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Gayle is a paramedic in Corinth, Illinois appearing in Supernatural: Mythmaker.


When the Winchesters arrive to the aftermath of the battle between the gods Adamantine and Wyld, Gayle is talking with Sheriff Deacon about the bodies of the two people murdered by Adamantine for not converting to worshipping her after Wyld's death. Though hesitant, Gayle departs at Deacon's order and goes to treat one of the men injured in the melee. As she works, the Winchesters come over to ask questions in their guise as FBI agents and Gayle agrees to speak with them as long as she can keep working, telling them that she can't tell them anymore than what she had already told the sheriff. She continues treating the man as he tells the Winchesters what he saw.

At some point, Gayle becomes a follower of Adamantine and is at TechEdge before the battle between Adamantine and Paeon starts. Like all of Adamantine's other followers, Gayle is given the power to fire bolts of electricity from her hands. Before the battle, she asks the recently Bound Dean Winchester if he is ready which he confirms. Gayle participates in the battle and survives most of it at least relatively unscathed. However, when the gods start drawing on their worshippers' life forces for power, Gayle collapses which is spotted by Sam.

It is unknown if Gayle ultimately survives or not. Renee Mendez is able to significantly depower both gods, stopping the drain on their worshippers and allowing many to survive. However, some die from the energy drain and its unknown if Gayle was one of them or not.


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