George was a homeless man that lived in a homeless encampment that was visited by the angel Metatron.


At some point in George's life he became homeless and ended up living in a homeless encampment. George also had diabetes. One day Metatron arrives at the encampment in an attempt to gain more followers. He is recognized by one of the residents due to his act of resurrecting a dead woman being well known a few hours prior to visiting the encampment.

The woman introduces Metatron to her friend George. George asks Metatron if he can perform miracles and Metatron says he can. George originally asked him for malt liquor but instead Metatron cured George of his diabetes. Metatron also gave George some liquor to celebrate with.

Another angel who blames Metatron appears and tries to reveal Metatron's true identity, but Metatron's new followers believe he is the new Messiah, and attack the other angel. Metatron helps by deliberately dropping his angel blade and George picks it up and stabs the angel, killing him. A few hours later Dean Winchester arrives at the encampment to kill Metatron. Dean is later confronted by George and his friend. Dean asks them where Metatron is and they tell him.



  • George was the first human that is not a hunter to kill an angel.
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