Our enemies are hunters. They chase us to every corner of the Earth. We didn't want to live like that... so my wife and I decided to live with mortals. (...) All we ever wanted was a quiet life.
Gayle to Dean
in Savage Blood

Gayle is a vampire who crossed paths with Sam and Dean during a case.

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At some point in time, Gayle and his wife Miranda took a vow to never to harm mortals again and from that point on they only drank the blood of animals.

12 years before the events of the episode Savage Blood, Gayle, his wife Miranda, and their infant son Ryan are viciously hunted by the vampire hunter Jason. Gayle and Ryan manage to escape, but the hunter tortures and kills his wife, leaving him and his son with only each other.

Supernatural: The Animation Edit

In the episode Savage Blood, Sam and Dean take notice of the cattle killings caused by Gayle and decide to investigate the case. Jason, the hunter who killed his wife, is also working the same case as well. Dean comes into contact with Gayle's son and starts training him how to fight, which Gayle finds out sometime later. Dean later catches Gayle feeding off a cow. Dean calls Sam and tells his brother that Gayle is a vampire. Gayle then notices Dean and knocks him out.

When Dean wakes up, he discovers that Gayle has tied him up and taken him to the hayloft of his barn. Gayle furiously questions if Dean is teaching Ryan to hunt him down, and starts to push Dean off the ledge onto the razor-sharp farming implements mounted below. Dean frantically explains that he knows what it's like to hate his father and lose his mother, and tells him that only a fool strikes back in anger, something that Gayle has often told Ryan. Gayle pulls Dean back and explains that he manages to live among humans by only feeding on animal blood. He and his wife moved from town to town to avoid detection but twelve years ago, Jason hunted them down. He tortured killed Miranda while Gayle escaped with Ryan. Gayle explains that Ryan is unaware that he's a vampire and that he planned to tell him once he was sure the boy could restrain his anger. However, he admits that once the headaches begin, there's no way to stop the awakening. Shocked, Dean realizes that he may have helped awaken Ryan.

Gayle asks Dean to let him and his son go, assuring him that he would never put Ryan in danger by attacking humans and risking exposure. Suddenly, Jason emerges and shoots Gayle repeatedly with silver bullets, crippling him. The hunter frees Dean and says that he's fine with killing another vampire, but Dean tries to explain that Gayle doesn't feed on humans. Jason doesn't care and prepares to torture and then decapitate Gayle with a blade soaked in the blood of the dead. Gayle sees the hunter wearing Miranda's necklace and realizes that he is the hunter who killed his wife. The vampire hunter and the vampire struggle, and Dean snatches up a pitchfork and tells Jason to surrender. Jason kicks Dean down, knocks Gayle away, and prepares to shoot both of them.

Sam arrives just in time and shoots Jason nonfatally twice. Gayle attempts to feed on Jason but Ryan comes in, now a full vampire, and begs his father to stop. He reminds Gayle that his father once said that only an idiot attacks out of anger and that Miranda wouldn't want him to become a killer. When Gayle hesitates, Ryan says that he's protecting him from his anger just like Gayle has protected him. Gayle backs away and leaves Jason alive.

Sam and Dean part and Gayle and Ryan move to a new town to continue their quiet life.

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Gayle is a unique vampire, not wanting to embrace his monstrous nature and preferring to be human. While he does not drink the blood of humans anymore, he will kill humans in self-defense. Gayle is an understanding man and can be reasoned with and will only respond with violence in defense.

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  • Immunity - Being a vampire, Gayle can withstand immense physical damage without dying, as he was shot multiple times, and still put up a fight against his attacker.
  • Super Strength - Gayle managed to break a cow's neck with his bare hands.

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