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Ghost on the Highway is the fourth episode of Supernatural: The Animation. It is an anime original episode.


Sam and Dean are driving along the highway and are suddenly chased by a cop car from behind. They discover that there have been numerous unexplainable car accidents in the area. All accident involved a Chevy Impala. Sam and Dean have to investigate to prove themselves innocent. We discover that an evil spirit has taken the form of an Impala is trying to take revenge on the town.


Main Cast []


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Featured Music[]

Carry On Wayward Son by Mark Ishikawa


  • Dean: Dude, you're getting crumbs all over the Impala.
    Sam: You didn't have to throw my breakfast out the window!
    Policeman: You in the Chevy, pull over, now!

    Dean: What the hell is this?

    Sam: That's what you get for throwing food out the window.