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This unnamed ghost was a mildly powerful Vengeful Spirit that was unwillingly enslaved by Jay, a real estate developer, for his own gain.



His life prior to his death is unknown, which includes his name, cause of death, and why he became a ghost. Prior to his death, his father gave him a pocket knife. He kept it close too much, to the point that he became very attached to it. After his death, however, his spirit became attached to a pocket knife. Due to being lonely and his longing for attention, he started to become angry (evidenced with high ectoplasm secretion), and sometimes his anger lead him to destroy things and hurt people. But, actually, he didn't want to do this. Eventually, Jay procured the pocket knife. He somehow learned about the existence of the spirit that was attached to the pocket knife and managed to enslave him. By unknown means, Jay began forcing him to attack people to coerce them out of their property. With the spirit's power, Jay was able to cause the place he put the pocket knife to become haunted, and drove the original owner to sell their property to him at an extremely reduced price.

Season 13[]

In Scoobynatural, Jay, wanting to expand his owned properties, targeted Alan's pawn shop. He planted the pocket knife inside Alan's giant Dinosaur plush. As he planned, the ghost kid was enraged and attacked Alan.

In distress, Alan called Sam and Dean. In a brief fight, Sam and Dean were nearly overwhelmed, but Sam was able to hold it. Dean, using Holy Oil, torch the plush. The plush was later destroyed, but, unknown to them, the pocket knife was still intact. Jay, acted innocently asking people there, pretending to ask if everything was alright. Alan, being saved from this incident, offered the Winchesters to take anything that they wanted for free. Dean later asked for a Plasma TV, which Alan agreed. Jay unknowingly planted the pocket knife to the TV.

In Men of the Letters bunker, Dean install the TV in his so-called "Dean-cave", a section of Men of Letters bunker that he personally set as safe haven and recreation area that he made long time ago without Sam's knowledge. When Dean turned the TV on, the Ghost Kid activated and pulled them into his own dimension.

Sam and Dean manifested as cartoons, and soon realized that the show where they were trapped in the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! episode "A Night of Fright Is No Delight". Here they met the Scooby Gang. The Scooby Gang later revealed to Sam and Dean about the recent information that Scooby has become heir of now-dead Colonel Beauregard Sanders, which Scooby saved in the past. Sam and Dean join the gang to the will reading venue in Colonel Sanders mansion. Here, Colonel Sanders revealed about US$ 1 million have been divided to Scooby Doo and rest of Colonel Sanders' family, but only if they willing to stay one night in his haunted mansion. All is going well, but when the "Phantom" (Ghost Kid' manifestation) appear and began killing people in the mansion, including Mr. Simple and Cosgood Creeps, Sam and Dean realized that the story had been corrupted as they were very familiar with most Scooby Doo episodes. Sam also warned Dean that if it wasn't fixed as soon as possible, all of the Scooby Gang and the Winchesters could all be killed for real.

They later met Castiel that was just recently trapped. Sam, Dean, Castiel, and the Scooby Gang managed to work together to solve this case. The Scooby Gang, naively thinking that all of this was tricks of greedy people as they usually encountered, and denying any involvement of supernatural causes. However, after being attacked for real and get real injuries (Fred gets bloody, Shaggy gets his arm broken, despite his past experiences for having various accidents that normally killed people in real life and still alive after that), the Scooby Gang started to wonder what's wrong happened there. Sam, Dean, and Castiel later revealed that the "Phantom" is real ghost, not the fake ones that the Scooby gang always encountered. Shocked from the revelation, the Scooby Gang started to having mental breakdown. Dean later reminds them about their successes in the past for solving cases. They later managed to work together again to end the "Phantom" problem. Fred, Shaggy, Scooby, Velma, and Daphne managed to set trap as usually they do, while Sam, Dean, and Castiel devised means for trapping the ghost. After the trap was set, Velma later sent Shaggy, Scooby, and Castiel to act as bait for luring "Phantom". However, the plan went awry when "Phantom" reacted with iron chain that supposedly tripped him, but get burned instead. When "Phantom" suddenly became incorporeal again, all the trap mechanism backfired and hit Shaggy, Scooby, and Castiel. Dean, knowing that Fred trap not working for real ghost, initiating Plan B that involving trapdoor in the house. The "Phantom" successfully trapped in salt circle trap.

Frustrated for being trapped, the "Phantom" reverted, revealing his true nature: a child ghost. The Ghost Kid revealed to Sam, Dean, and Castiel that the true culprit was Jay, who had been exploited his rage of being solitude for did his bidding. The Ghost Kid also revealed that his soul tied to his pocket knife, an item that he attached along his lifetime.

Knowing such revelation will more shocking to Scooby Gang, and lead them into panic attack, Sam and Dean asked to him to change his shape to Cosgood Creeps, and telling them their usual version of the truth, restoring the original storyline as usually done in Scooby Doo episodes (Greedy people using tricks to drive out other people, so enabling them to possess of large amount of wealth which is not his right). Dean also promised to freed him from Jay enslavement. After the revelation, Sam, Dean, and Castiel later parted their way with the Scooby Gang. After the story fixed, the Ghost Kid apport Sam, Dean, and Castiel return to main world.

After arriving to their world, Dean managed to get a sledgehammer and a torch. He destroyed his new TV and pick the knife pocket. He later tossed it to Sam. The Ghost Kid spirit appeared and saying goodbye. The Ghost Kid later asked how about the man who enslaved him. Dean tell him to not worry, as they will take care of the rest. Sam later incinerates the pocket knife, putting his spirit to rest.

Physical Appearance[]

He is a young ghost boy who has Caucasian skin with freckles on his cheeks and short auburn hair.

He wears a white shirt with red long sleeves along with blue jeans and black-and-white shoes.

When the ghost boy is first seen in the cartoon world, his appearance was all white.

Powers and Abilities[]

Due to the high amount of rage and frustration of his need of attention, this ghost was quite powerful despite his childish appearance.

  • Flight - He was able to fly in his more monstrous form. While in his child form, he was able to levitate in midair.
  • Possession - He could possess inanimate objects his pocketknife was stuck into like a large dinosaur plushie or a TV.
  • Shapeshifting - He could shapeshift himself into a monstrous, black cloaked form and back into his original form. He could also take on the form of a tied up Cosgood Creeps to trick the Scooby Gang.
  • Thermokinesis - His presence in a room caused the temperature to drop.
  • Electrokinesis - His presence in a room cause the lights to flicker.
  • Portal Creation - While possessing Dean's new TV, he was able to pull the Winchesters, Castiel and the Impala into an episode of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! and later return them to the real world.
  • Ectoplasm Secretion - Being an angry ghost, he can secrete unusually high amount of Ectoplasm, enough to fill a toy chest. His ectoplasm color is also unusual, being black with purple sparks though that was likely an effect of being in the cartoon world.
  • Telekinesis - He was able to throw adults with his mind. He levitated Shaggy Rogers midair telekinetically, before sending him crashing through a window.
  • Super Strength - With a single blow, he was able to fling Fred Jones into a marble bust hard enough to shatter the bust.
  • Intangibility - He was able to pass through doors and walls unhindered.
  • Invisibility - As a ghost, he was naturally invisible in the real world though he possessed the ability to become visible at will.


  • Salt - Like all ghosts, he could be affected by salt. A salt circle was able to trap him and he couldn't break free on his own.
  • Iron - He can be wounded using iron. Sam and Dean were able to harm him by hitting him with iron candlesticks, causing him to temporarily retreat while touching an iron chain burned him.
  • Destroying His Pocket Knife - As he was attached to his pocket knife, melting it was enough to put him to rest.



  • When he was put to rest, the ghost went up in flames, but turned into a ball of light that traveled upwards towards Heaven. This is a combination of what happens when a ghost's remains are burned and what happens when they move on peacefully.
  • As melting his pocketknife was enough to put him to rest, the boy was presumably cremated after he died.