuses. Stating that they aren't in the mood to argue, Francis has the other two ghosts start tearing apart the insides of their vessels and again demands that they drop the barrier. As the Winchesters and Belphegor hesitate, Dave and Sherri are blasted by Arthur Ketch, ejecting the ghosts but too late to save the two civilians. With his leverage gone, Francis teleports away.

At the high school, Sam asks how Arthur is there and he explains that he just happened to be in the area when Sam sent out word about the Ghostpocalypse. Dean asks about Arthur's weapon and he explains that it fires iron flakes, expelling ghosts without causing harm to the possessed victim, something that the British Men of Letters had come up with and which had been stolen by Arthur along with a few other things when he had left the organization. As Rowena and Arthur flirt, Dean tells Arthur that Rowena is working on something that "vacuums up souls" for them. However, the ghosts keep coming and the barrier is only going to last so long so they need all of the help that they can get.

Belphegor arrives with news that the streets are quiet which Belphegor believes means that the ghosts are just planning their next move. Arthur mistakes the demon for Jack before Belphegor corrects him. Sam and Dean reveal to Arthur and Rowena that Jack is dead, having been killed by God. Belphegor introduces himself to Arthur who is surprised by the demon's identity and the fact that he is helping the Winchesters to stop the Ghostpocalypse. Calling the situation awkward, Arthur reveals that he was hired to assassinate the demon Belphegor, having been told that Belphegor is "a monstrous threat to humanity." Arthur acknowledges that this information is apparently not correct and tells them that he was hired by an attractive female demon who Belphegor realizes is Ardat before Arthur can name her. Arthur tells Belphegor that Ardat doesn't like him while Sam and Dean order Arthur not to kill Belphegor as they need him for now.

Dave and Sherri's friend Andy confronts Castiel over the disappearances of three of his friends, but Castiel brushes off his questions by telling Andy that they are looking for them everywhere. Andy angrily reminds Castiel that they had told the townspeople that they'd keep them safe, bothering Castiel who nonetheless walks away without a word. At the same time, Dean and Rowena discuss the spell which requires "quite the list of ingredients" and which Rowena warns will be tricky and has no guarantee of working. Rowena asks Dean about Arthur, showing an interest in the man[9] and pointing out that their previous encounter had been when Arthur had tortured her during his time in the British Men of Letters.[11] Dean is annoyed by Rowena's obvious romantic interest in Arthur and warns her against it to no avail.

As Dean studies a map of the quarantine zone, Castiel approaches him and tries to make amends for not telling Dean about Jack's soullessness and Mary's death, but Dean refuses to hear him out. Dean admits that he's angry about everything and feels conned by his whole life. Castiel points out that he's angry too at everything that Chuck did, especially taking Jack from him. The two argue about their viewpoints on Chuck's machinations and the impact upon their lives which Dean feels is all for nothing but Castiel believes wasn't for nothing as they still made their own choices even if they were playing in Chuck's games and they mostly did well with that. However, Dean feels that nothing in their lives is real and that everything they've done and lost is because of Chuck.

That night, Dean and Arthur patrol the quarantine zone together and Dean provides Arthur with an iron chain to wear in order to ward off ghost possession. Arthur is intrigued by the idea that the enemy is actually God and admits that the British Men of Letters didn't come up with any cool weapons to kill God as God was always more theoretical to them. To Dean's disgust, Arthur displays an interest in Rowena as well before Dean gets a text that two hunters haven't checked in.

Dean and Arthur make their way into a meat packing plant where Ben and Frankie are supposed to be. After hearing the sound of a door slamming shut, the two hunters are attacked by Lizzie Borden, thrown across the room and disarmed. However, before Lizzie can continue her attack, another more menacing ghost orders her to stop and leave from nearby.

After Lizzie leaves, the other ghost reveals himself to be the Prophet Kevin Tran, an old friend of the Winchesters. Dean is surprised to see Kevin [9] as God sent Kevin's soul to Heaven years before.[12] Kevin reveals that God lied and actually sent his soul to Hell instead of Heaven. Dean promises Kevin that they will get him into Heaven after they send all of the other ghosts back to Hell where they belong. Kevin warns them that the barrier surrounding the town is fading and he can feel it. Although Kevin isn't sure if the other ghosts can feel it as well, he knows that they've got a lot of problems if the other ghosts can sense it. Dean questions if the other ghosts know of Kevin's relationship with the Winchesters since he was just able to push Lizzie around, but Kevin explains that being cast into Hell by God himself has given him a bad boy reputation and as such he is able to push the other ghosts around which Dean points out means that Kevin can mingle with the other ghosts for them.

As they patrol the next morning, Sam wonders if having Kevin work as an inside man for them is really a good idea, but Dean feels that it's worth it if Kevin can give them some information on the ghosts' plans. Belphegor arrives and Sam tells him that they just heard from a reliable source that the barrier is fading. Belphegor confirms this, telling them that he'd said it would and claims that he'd thought that they would've wrapped the situation up by now. Dean tells Belphegor that they need him to charge the barrier back up, but he admits that he can't as it was only a one time thing. Sam states that Kevin told them that the ghosts might sense its weakness, annoying Belphegor who doesn't like Kevin.

Dean tells the demon that Kevin doesn't belong in Hell and once everything is over, they will get him into Heaven where he belongs. However, Belphegor reveals that souls that have been cast down to Hell can never get into Heaven.[9] Sam and Dean point out that their father[13] and Bobby Singer[14] got in after being sent to Hell, but Belphegor suggests that God had just made an exception at the time since God liked the Winchesters back then. Without that, Kevin's soul can't ever get into Heaven now. Sam then experiences pain in his shoulder wound and walks off insisting that he's fine, unaware that it's from God prodding his matching wound in Reno.

At the house where the ghosts are gathering, they are sensing that the barrier around the town is beginning to falter. One of the ghosts suggests that they just wait until the barrier fails and then leave when it does, but Francis instead suggests that they seize the moment, find the most vulnerable spot and use their collective strength to break through it now. One of the other ghosts points out that the hunters will have noticed too and will be working overtime to send them back to Hell and Francis hesitates in answering.

Kevin appears, leading to mocking from Francis and Kevin orders him to give the other ghost an answer. Francis accuses Kevin of being privy to the hunters' plans and reveals that he heard demons say that Kevin was quite closely connected to the Winchesters in life. Kevin attempts to leave, but is stopped by one of the other ghosts on Francis' orders.

At the high school, Rowena works on creating her Soul Catcher while flirting with Arthur. Arthur offers a shortcut used by the British Men of Letters to help the process along and Rowena accepts. Arthur electrocutes the beaker holding Rowena's ingredients and tells her that she can now skip the next two steps and the two intensify their flirting before being interrupted by a phone call from Dean checking on the status of the Soul Catcher.

As Rowena heads out to meet Dean with the completed Soul Catcher, she encounters Francis who she has a romantic history with. Francis tells Rowena that he always considered her special and points out that he had murdered all of his other dates. Francis asks Rowena what she has in her bag and realizes that she is working with the hunters now. Francis orders Rowena to deliver a message to the Winchesters that the Hell Ghosts have their boy and want to talk, giving Rowena the address to the house where the ghosts are gathered. Arthur arrives and blasts Francis but he quickly reforms and knocks Arthur out from behind with a rock as Rowena runs away. Rowena runs to the Winchesters and Castiel and tells them about the attack and Francis' message. Dean asks if Rowena brought the Soul Catcher and while she did, she can't be sure if it works or not.

Sam and Dean enter the house with the ghosts unarmed and are greeted by Francis. Francis demands that they shut down the barrier, threatening to devour Kevin whole otherwise. When Dean refuses, Francis starts to absorb Kevin's soul into himself. As they hesitate, Rowena enters with Castiel and uses the Soul Catcher to start capturing the gathered ghosts, forcing Francis and most of the others to teleport away, sparing Kevin, although Rowena is able to trap some of the ghosts. Kevin thanks them for saving him while Dean congratulates Rowena who warns the others that the Soul Catcher isn't as powerful as the first Soul Bomb and can only capture a few ghosts at a time and a lot of them got away. Kevin states that the ghosts have a backup plan: they know that the barrier has been fading and believe that if they mass all of the ghosts at its weakest point, they'll be able to break out.

At the barrier's weakest point, the ghosts repeatedly strike the barrier with Belphegor stating that there are at least a hundred involved in the attack with more coming. Arthur arrives and Dean begins blasting the ghosts with rock salt before Belphegor points out that it won't work as there are too many of them. On Dean's order, Rowena begins capturing the ghosts with her Soul Catcher and Belphegor confirms that it's working.

Suddenly, Arthur knocks Rowena to the ground and grabs the Soul Catcher, revealing himself to be possessed by Francis. Dean tries to shoot Francis with rock salt, but is out of ammunition. As a few other ghosts become visible behind the barrier, Francis reveals that he intends to use the power of the souls trapped in the Soul Catcher to blow open the barrier and release all of the Hell Ghosts upon the world. Dean suddenly draws his pistol and shoots Arthur twice in the chest with iron bullets, causing Francis to be ejected from Arthur and to toss the Soul Catcher in the air as he falls which Dean catches. Dean returns the Soul Catcher to Rowena who quickly uses it to capture Francis and the remaining ghosts, bringing an end to the current threat.

With all of the ghosts trapped, Castiel tries to heal Arthur, but is unable to, disturbing him. Before Arthur is taken to the hospital, Dean apologizes for shooting him with iron bullets, having been unable to think of another solution at the time. The two men joke about their former animosity towards each other before Arthur is taken away in an ambulance after sharing a look with Rowena.

Having learned from Belphegor that his soul can never make it into Heaven, Kevin decides to leave, deciding that being an untethered ghost wandering the Earth and possibly going insane is a better fate than risking going back to Hell. The Winchesters reluctantly agree to their friend's request of having Belphegor open a door in the barrier for him to leave through with Kevin displaying an optimistic opinion of his future. After saying his goodbyes, Kevin leaves through the opening Belphegor creates in the barrier and vanishes to wander the world.

After Kevin's departure, the Winchesters and Belphegor notice Castiel and Rowena staring worriedly at something. When they look, the group sees that countless more souls are emerging from the rupture and Belphegor warns that soon they will be overrun again and once the barrier comes down they will escape upon the world. Rowena adds that her Soul Catcher isn't strong enough to handle such a threat and that they have to find another way before it's too late. Though Sam is confident that they will, Dean wonders how they'll do that.[9]

As hunters, including Stevie, monitor the barrier, the ghosts escaping from Hell launch a continuous assault upon it. At the same time, the Winchesters lead Rowena back to the cemetery containing the rupture while Sam gets word that the ghosts are still trying to break down the barrier. Sam has left some hunters at the school to keep the peace while the rest are set up around the perimeter in case the spell breaks and all of the ghosts are set loose upon the world. Rowena reassures Dean that the Rafforza l'incantesimo, a powerful transubstantiation spell from the Book of the Damned, can patch the crumbling barrier up as long as Rowena is taken to the epicenter and given a protected ghost-free space to work in.

The group returns to the crypt the Winchesters and Castiel had been trapped in at the beginning of the Ghostpocalypse which is still surrounded by the lifeless corpses that the ghosts had previously inhabited but fits the description of the nice protected space that Rowena needs. The Winchesters and Castiel barricade the door with a salt line and an iron object holding it closed moments before one or more ghosts start banging on the door, trying to get in without success. Rowena begins the spell, causing the barrier to visibly strengthen which Stevie reports to Sam via text message. However, the effects of the spell begin to falter as Rowena desperately continues. Rowena experiences flashes of several of the Hell Ghosts encountered over the Ghostpocalypse before the spell finally breaks with a minor magical backlash. To the shock of everyone else, a despondent Rowena states that they are all going to die.

As the Winchesters provide Rowena with a drink, Belphegor announces that Rowena has failed and smugly points out his own success. Rowena states that the magic couldn't work and that no magic can. Having been put into a communion with the barrier by the spell, Rowena was able to feel how weak it is and how close the barrier is to breaking. Rowena was also able to feel all of the ghosts and their anger and hatred who are pressed up against the walls breaking them down. There are too many ghosts who are too wild, desperate and angry. Together they are too strong: the barrier will fall and there is no magic on Earth that can stop it. Rowena concludes that they only have hours until the barrier falls if they're lucky.

Dean decides that they will take out as many ghosts as they can before the barrier falls and orders Rowena to create more Soul Catchers. However, Rowena insists that it won't do any good and believes that it's over. Rowena suggests that if she had gotten there sooner that there are any number of spells that she could've tried to close the gate to Hell before it got to this point, but it's too late now. Without a word, Belphegor leaves the crypt with Castiel following him. Dean insists that they aren't just going to give up and tries to rally Sam and Rowena to keep fighting, but Sam stops his speech due to how upset Rowena is. Rowena asks Sam for a moment alone which he agrees to give to her.

Following Belphegor outside, Castiel questions if the demon is just leaving. The demon points out that Castiel wouldn't mind since the angel can't even look at him, but Belphegor is not actually intending on leaving. Instead, he leads Castiel to the edge of the rupture where they observe more souls escaping and examine it.

In the crypt, Dean prepares his weapons, explaining to Sam that he won't give up fighting despite what Rowena has told them as he knows that the ghosts are going to bust out and end the world. Dean reminds Sam that they were supposed to be free at the end of this, but Sam feels that the situation is bigger than them. Sam admits that he's out of ideas and is freaked out, but Dean is angry at God and Sam admits that he is too. Dean is also upset that after everything that Chuck has put them through, "this sloppy-ass Ghostpocalypse" is Chuck's ending. As Dean finishes loading up his weapons and walks away, Sam notices Rowena examining a spell in the Book of the Damned and asks if there is anything useful in the book. However, Rowena just closes the Book of the Damned, claiming that she can't find a thing to help them in it.

Outside at the rupture, Belphegor tells Castiel that the rupture is not a door or a gate nor matter what Rowena calls it. Castiel questions what the rupture is then and Belphegor reveals that it's actually a tear: God stamped his foot and Hell ripped open. Castiel asks why the demon was looking for the rupture and after avoiding the question, Belphegor admits that he has an idea, but Castiel isn't going to like it.

In the crypt, Belphegor suggests using Lilith's Crook in order to stop the Ghostpocalypse. The demon explains that the Crook is actually more of a horn and that when Lilith began sending demons off to Earth to do her bidding, there was a problem: while Lilith commanded absolute loyalty in Hell, there was no guarantee that once her minions were topside, the demons wouldn't just take advantage of the situation. Needing to control her flock, Lilith forged the Crook. The Crook can retrieve all of Hell's lost creatures and bring them straight back to Hell. Castiel questions why they've never heard of Lilith's Crook before and Belphegor explains that Lilith had never needed to use it: when Lilith ruled Hell, it had been enough for the demons to know that she could use it on them. After Crowley took over, his methods of discipline were different and he never used the Crook either. The last that Belphegor heard, the Crook is in Lilith's Chamber in Hell which has been sealed for ages, but now that all of the doors in Hell are open, the Crook is accessible to them.

Belphegor outlines his plan: he gets the Crook and sounds it to suck all of the Hell Ghosts back into Hell while Rowena slams the door shut behind them. Sam asks if she intends to do it using magic from the Book of the Damned, but Rowena instead intends to use the Sanetur Acre Vulnus, a healing spell of her own creation. If Belphegor is right about the rupture being a tear instead of a regular gateway, Rowena can use the spell to undo the damage that God caused and the rupture will heal and close itself up. However, they will have to time it perfectly and Belphegor assures Rowena that even when he is in Hell, they will know when to start the spell.

Rowena reveals that she will need lavender, myrrh, the skull of an owl, quiet to perform the spell and Sam as her assistant as he is the closest thing they've got to a witch aside from her. Rowena will also need someone by the rupture because she needs to do the spell in the safety of the crypt, but they need someone close to the edge to serve as a carrier for the spell. That person will be carrying a bomb or sorts that Rowena will trigger and that the carrier will need to throw it inside to trigger the closure of the rupture. However, the carrier will be unprotected, unable to use a salt circle and will all manner of angry spirits on top of them. Dean agrees to act as the carrier for Rowena's spell before Belphegor interrupts the discussion. Belphegor refuses to go to Hell alone without any protection against all of the ghosts and demons that are potentially still waiting down there. Dean volunteers Castiel for the job and Castiel reluctantly agrees, noting that it doesn't seem like he has a choice.

In the hospital, Arthur regains consciousness where the nurse reveals that he was checked in under the name of Mr. Blackmore, the bullets have been removed and that the people who brought him claimed that Arthur was injured in a hunting accident. Stating that what happened to him could be called that, Arthur gets up, intending to leave over the nurse's objections in order to help his friends.

As the nurse begins to leave, she encounters Dr. Clark outside of Arthur's room and is happy to see her. However, the doctor snaps the nurse's neck with telekinesis, revealing herself to be possessed by a demon. The demon greets Arthur who realizes that it's Ardat. Arthur battles Ardat and manages to knock the demon out of the room, retrieving his angel blade from his jacket before Ardat returns.[15] Ardat is angry that Arthur didn't kill Belphegor as she hired him to do[9] and Arthur attacks her with his angel blade but is easily disarmed and slammed up against the cabinet. Although Ardat knows that Arthur most likely knows where Belphegor is, he lies that he doesn't. Ardat realizes that Arthur is not protecting Belphegor but instead his friends. After Arthur confirms that he won't give them up for any price, Ardat rips the former assassin's heart out and holds it up, still beating, in front of him for a moment before crushing it, killing Arthur.

As Belphegor and Castiel approach the rupture, the demon questions if Castiel has a plan for getting topside again after they are finished, reminding him that if Rowena's spell goes right, the rupture will be sealing up quickly. Castiel simply states that he'll figure something out and Belphegor notes that Castiel's part in the plan is pretty dangerous as he could die or get trapped in Hell and his friends might never see him again. Belphegor points out that Sam and Dean didn't seem to think twice about it, but although clearly bothered by the demon's words, Castiel refuses to respond to him. Castiel wonders how they will get down the rupture and as Belphegor examines it to figure out a way, Castiel simply shoves the demon inside and jumps in after him.

In the crypt, Stevie brings Dean some weapons and Rowena the ingredients that she has gathered for the spell. As Rowena writes instruction down in one of her journals, Sam asks Stevie about how bad it is outside and she tells him that people are pretty restless but the hunters are keeping a lid on everything. Stevie had stuck to the corners while traveling through the quarantine zone and only got attacked a few times and she believes that most of the ghosts are at the edge of town working to bring down the barrier. Stevie asks if they're planning "another long-shot magical Hail Mary" which Dean confirms, stating that they're hoping that it actually works this time. Sam informs Stevie that they need the other hunters to be ready on the other side of the barrier because if things go wrong, the hunters will be the only thing standing between the Hell Ghosts and the rest of the world.

Dean receives a text from Ardat posing as Arthur claiming to be ready to help again. Unaware that Arthur is dead and that he's conversing with a demon, Dean reveals that they have a plan and that Castiel and Belphegor are going to Hell, Sam and Rowena are working on a spell and Dean is working the rupture solo. Ardat is left pleased by the information.

In Hell, as they approach the doors to Lilith's Chamber, Castiel notes that it's quiet in Hell. Belphegor suggests that everyone took their shot to get out while he's an oddball that actually likes being in Hell. Castiel starts to become suspicious of the demon as Belphegor knew that Hell was nearly empty and yet still needed backup for their mission. Belphegor claims that he just wanted Castiel's company and tries to make friends with the angel, stating that the Winchesters seem to be coming around and that Belphegor is growing on them. However, Castiel is uninterested, stating that the Winchesters are just using Belphegor and that they don't actually care about the demon. Belphegor notes that Castiel seems to have learned that the hard way and questions his continuing seething animosity. Castiel is enraged by Belphegor's continued use of Jack, who was like a son to Castiel, as a vessel and as such he finds just being in the demon's presence an intolerable abomination.

Ending the conversation, Castiel approaches the doors to Lilith's Chamber which Belphegor confirms is in fact the right place. As they are right outside, the two hear breaking noises inside and after being shoved forward by Belphegor, Castiel draws his angel blade and enters. Inside, the two find Lilith's Chamber ransacked and another demon inside with a bag full of Lilith's treasures. Belphegor recognizes the demon as Malfayan who defends his actions by pointing out that Lilith isn't going to be returning. Castiel shoves Malfayan up against a pillar and, ignoring the conversation between the two demons, asks Belphegor if Malfayan has the Crook. Belphegor states that Malfayan doesn't before asking Malfayan about the Haxon Ring that he is wearing. Much to Belphegor's annoyance, Castiel kills Malfayan with his angel blade.

Turning his attention back to their mission, Castiel notes that Malfayan doesn't seem to have been the only demon to loot Lilith's Chamber, but Belphegor shows him that the box containing the Crook is still present. Castiel examines the markings on the box which are in Enochian. The writing turns out to be a song of praise to Lucifer and is an incantation to open the box. Belphegor points out that it was a smart move on Lilith's part as she was the only demon in Hell who could read the incantation. Prompted by Belphegor, Castiel reads the incantation, but the box doesn't open. Belphegor reminds him that as they are verses, they must be sung and Castiel reluctantly begins to sing the incantation in order to open the box.

On the surface, Dean, armed with a crowbar, waits at the edge of the rupture which still has souls streaming out of it and expects Arthur to come to help. In the crypt, Sam is distracted by his desire to be fighting with his brother and has to be reminded by Rowena to study the spell in her journal to be prepared for when they need to cast it. Rowena reassures Sam that he is fighting using magic and that Sam needs to do his part while Dean carries out his own part. Knowing that it's their one shot, Sam returns to studying the spell while Rowena prepares the ingredients and Dean gets out the hex bag that Rowena had given to him.

In Lilith's Chamber, Castiel finishes singing and the box opens. Castiel removes the Crook and Belphegor tells Castiel that he needs a head start getting out of Hell before Belphegor starts. After a moment's hesitation, Castiel goes to give Belphegor the Crook only to be flung with telekinesis and knocked out by Ardat. Belphegor questions how the other demon found him and she reveals that she got "a very hot, very British tip." Stating that she the second the doors flew open that Belphegor would be looking for a way to take power, she kicks him to the ground and beats on Belphegor, declaring that while going for Lilith's Crook was a solid play, Belphegor will never be on the throne of Hell.

As Ardat prepares to kill Belphegor with an angel blade, a recovered Castiel tackles her off of the other demon, causing her to drop the angel blade. The demon and angel begin fighting with Castiel calling out to Belphegor to get the Crook. Overpowering and pinning Castiel to a wall, Ardat reveals to the struggling angel that Belphegor wants to become the new King of Hell, having been "bowing and scraping" to the other Rulers of Hell such as Lilith and Crowley, waiting for his own chance at the throne. As Ardat reveals the truth, Belphegor stabs her in the back with an angel blade, killing Ardat.

Castiel confronts Belphegor over Ardat's claims which the demon tries to brush off, claiming that he doesn't want to rule Hell and that Castiel should get going. Grabbing the demon, Castiel demands to know what Belphegor truly wants and reiterating that Castiel should go, Belphegor shoves him out of Lilith's Chamber. Dropping his act, Belphegor reveals that he got what he wanted: Lilith's Crook isn't just a leash, it's a siphon. With it, Belphegor can absorb all of the ghosts and demons into himself and become a god "or close enough" with all of the power that it will give him. Castiel realizes that Belphegor knew about the Enochian on the chest containing the Crook and that the demon has been playing them all along. Belphegor mockingly confirms it before blowing the Crook, creating a strong wind that pushes Castiel back as he tries to charge the treacherous demon.

On Earth, the Winchesters and Rowena hear the sound of the Crook and the ground shakes as the souls are sucked back through the rupture, into Hell and into the Crook held by Belphegor. Sam and Rowena begin performing the Sanetur Acre Vulnus spell together and despite Sam briefly getting distracted by the shaking ground and the Crook, they finish the incantation, causing the hex bag Dean has to begin glowing. Dean throws the hex bag into the rupture, causing an explosion inside of it followed by the rupture beginning to close.

In Hell, Castiel fights his way through the strong wind to Belphegor and tackles the demon to the ground, stopping him from blowing the Crook and ending the flow of souls into Hell. On the surface, the Winchesters and Rowena notice the souls no longer going into the closing rupture and become worried. Castiel brutally beats Belphegor, eventually knocking off the demon's sunglasses. Before Castiel can hit him again, Belphegor begs him to stop, claiming to be Jack. However, Castiel immediately sees through the trick and smites the demon with considerable power, killing Belphegor but burning Jack's body into a charred skeleton in the process. In addition, the smiting also destroys Lilith's Crook.

With the rupture quickly closing, Dean calls Sam and tells him that the rupture is starting to close up and that something doesn't feel right. Ending the call, Sam notices Rowena crouching over the Book of the Damned and cutting into her left shoulder with a knife. Removing her last Resurrection Seal from her shoulder, Rowena tells Sam that she won't need it where she's going. Sam is confused and Rowena reveals that the plan with Lilith's Crook and Belphegor was the Winchesters' only shot, but it wasn't her only shot. Rowena explains that magic can do anything, including containing the vast multitudes of Hell.

Rowena explains that she can soak up the souls of Hell for a time if she pays the price using the Death Is an Infinite Vessel spell from the Book of the Damned, a spell so simple that it draws its power from its caster and only requires two ingredients. Crying, Rowena reveals that the first ingredient is her own still coursing blood while the last is her final breath. Using the spell, Rowena will absorb all of the remaining ghosts and demons and return them to Hell where in time her body will break down and release the souls right back where they belong.

To Sam's shock and grief, Rowena reveals that in order to perform the spell, she has to die and even more, it must be Sam that kills her. At the rupture, Castiel emerges, having managed to climb out while Rowena insists that it has to be Sam that kills her.[15] Rowena reminds Sam that according to Death's books, her real permanent demise is at Sam's hands.[16] Sam takes the knife from Rowena and refuses, but she tells him that she can't do it herself and it has to be Sam that kills her. Outside, Castiel reveals to Dean that he killed Belphegor and that the Crook has been destroyed to Dean's anger. Rowena continues to insist on Sam killing her, reminding him that Hell is closing and that they are running out of time. While the witch wishes that there was another option, she knows that there isn't.

Rowena doesn't care about anything enough to take her own life, not Sam, or Dean, or even the world, but she believes in prophecy and magic and they are both there with the means to bring an end to the Ghostpocalypse. Sam struggles to pull away from Rowena, but she refuses to let him go and, holding Sam's hand with the knife near her abdomen, pushes Sam to kill her in order to save the world. Rowena acknowledges that they've grown close, but questions if Sam will let Dean and the world die just so that she can live. Crying, Sam decides that he can't and pulls Rowena into a hug, driving the knife into her abdomen at the same time. Mortally wounded, Rowena takes a moment to comfort Sam before removing the knife.

At the knife, Dean berates Castiel for killing Belphegor and ruining their only shot when they suddenly notice the escaped souls streaming towards the crypt. Turning, they see the ghosts streaming into Rowena's body through her mortal wound as outside of town Stevie watches the souls getting sucked up from all directions. Walking to the edge of the rupture, Rowena finishes sucking up the souls and turns back to the Winchesters and Castiel. With a final "goodbye, boys," Rowena throws herself into the rupture, returning all of the escaped souls to Hell. Moments later, the rupture seals itself completely, ending the Ghostpocalypse.[15]


Later, at the bunker, Dean reports to a devastated Sam that Stevie has sent word that the town's as good as can be expected. However, the other hunters have discovered Arthur Ketch dead, adding to Sam and Dean's sorrow. Dean notes that his death was bad and that it was probably a demon, although the Winchesters remain unaware that it was Ardat who was responsible. Dean is comforted by the idea that it's finally over, that God threw one last Apocalypse at them and they beat it. Although both Sam and Dean know that he had no choice but to kill Rowena, it doesn't comfort him.

After trying to comfort Sam, Dean confronts Castiel over killing Belphegor. Castiel insists that Belphegor's plan of absorbing every last soul in order to take over Hell made the demon too much of a threat to live, but Dean believes that they should've figured it out later after beating the Ghostpocalypse. After Dean accuses Castiel of being responsible for something always going wrong, the angel realizes that Dean no longer trusts him and can barely look at him. Castiel reveals that his powers are failing, but Dean no longer listens to him or cares as Dean still blames him for Mary Winchester's death. With Jack dead and Chuck gone, Castiel decides that it's time for him to move on and leaves, disbanding Team Free Will in the process[15] although they later make up and are reunited.[17]

Unbeknownst to Sam and Dean, although his initial plan is defeated by them, God soon after begins planning his ultimate ending[18] which involves the brothers ultimately killing each other. Sam and Dean learn of this plot from a resurrected Lilith who is brought back by God as part of his ongoing plans. Under God's orders, Lilith destroys the Equalizer for him.[19]

Soon after the defeat of the Ghostpocalypse, the ghost of Eileen Leahy surfaces. Eileen is revealed to have been one of the Hell Ghosts that had escaped during the Ghostpocalypse, but fled as far away as she could as soon as she was released rather than stick around Harlan as the rest of the ghosts did. As a result, Eileen was not trapped by the barrier or returned to Hell. Sam is able to use a resurrection spell created by Rowena to bring Eileen back from the dead,[20] but God later reveals that he manipulated Sam into resurrecting Eileen in order to use her to spy on the Winchesters as part of his plans.[17]

After her death stopping the Ghostpocalypse, Rowena's soul goes to Hell where she manages to take power as the new Queen of Hell. While searching for the archangel Michael in Hell months later, the Winchesters meet Rowena again who reassures them that she is happy in her current position and content with her ultimate fate. At the same time, they discover that Michael did in fact eventually use the opportunity that God created by throwing open every door in Hell when he began the Ghostpocalypse in order to escape from Lucifer's Cage.[21]


  • This event is dubbed the Ghostpocalypse by Dean Winchester after it's confirmed that there is no sign of a worldwide zombie apocalypse, just all of the ghosts released from Hell. Dean also calls it the Ghostpocalypse in The Rupture while complaining about it being Chuck's ending.
  • In Back and to the Future, Belphegor briefly refers to the Rupture to Hell as a Hellmouth. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a Hellmouth is place in which dimensional barriers are particularly weak, allowing to relatively easily move between dimensions in such places. Thus, a Hellmouth is practically a gateway between different dimensions. Specifically, the town Buffy lives in, Sunnydale, is built just atop a rather dangerous Hellmouth, connecting Earth with an awful hellish dimension, that Buffy must prevent from being opened. A second Hellmouth is revealed to exist in Cleveland, Ohio in the Buffy series finale.
  • In Raising Hell, two hunters named Ben and Frankie are stated to have not checked in and while investigating, Dean and Arthur Ketch encounter Kevin Tran. It's never stated what happened to the two hunters, if they were killed or survived and were found later.
  • This conflict sees the final deaths of both Arthur Ketch and Rowena MacLeod, former enemies of the Winchesters who have both died, been resurrected by the same method and sought and found redemption before their final ends.