The ghost ship Espírito Santo.

A Ghost Ship can refer to either a ship that appears as an apparition after it has known to have sunk, or to a ship which continues to sail after its crew mysteriously vanishes. Sam mentions that they are often a Death Omen.

Known Ghost ShipsEdit

  • Espírito Santo - This Ghost Ship is a Death Omen. It is described as a three-masted Clipper ship. The name means literally "holy spirit" in Portuguese[1], after the Holy Ghost of Christianity.[2]
  • The Flying Dutchman - Sam refers to The Flying Dutchman as an example of a Ghost Ship.[2]
  • SS Violet - Sam refers to the SS Violet as an example of a Ghost Ship.[2]
  • Griffon - Sam refers to the Griffon as an example of a Ghost Ship.[2]



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