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Gavin "Shelly" Shelburn is a homeless man appearing in Supernatural: Night Terror.


Gavin, who started going by the nickname of Shelly at some point, lived in the town of Clayton Falls, Colorado. While one married at one point, Gavin's wife developed a lengthy illness that she eventually died of. Subsequently, Gavin lost his job to neglect and then his house to dispassionate bankers, presumably when he could no longer pay the mortgage anymore. As a result, Gavin ended up homeless on the streets of Clayton Falls. As a homeless man, Gavin panhandled for money to buy himself alcohol and food and essentially became the town drunk.

In 2011, when a night hag began plaguing Clayton Falls, Gavin encountered one of her manifestations, a giant Gila monster. Gavin was chased by the Gila monster, eventually hiding in a dumpster. Due to its size, the Gila monster was able to climb the side of the dumpster and began attempting to get at Gavin inside. Before it could, the night hag ended her manifestations and Gavin was spared. Gavin subsequently reported the attack to a passing beat cop, but due to his reputation as the town drunk and Chief Michael Quinn's inherent skepticism, Gavin's story was not believed.

The Gila monster attack on Gavin along with a headless horseman and phantom car attacking Lucy Quinn, Steve Bullinger and Tony Lacosta was learned of by hunter Bobby Singer who sent the Winchesters to investigate. While interviewing Chief Quinn, the Winchesters learned of the man's skepticisim about Gavin's truthfulness, but placed more credence in his story and decided to investigate his claims.

After being unable to find Gavin at the local homeless shelter, soup kitchen and food bank, the Winchesters chose to investigate the site of the dumpster attack. While investigating the damage done to the dumpster, Gavin himself arrived and explained his story to the Winchesters after being told that they were FBI. Gavin speculated that the size of the Gila monster was caused by radiation, toxic chemicals or some sort of illegal government experiment and briefly panicked over the idea that the Winchesters had been sent to get rid of any witnesses. After being reassured that it wasn't the case, Gavin calmed down, stating that he'd never been a conspiracy nut before, but the attack had a way of changing his perspective.

Gavin was left relieved that someone believed his story, admitting that he was a drunk but not crazy. Gavin agreed to Sam's suggestion that he stay out of the alleyway and Sam provided Gavin with a two-way radio after learning that Gavin was in the area every night. Sam requested that Gavin contact them with the radio if he saw anything weird again such as the Gila monster which Gavin agreed to though Dean speculated that Gavin would actually take the radio to a pawn shop immediately. As he left, Gavin recalled seeing a strange white mist right before the Gila monster attacked and informed the Winchesters about it.

That night, Gavin contacted Sam over the radio to inform him of a couple of cars Gavin thought were drag-racing or driving under the influence on Welker Street. Sam tried to warn Gavin to get out of the area immediately, but Gavin encountered the Nazi zombie manifestations and panicked. Yelling that he was sorry and this work wasn't for him, Gavin started running.

Right after Gavin started running, Sam lost contact with him and couldn't raise Gavin through the radio again. Though Dean speculated that Gavin had just dropped the radio down a sewer and escaped, its unknown if he survived the attack by the Nazi zombies or not.


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