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George Drechler was a vengeful spirit that appeared in Supernatural: Fresh Meat.


George lived in Goldfield, Nevada in 1911 when a mine fire in nearby Tonopah killed many of the miners, including George's brother. Enraged, George decided to seek vengeance by hunting down and killing any citizen associated with the mine including the owner, investors, attorneys and accountants. George killed fifteen people in his quest for vengeance before being hunted down and executed by a pose. George's body was buried in the Murderer's Row section of Tonopah's cemetery rather than in the main part of it.

Following his death, George returned as a ghost and a vengeful spirit, continuing his murderous quest for revenge. Over the next 100 years, George killed ten more people before drawing the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester. After two false attempts at locating George's grave, the Winchesters eventually discovered Murderer's Row and attempted to salt and burn George's bones to put an end to him. As Dean digs up his grave, George's ghost fights Sam who blasts him with rock salt before eventually switching to an iron knife. Due to a high level of immunity to salt and iron, George reforms quickly each time and eventually draws a Bowie knife to attack Sam with. Dean eventually reaches George's coffin, breaks it open and salts and burns his bones. Once his bones are salted and burned, George's ghost goes up in flames.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

George was a ghost with the powers and abilities of one.

  • Invisibility - As a ghost, George was naturally invisible.
  • Immunity - George displayed a high degree of immunity to salt and iron, reforming only seconds after being dispatched with one or the other.
  • Super Strength - While fighting Sam Winchester, George smashed into him with enough force to knock Sam to the ground.
  • Super Speed - As Dean Winchester digs up his grave, George barreled towards him at high speed in an attempt to stop him before Sam thwarted his attempt.


  • Mortality - When George was human, he was mortal and was susceptible to all forms of injury and death.
  • Salt - Like all ghosts, George was vulnerable to salt. However, he was highly immune to it and could quickly reform himself.
  • Iron - Like all ghosts, George was vulnerable to iron. However, he was highly immune to it and could quickly reform himself.
  • Salting and Burning of Remains - George's ghost could be dispatched by salting and burning his remains.


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