Gerry, also called Boltar the Furious, originally appeared as just a very dedicated LARPer, but was revealed to be a psychopath who was willing to kill to win the game.


Season 8

In his life he was touted a loser, and angry at this, he went into Live Action Roleplaying. Angry that he was still a loser, he tracked down a Book of Spells through eBay and bound a fairy named Gilda to him, and forced her to remove his competition by magically hobbling them.

At some point, he learned that Ed Nelson/Thargrim the Difficult and Lance Jacobsen/Greyfox the Mystic cheated by paying off other players with real money rather than Moondoor currency to position themselves onto the Queen's honor guard. He commanded Gilda to kill them both, because in his warped mind, real magic was a part of Moondoor and thus didn't count as cheating. However, the murders attracted the attention of Sam and Dean. Originally thinking they were fellow LARPers (detective show style) he pointed out the rules, and the flaws in their badges and introduced them to the world of LARPing.

Later, Gerry ran into Dean in full cosplay, accompanying Charlie Bradbury, the Queen of Moons. Charlie nervously introduced Dean as her handmaiden, and explained to Gerry that they were seeking the Shadow Orcs, whom they believed to be behind the murders. Gerry tried putting her off, claiming the woods were not safe and urged her to return to camp, a sentiment Dean shared. After Charlie was out of sight, Gerry ordered Gilda to abduct her and keep her prisoner, planning on faking a rescue, believing it would convince Charlie to take him on as her king.

After failing to locate the Shadow Orcs, Gerry came up with the idea to trade a captive Shadow Orc to the Shadow King. When Gerry started negotiating for the placements of the next day's Battle of the Kingdoms, an impatient Dean openly threatened the Shadow King with a gun, causing him to break character and admit to being another victim when questioned about his "family crest". After the Shadow Orcs fled, the captive Shadow Orc informed the Winchesters that he spotted an unmarked tent, which was where Gerry was keeping Charlie. Gerry insisted on accompanying the Winchesters to rescue Charlie, with them being unaware of true colours. Upon entering the tent, where they interrupted Charlie and Gilda making out, a panicked Gilda identified Gerry as her villainous to everyone. The Winchesters instinctively drew their guns, but Gerry ordered Gilda to turn their weapons into feathers. After revealing his intentions and refusing a compromise, he tried to kill Dean with a real sword, but Dean managed to knock the book of spells out of his pocket, and Charlie stabbed it with a knife. The book destroyed and set Gilda free, and Gerry's sword turned back to normal. Dean quickly knocked him out, and Gilda took him back to Avalon, to stand trial before a fairy tribunal for his crimes committed.[1]

Powers and Abilities

  • Spell Casting - Through the Book of Spells he bought on eBay, Gerry was able to bind a fairy to his will.
    • Reality Warping - By controlling Gilda, he was able to warp reality by commanding her to bend reality to his will and desires.
  • Moderate Combat Skills - He has shown some swordsmanship skills, being able to briefly overpower Dean and Charlie in swordplay (albeit, he used a real sword while they used fake ones).


  • Book of Spells - A spellbook contained powerful rituals and spells, including a binding spell that allows a human being to bind a fairy to him/her, regardless of his magical experience or prowess.



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