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The Ghostfacers were a team of fearless ghost hunters who investigate other-worldly sightings and record their hard-hitting adventures for the education and enlightenment of the masses.


  • Harry Spangler and Ed Zeddmore - Harry and Ed are self-proclaimed 'professional' paranormal investigators and co-runners of the website Hell Hound's Lair and star in their reality series show 'ghostfacers' together.
  • Kenny Spruce - Spruce is a cameraman with the Ghostfacers team. His expertise with cameras goes the lengths of reading the instruction booklets that came with the equipment.
  • Maggie Zeddmore - Maggie Zeddmore is the adopted sister of Ed Zeddmore and a researcher with the Ghostfacers team.
  • Alan J. Corbett (deceased) - Corbett is an intern/cook with the Ghostfacers. He is killed by Freeman Daggett's ghost.
  • Dave - Dave is an intern with the Ghostfacers, who replaced Corbett.
  • Ambyr - Ambyr is an intern with the Ghostfacers, replacing Dave, who replaced the tragically heroic Corbett.


Season 1[]

Amidst a prank war, Sam and Dean travel to Richardson, Texas to visit a reputedly haunted house where they run into Ed and Harry repeatedly. The legend of the ghost thought to be haunting the house is that of Mordechai Murdoch but the Winchesters are unable to find any evidence other than what is posted on the Hell Hound's Lair website. Sam thinks that as people view the website, they are willing into reality what they read there and therefore creating the ghost. In order to "kill off" Mordechai, the boys tell Ed and Harry that they have found out that being shot with iron rounds will kill him. They wait for the boys to post it on their website, and enough people view it for it to become real.

Sam and Dean return to the house to finish off Mordechai, but Ed and Harry are there and tell them that their servers crashed, so the new legend will not manifest. As Mordechai attacks them, Dean sets the house on fire, figuring that without that part of the legend Mordechai won't exist. Sam and Dean farewell Ed and Harry – Sam with a prank call from a Hollywood producer and Dean with a fish in the back of their car. (Hell House)

Season 3[]

The Ghostfacers team, made up of Ed, Harry, Maggie, Spruce, and Corbett decide to investigate the Morton House and the so-called Leap-Year Ghost that appears every February 29th to haunt the house that supposedly no one has stayed a whole night to see. The team breaks into the house and sets up their equipment before searching for ghosts. While looking, Ed and Corbett encounter Sam and Dean who are also hunting the house and pretend the cops to get them out before they recognize each other from Texas, though their name had been changed. At the same time, Maggie, Spruce, and Harry encounter a Death Echo, a ghost that is trapped in an eternal loop of its death. They reunite with the others and Sam and Dean try to get them to leave before midnight as no one that has ever entered the house to stay the night has lived to tell the tale, all disappearing. However, Corbett heads off to try to contact any ghosts by himself and is abducted by the ghost of Freeman Daggett. Soon afterwards, midnight arrives and the house enters a supernatural lock-down in which no one can leave. The Ghostfacers, Sam and Dean locate Daggett's den and encounter another Death Echo which Sam explains about to them.

While searching the den, Daggett kidnaps Sam and during the search for him and Corbett, tensions arise among the team when Maggie and Harry kiss. Eventually, Dean realizes that Daggett was afraid of nuclear war and built a bomb shelter and heads for the basement to find it joined by Spruce while Daggett seals them off from each other with the basement door. Dean has Ed, Harry and Maggie pour a circle of salt and stand in it for protection while he and Spruce continue the search. They manage to locate the bomb shelter and rescue Sam, but not before Daggett kills Corbett.

Corbett becomes a Death Echo that appears near the rest of the team while Sam, Dean, and Spruce try to fight off Daggett's attacks. Using the fact that Corbett is in love with him, Ed manages to break through to Corbett and get him out of his echo. At Ed's pleading, Corbett goes after Daggett and sacrifices himself to destroy him. In the morning, Sam, Dean and the surviving Ghostfacers are able to exit the house, saddened by Corbett's death and sacrifice and the Ghostfacers cut all of their footage together to make a pilot for a TV show, honoring Corbett in it by making it in memory to him and promoting him posthumously to full Ghostfacer status rather than just intern. They then show it to Sam and Dean who call it not "half-bad," but warn against showing the world the truth. While Sam and Dean pretend to agree with the Ghostfacers reasoning, they leave behind an electromagnet which wipes out all the footage and leaves the Ghostfacers back at the beginning again.

Season 4[]

SPN 0753

Ed and Harry teach people how to hunt ghosts.

Sam and Dean, trapped in an alternate reality created by Zachariah, are regular people and find that they have a ghost haunting and killing people in the office building that they both work in.

The Ghostfacers return in an instructional video on their website which teaches people how to hunt ghosts and is used by Sam and Dean.

Season 5[]

An ad of the Ghostfacers program was seen at the middle of the episode Hammer of the Gods.

Season 9[]

Ed and Harry are the only remaining Ghostfacers. They encounter the Winchesters when the Thinman claims a teenage girl's life. Despite the Winchesters threatening them to back off, they don't do so. Harry already had plans to leave the hunting life. Ed pays the brothers a visit. He comes clean about making up the Thinman to keep Harry from leaving Ghostfacers. Ed tries justifying his actions though admits to faking only one case before real ones started popping up. Sam is especially upset about it, reiterating how "secrets ruin relationships," a reality he's feeling now. The trio gets on the road and comes across Harry, who has barely escaped his run-in with the Thinman. Ed also lets Harry in on the betrayal which strains their relationship. Though the Ghostfacers are captured, it gives Sam and Dean just enough time to escape. When they come back into the room with the Ghostfacers at gun and knife-point, the Winchesters jump them. Dean takes Roger out, while Harry shoots the deputy before he can take out Ed. The Ghostfacers are breaking up for good as Harry just can't get over Ed's actions, confessing he can't forgive such selfish actions.

Season 14[]

In Don't Go In The Woods, Lebanon teenager Eliot has become interested in the Ghostfacers after seeing John Wayne Gacy's ghost and learning what's really out there, much to the annoyance of Max. When the teenagers meet Jack, a Ghostfacers video is playing on Eliot's cell phone in which Ed and Harry are seen mentioning how annoying they find the Winchesters. The video appears to be the same one from It's A Terrible Life that the Winchesters watched when Zachariah wiped their memories.

Ghostfacers Web Series[]


Ambyr, Ed, Harry, Spruce and Maggie.

Two years after hunting the Morton House, the Ghostfacers are still a team but haven't managed to find another real ghost since Freeman Daggett. They consider the Winchesters their rivals and douchenozzles for destroying their footage and have a new intern named Dave who according to Ed and Harry is good but "no Corbett" whose death still haunts Ed who now carries an extendable iron rod to defend himself from ghosts after what happened to Corbett. The team decides to investigate a theater which is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of Janet Meyers, an actress who was murdered by her ex-husband at the theater. Before they can leave, a beautiful but not too bright girl named Ambyr arrives looking to become their intern and because of how beautiful she is, the guys immediately fire Dave and hire her.

The team goes to the theater where they set up their equipment and start looking for Janet's ghost. While looking, they find her screen test and have an encounter with her in which she smashes the lens on Spruce's camera. The team watches the screen test and later figures out that Janet is only visible in mirrors and set up the theaters mirrors in strategic locations to try to see the ghost. While watching everyone from the Ghostfacer command center, Ed comes under attack by Janet and gets his arm cut. While the others are content with this having been enough to have faced the ghost, Ed decides that they have to put Janet to rest to avoid any future people getting hurt. As Janet was cremated, the Ghostfacers come up with the theory that her spirit was trapped in her screen test and have Spruce as the team Shamonologist perform a "ritual cleansing" in which he salts and burns the screen test, apparently putting Janet to rest.

As the team packs up, Ambyr admires herself in the mirrors in Janet's former dressing room and comes under attack by a jealous Janet who scars her face and cuts her throat before Ed intervenes. After accidentally smashing one of the mirrors, Ed realizes that the mirrors are what's keeping Janet tied to the Earth as her reflection is important to her and Ed and Harry smash all of the mirrors, finally putting Janet to rest. The team calls an ambulance and Ambyr survives, but is scarred for life. As a result, Ed realizes that what Sam and Dean told the team after the Morton House was true and quits, causing the team to disband. For the next six weeks, all but Harry move on with their lives, but Harry gets Ed to reconsider by showing him that his decision to finish Janet saved lives as the theater has a new lease and many more people would have died. The Ghostfacers reform and begin looking for a new intern to replace Ambyr.