These unnamed children were orphans who lived in 1909 at Gore Orphanage.


One time, in possible vengeance against Leticia Gore, they killed her own son, and in her anger, she killed them all and then herself.

Their ghosts continued to haunt the building, while Leticia's ghost also remained, and she kept them under control. However, partially thanks to them, Leticia's bones were burned by Sam and Dean, freeing them.

They went on a rampage, trapping everyone in the building and killing one of the fans, scalping him as they did with Leticia's son. However, Sam and Dean had the actress who played Leticia, as she was the only thing they feared, make them open the doors.

This worked long enough for Damian and Barns (two fans, who learned the truth when they met Leticia) to get out, however, the actress's cell phone went off, making them realize they had been tricked. Sam and Dean took on two, while the third tried to get the fans, but Chuck managed to drive it off by hitting it with an iron post and then re-salting the door so it couldn't get in.

Damian and Barns managed to dig up the bones and burn them just at the last minute before the boys killed the brothers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Teleportation - They could vanish and reappear, but as "living" spirits, they have a particular object which they're tethered to; they can't leave the object's main vicinity.
  • Telekinesis - They could manipulate the movement and trajectory of any said object/or being, like humans.
  • Super Strength - As ghosts, they possess unnatural strength and, therefore, can overpower a full-grown and fully trained hunter.



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