George was a Leviathan partnered with his superior, Joyce, a very commanding manager. While she worked in real-estate, he was like a butler, aiding her accordingly.


Season 7

George appeared to be awkward and careless, but was far more calm, less violent and more opportunistic than his peers, even going as far as telling Sam to decapitate Joyce, his boss.

George is the only Leviathan that could be anywhere close to being considered an ally to Sam and Dean due to the fact he feels somewhat oppressed by the other Leviathans and that he gave them details about Dick Roman's plan as well as offering to eat Joyce as a more reliable way of disposing of her. George reveals that the Leviathans are planning to build a research center to cure cancer and insisted that his kind were just there to help.

Its unknown if the Winchesters decapitated George or left him be since he was relatively harmless.[1]

Sometime later, the ghost of Bobby Singer reveals that as part of their plan to engineer the perfect herd, the Leviathans are curing all of humanity's diseases, such as cancer. Dean remembers what George told them about the Leviathan cancer research center and realizes that this is what George had been talking about all along.[2]

Powers and Abilities


As a low-ranking Leviathan, George possessed weaknesses inherent in all Leviathans.

  • Higher Leviathans - George was subservient to higher Leviathans, including Joyce Bickleebee and Dick Roman.
  • Borax - Having his face shoved into a bucket of borax burned George like all other Leviathans.
  • Decapitation - Like all Leviathans, George could be permanently incapacitated by being decapitated and having his head kept away from his body. He was noticeably nervous when Sam held a sword near him in a threatening manner.



  • George insisted that the Leviathans were only there to help, such as with their cancer research center.


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