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Gerald Browder was a man that lived in Pine Barrens, New Jersey. He got turned into a zombie because of the Leviathan food additive.


Gerald Browder lived in Pine Barrens, New Jersey. He weighed 235 Ib. and ate at Biggerson's. He was one of many people who got turned into zombies as a result of a side effect from the Leviathan food additive. He lost a tremendous amount of weight after becoming a zombie and became cannibalistic. He murdered and ate a camper in Wharton State Forest. This murder drew the attention of hunters Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, and Bobby Singer.

Gerald later killed and ate Assistant Chief Ranger Phil whose body was discovered by Sam, Dean, and Bobby. They later called Ranger Rick Evans to the scene. Rick was then snatched by Gerald and was carried by Gerald up the trees. He then killed and ate him. Bobby instinctively aimed his rifle and fired a single shot up into the trees. Gerald crashed to the ground, along with what was left of Ranger Rick. He appeared to be dead from Bobby's single bullet.

They took his body to their base of operations to examine him. Gerald then revived and jumped up to attack. They pumped him full of bullets until he fell dead, and then Dean pulls a wallet out of his pants to identify him. While Dean watches, Bobby and Sam perform an impromptu autopsy on Gerald's body and are disgusted by the procedure, which uncovers a strange blue-gray goo throughout his body, disturbing stomach contents, and an extremely swollen adrenal gland.